A fashion blog written by a Polish Wedding Planner – Wedding Consultant offers everyday styling for work and every day, and also for important occasions. Are you wondering how to dress for work to make a good impression on your customers? Are you looking for an idea how to dress to build a positive image of your company, a business woman and emphasize your strengths? Fashion, minimalism and versatility – that’s what I like. I was able to create a capsule wardrobe. Thanks to her, with few items of clothing, my daily clothes choices are quick and I know that I always look good. If you like my fashion blog, I think you’ve found ready-made solutions and styles for every occasion.

My capsule wardrobe for spring 2019

I love to simplify my life, so I decided to prepare my wardrobe for spring and treat my wardrobe like … a clothes store and choose only those that I love, in which I feel best, they are nice, fresh, undamaged and keep their cut to shorten maximum time that I make a decision every morning – what to wear today. On this basis, I created spring capsule wardrobe, full of pearls themselves, but closing in 30 pieces. View what’s in it i what principles followed my organization.

Maternity dresses that I love

Maternity dresses are my favorite element of pregnancy wardrobe. Being pregnant, I spent a lot of time looking for maternity dresses in which I felt nice and at ease. The choice on the market is not so big, because let’s remember: maternity clothing is not the same only in XXL size. These are specially designed cuts that will properly emphasize this wonderful condition. Meet my favorite maternity dresses!