Fitbit Flex Band - my way to a better figure

fitbit flex the way to a perfect figure

Recently I told you about that I decided to fight for my figure from years ago. And today I will tell you what helps me with this!

I did not buy a gym membership, because having a child of several months at home and a lot of professional matters I am not usually able to find time to do proper shopping in our fridge, let alone break out at least 2 times a week for 3 hours to fitness club.

I do not ride a bike because Mikołaj is only 8 months old and he is too young to ride with me. I also didn't decide to roller-skate again, because I'm not sure of my skills enough to push the cart at the same time.

Looking closer at my activity, I came to the conclusion that the work on my figure must be part of the day of my full-time mother, who I am every day, and a businesswoman who I am, when my child and husband temporarily allow me to do so.

The Fitbit Flex band turned out to be the perfect solution for me!

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What activity do I regularly practice every single day? I'm walking! I walk with a child, I walk with a pram, I walk with my husband! Thanks to this band, which primarily counts my steps, I plan my days to increase my current activity!

Did you know that taking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day is ideal for your health and well-being according to the World Health Organization? People with average physical activity perform between 5,000 and 7,500 steps a day, and those who climb over 7,500 are physically active! Supposedly, by taking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, you can forget about diets, gyms, and your figure will approach your ideal.

How many steps did I take?

On an "office" day, barely 2,000! On a normal day with a child, an average of 4-7,000 steps.

Of course, an ordinary pedometer would be enough for me to count them, but I decided to use the Fitbit wristband, because the software that I have installed on my phone comes with it, and makes beautiful summaries for me on a regular basis, and these numbers motivate me insanely:

- the number of steps for the day

- amount of calories burned

- the number of active minutes during the day.

In addition, Fitbit can monitor our sleep! It was thanks to him that I learned that during 5 sleep hours I can wake up and get up in a teething baby even a dozen times! Not even remembering this in the morning.

We can also enter the amount of water we drink during the day, our weight, and fat levels into the Fitbit application. Set goals and watch our progress. We can also set the alarm clock and the band will wake us up with vibrations. It will not, however, wake our sleeping baby nearby. Or husband. Wonderful! In the application, you can also note what you ate to find out if it's too much or too little for our level of activity. I do not use this function yet, but I will definitely try it out.

My sample day with Fitbit and the summary of the week are as follows:

fitbit application

And this is my example dream - it was a very long evening:

fitbit dream app

Additionally, the armband displays 5 LEDs - each of them corresponds to 2,000 steps taken. When I make 10,000, the band vibrates happily. How I love it!

Fitbit has been with me for a month and I can already see how much my life has changed! I plan my days so as to be as active as possible and as long as possible! How? It's easy! In the parking lot, I do not park as close as possible to the entrance to the store, the other end is not scary for me, I will take a few hundred steps! Did I forget to bring a pacifier for Santa in advance? Instead of getting upset with myself like you used to, it's no problem for me, I'm happy to go get it! A visit to the clinic? I pack Mikołaj in a pram and we go on foot. Departure to the city center? I am organizing a bus trip more and more! Or, if only time allows me, I park outside the city center, additionally saving on parking tickets by choosing parking lots outside the paid parking zone. In the office, I absolutely do not use the elevator, but always choose the stairs.

And when in the evening I see that I need a few steps to reach my goal, I can read a book or browse the Internet on my phone while walking around the house! Seriously!

Thanks to the band, I discovered new amounts of energy in myself. An additional motivation is setting up "step battles" with other people who have the company's armband. I mentioned to you that my friend persuaded me to buy it - of course she has hers, and our weekly battles motivate me extremely. Justine has had its armband for a long time and is a true Master in taking steps! Although I have not won any weekly battle with her, the next week I challenge her and plan a very active week. I walk more and more, move and overcome my own weaknesses. And this is already a success!

What do you think about this band? Do you think that would motivate you to work harder on your figure?

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  • Alicja Woźniak

    For me, this type of gadgets is a great thing and I am glad that I am the owner of such a "toy". Without it, I was completely unaware of my activity and how many steps a day, I burn calories, etc. When I decided to live a healthy and active life, I decided to buy myself such a band. I found a nice model on the Mobalu website and it accompanies me every day, so now I have full control and greater motivation to exercise 🙂

  • 08.08.2016

    Please let me know if you are still using the armband and are you still happy with it? 🙂

  • Ania

    Wow that's great. I have never heard of such a thing. I think I will buy something like this, especially that there will be a second bubble with us, so there will be plenty of opportunities for walking. Can you provide a specific model of this wonder?

  • Basia

    Revelation is such a band! I've never heard of such a thing before! I have a pedometer application on my phone, but it works only on walks, because at home or while doing sports I don't have phones with me. From today I dream of such a blindfold! I think he is a great motivator!

  • 18.06.2015

    I assumed that I would exercise every day - I give my daughter to my husband for an hour and let them cope. Unfortunately, during the week, max. Twice I manage to use my free time to exercise - and you have to clean up, put the laundry on, iron it, do something quickly, quickly - there is no time. However, I found a new way and I will try it 😉 Besides, I read your post yesterday at night and at 2:2 I woke my husband with the text: "Honey, you have to order such a band in the morning". He probably didn't know what I was talking about, but apparently it has already been ordered 😉 I can't wait to see what it will show. Because although I have been using the application to measure the activity on my phone for a long time, I do not go around with it all the time. I think it will also be interesting to compare the results from the phone and the band! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Justine

    Aguś! I am very glad that you have established such a thread of understanding with "Fitbitek" like me 😉 This is my absolute motivator, and besides, I finally found out how many days I walk a day 🙂 Soon 10000 steps will not be a huge challenge for you. I know what I'm saying 😉

  • 16.06.2015

    But a great gadget! I like it madly! I love long walks, but since A. average sleeps nights and I with him, we limit ourselves only to a short trip to the park. Maybe it would motivate me? I need to think:)

    • 19.06.2015

      Wow, you are tempting ... I think I already know what I want to get as a gift for the next possible occasion: D