Hotel Astor Jastrzębia Góra – our opinion

The seaside town of Jastrzębia Góra, a few hundred meters to the beach on the open Baltic Sea, modern rooms with swings so large that you can sleep on them, delicious food, swimming pool, bowling alley and several hundred square meters of game and play rooms with animations for children in case of bad weather? Today I am taking you to the Astor Hotel in Jastrzębia Góra. We were looking for a hotel for a long weekend and our whole trip started with a similar photo.


Two double beds and this huge swing! We have not been to such a hotel yet, and we have seen a lot (you can see some of our favorite locations here), the only thing left to do is to meet the deadline, pack 2 parents, including one pregnant and 2 children aged 4 and 7, and go for a long weekend.



Astor Hotel in Jastrzębia Góra

We were welcomed by a barrier and a huge parking lot, so finding a place for our tank was not a problem. Though the hotel is still a three star hotel and is undergoing major refurbishment – thanks to this, when choosing a room for yourself, you can choose from various price offers, which correspond to different levels of finishing of floors and rooms. Our room is located on the 1st floor, completely renovated, the standard of which is well beyond the 3 stars mentioned.


However, it is very cool that even if you choose a room on the floor of a lower standard, you use all the hotel’s attractions in the same way.


The hall after renovation at the Astor Hotel in Jastrzębia Góra 


You have probably wondered more than once how wide-angle lens a photographer had to use to show such a small room in the pictures so extensively – and probably not a small disappointment accompanied these deliberations more than once. Not here – the live room turned out to be very spaciousexactly like in the pictures, and I also made some for you with my camera.




Beautifully decorated in neutral colors and with good taste, referring to nature, it is a wonderful environment to relax. Great finish quality, a the highlight of the program was, of course, the gigantic circular swing – an absolute hit – our children not only spent on it all days for fun, but also they slept on it at night – we could safely sleep in this room not in 4, but in 6 people.



For working girls, but also for women who like to have their own dressing table – the part was very useful a room with a desk, space for suitcases, and a huge wardrobe, which will easily accommodate the holiday luggage of a large family.


Swing in De Luxe Astor room ***


When ordering food to the room or wanting to sit, you could also use the seating area.



Bathroom in the Astor Hotel – De Luxe Room


Beautifully decorated, bright, spacious, based on the highest quality interior design products, with a huge showerin which the whole family could fit – z plenty of storage space, which every mother will appreciate especially during the summer holidays – made this room and stay even more luxurious.


Bathroom of Hotel Astor Jastrzębia Góra 

I will not hide – both professionally and privately, we are regular hotel guests, we have already slept in “several” hotels in our lives and I can confidently say that the room will meet the requirements of the most demanding hotelriders: large room size, capsule coffee machine, bathrobes, blindfolds, huge shower, huge TV, Villeroy & Boch appliances, large balcony with chairs and table and everything is new! In addition to the room you can order criba bathtub or non-slip the mat or security for sockets electric.


Room De Luxe - Hotel Astor *** Jastrzębia GóraBed in De Luxe room in Astor - Jastrzębia-Góra


Game and play rooms

Of course, the holidays in this hotel do not end with a beautiful, great room.


The hotel is actually childish, as it took care of the renovation of the rooms the Jungle play zone is new, huge and thoughtful.




A separate, safe space for “pampersiakow”:


Children's playground at the Astro Hotel


and monkey grove – bigger for older kids:


Huge playground in AstorPlayground at the Astor Hotel ***   Monkey grove - Astor Jastrzębia Góra


The hotel even has a separate room for large blocks – there are really a lot of them here and like ideas for which you can use them: a house with a mezzanine and a sloping roof, a maze, a space rocket, a ship and much more.


Klocki Hotel Asttor in Jastrzebia Giant blocks at the Astor hotel in Jastrzębia


Climbing ropes, games room for children (and daddies). The whole is complemented by cool pillows for parents where time with children tastes even better 


Hotel Astor - Ropes on the playground Astor Jastrzębia Góra - Games zone


These rooms are not the end of space for children – there is one more, huge room, in which, in addition to countless toys, every day (except Sundays) workshops and animations for children are held. What more could you want?


Astro Hotel Kids Zone 


Eating at the Astor Hotel in Jastrzębia

We decided to come here on stay with meals based on breakfasts and dinners – in our opinion, 3 meals a day in one place is too much (and the constant feeling that there is a shame again) – in the middle of the day we like to take a walk and eat something smaller on the way.


Hotel Astor Restaurant


For family trips, we choose hotels full of facilities for children, so that, more and more often, the biggest disappointment we encounter on site – the one that is most difficult to judge on the basis of photos – is food. Diluted, sugary jams, no sensible selection of fruit, and in their place a mass of sweets, or even no interesting selection of bread or vegetables – we find it all too often in hotels – and seriously I always have a jar of good jam for children in my suitcase.


In Astor the food surprised us very positively – ranging from a large variety of vegetables and fruits, several types of bread or flakes to very a large amount of various hot dishes in bain-maries, platters of cheese, cold cuts and meats, of course sweet buffet not ending at all, because there are also local delicacies – these products they were just fresh and delicious. Food every day was a surprise and satisfied not one eater, let alone his parent.


Bowling Club Astor Jastrzębia Góra

There is a 2-lane bowling alley at the pool and gym level. The attraction is additionally payable. On site you can buy drinks for both children and adults  It is worth noting that it is possible to open a bank on the track for smaller players – which significantly increases their chances (or actually 100% chance of hitting anything) – thanks to which the fun and joy of children is simply phenomenal.

Bowling - neon Bowling Hotel Astor bowling at the Hotel Astor Jastrzębia Góra 


Hotel Astor also offers something that children like the most: indoor heated swimming pool. 18m x 6m swimming space. It is true that it is more an option for a baby and a parent or an older child, because the descent to the pool is via steps and it is deep immediately (1.5 m), but still a big plus for this option.



Astor Hotel in full made up for the bad weather outside the window – to be honest, I was even glad that it was so cold and it rained a lot, because we did not manage to use all the attractions that the hotel has on offer during those 4 days of our stay. So … we are getting ready for the next visit – and with the greatest pleasure!

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