What office lamps should you choose?

Which lamps for the office to choose is the question that has occupied my head in recent months. Arranging my new office wedding planner it gives me great pleasure – it is a process, and I try to make each decision well thought out and serve me for many years – after all, this is my first office “on my own”, not on a rented one, and I hope I will stay here for a lot, many years – especially because I can see the sea from the windows and I live so close that I can walk to work …

I thought about the golden elements in my interior for a long time …


In jewelry, I have used silver since I was a child. I feel “Snow White” – not to be confused with the Ice Queen – and I think that pure, cool colors are better suited to my type of beauty. I had periods when I was apologizing to gold, but it never lasted longer than a season … I also tried to combine silver with gold in the wardrobe, but I felt quite carelessly – although with someone else this combination does not bother me at all, or even interesting, I focus on silver minimalism at home.


That is also why I have always chosen silver elements for my interiors, and in the office you can see them in accessories, chair frames or decorative desk legs.


When I was arranging this space and started choosing lamps for the office, I absolutely loved the gold ones … it is warmer in perception, and the neutral colors towards the warm ones in my surroundings have recently made me feel a bit more positive and I feel much better among them. You surely know very well how important the environment in which you spend most of the day has on your well-being.


So I decided combine the silver elements I already have with the gold ones that I introduced – and I am delighted with this combination!


office lamps inspiration


Moje the interior is minimalistic – there are only a few pieces of furniture, the walls are stuccoed, there are no paintings, and probably will not be. The more avant-garde combination of gold and silver not only does not dazzle the eyes, but also perfectly harmonizes with each other and fits in this trend of “austerity” in my office.


what lamps to choose for the office


Office lamps

I really like the Scandinavian style or the introduction of its elements in the interiors. Looking for office lamps, we decided on lamps from a Scandinavian company Groundwork, which perfectly fit into the slightly harsh style of our office.



A lamp above the desk

That’s it Capital lamp gold color by Markslöjd. It is simple and timeless. Unusual, antique light bulbs change its form, thanks to which it perfectly connects my female office with other, more industrial office rooms.


My interior is quite small and not tall. If we hung a chandelier in the center of the room, there was a risk that visiting customers and guests, as well as colleagues, would bang their heads at it. We decided to hang the lamp above the desk – it is definitely safer, and it allowed me to smuggle such a large lamp in a small room.


what office lamps to choose

office lamps ideas

office lamps idea


A lamp in a recess

The second lamp was supposed to be a decorative element above the sofa. I still don’t have a couch, because I haven’t found the perfect one, only 164 cm wide, but gold Land lamp Markslöjd brand is already hanging and the meeting space is filled with two beautiful armchairs. Thanks to its location, no one will hit it, and it beautifully fills the space. I could put a floor lamp, but then I would take a part of the floor that I don’t have too much. A small hanging lamp is the perfect way out of the situation.


fashionable office lamps

office lamps to choose


There is still a lot to do in my Wedding Consultant’s office – I do not have roller shutters, window sills or moldings, there will also be some buildings behind the burqa. Glad to say at least I was able to choose beautiful lamps for the officeSince they were hung – I stopped noticing that anything else was missing here. I will show you the rest as part of the subsequent stages of work.


what office lamps


I really like my new office and I can’t wait to be able to welcome guests there! And how do you like it?

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