Health … noble health, no one will know what you taste like until you go bad – wrote the bard. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in this, we still pay too little attention to preventive healthcare, and it is really extremely important! Both prophylaxis, examination not when something is bothering you, but earlier, as well as a healthy, balanced diet. Healthy meals for the whole family, strengthening immunity, a healthy body and a healthy spirit! On the blog you will find entries about how we care for health in our family!

Healthy food – a whole day menu for children and families | Winter

Healthy food and a menu for the whole day is not an easy matter if you do not have enough inspiration for cooking. I don’t like cooking myself, but what is not done out of love for my family? Because I like to take care of my boys and what they eat, I invite you to my kitchen where I will share recipes for healthy food for the whole winter day and I will show you how to prepare an exemplary all-day menu, from shopping to breakfast, lunch, lunch and afternoon tea, using a lot of healthy products.

Layette to the hospital

The layette for the mother’s hospital was the most difficult stage for me in preparing for the birth of my Child. I was terribly afraid that I would forget the most important things, I did not know what to prepare for, what I would find in the hospital, and I did not want to be dependent on anyone and make requests that I was missing something again. I also did not know which products are worth choosing – it was the first time I gave birth! There are already 3 such stays in the hospital behind me, through which I managed to refine this “Layette to the hospital for Mom” ​​list almost to perfection.