Organization is the word that defines me. I like order and order. I always try to have everything well planned, so I plan my vacation a year in advance! I am well organized, although I must admit that I can also be spontaneous :-) These are especially important features if you are an entrepreneur. In being organized, it is worth relying on something, which is why my original planner helps me: Planner Na Dobry Dzień!

A proven method of cleaning, thanks to which we have a free weekend

Cleaning can be a nuisance to every lady of the house, especially one who, apart from her husband, also has children and a dog  From my childhood I remember that every Saturday morning was filled with cleaning: vacuuming, laying, dusting and cleaning the floors, and I dreamed of about spending this time with your parents in a completely different way.

That’s why, as a wife and mother, I organize cleaning in such a way that I have a weekend off. How it’s possible?

How not to dress

I prepared a list of the basic mistakes that were the reason why I did not always complete the clothes for the day well. Check if you commit them too, because it is extremely easy to eliminate them and the effect will be visible immediately.