An idea for a gift

Do you have an idea for a gift? Christmas, birthday, one year old, baby shower, wedding … so many holidays and you try to be more creative every year, right? Let me make it easy for you! On the blog you will find presenters for her and him, as well as for children – from the youngest to the slightly larger one :-) I’m sure you will catch your eye something!

Mikołajki will also be my holiday! See what I have chosen for myself

I was shocked today, when the gift bags with a Christmas motif ran out in the store, after all, it’s only the end of November!

It was only then that I realized that it surprised me, because it was the first time that we were preparing so “seriously” to celebrate St. A year ago, Miki was 2 months old and he didn’t even have shoes for gifts, so when he got a pulled frog for Santa Claus, it was max. This year we want to start celebrating our Santa Claus ritual for the first time in our life from a second perspective – parent’s perspective. And we enjoy it immensely!