The office

I treat my office as my second home. I really can’t imagine that I don’t like a place where I spend most of my day 5 and sometimes even 6 days a week. That’s why the office deserves a separate category on my blog. Whenever I arrange my workspace, I take care of my maximum comfort. I mean not only the furniture, but also the surroundings, decorations, colors … Our surroundings affect how we feel. And when it comes to the work environment – it matters even more. Nobody wants to work in an office they don’t like. Which overwhelms him and makes him want to get out of it as soon as possible. I have already arranged several of my offices and I tried to refine each one so that I would feel good in it.

What office lamps should you choose?

Which lamps for the office to choose is the question that has occupied my head in recent months. Arranging my new office wedding planner it gives me great pleasure – it is a process, and I try to make each decision well thought out and serve me for many years – after all, this is my first office “on my own”, not on a rented one, and I hope I will stay here for a lot, many years – especially because I can see the sea from the windows and I live so close that I can walk to work …