Ecological diapers - how to choose the best and is it even worth it?

organic bamboo diapers

The environmentally friendly diapers are getting louder and louder recently, as well as about the harmfulness of ordinary disposable diapers available on the market. How is it actually? Is the difference really so felt?


At the moment, on our market you can find at least a dozen diaper brands, and each of them boasts that their products are "the best" and "the only one". I have already tested all of them, including the ecological ones. How are they different?



What can be in disposable diapers?

Remember that most babies have contact with a disposable diaper almost 24 hours a day - it is worth paying attention to what is in constant contact not only with the skin, but also with our baby's mucous membranes. What does this mean in practice? Since we care about the powder or liquid in which we wash children's clothes, the more we should be interested in what the skin and mucous membranes of our child come into contact with, because any chemical substance can penetrate through them into his body. You may be surprised how many of them are in ordinary disposable diapers ...


dioxins - most of the disposable diapers available on the market are bleached with chlorine, which leaves traces of dioxins on the diaper. The World Health Organization cites dioxins as "persistent environmental pollutants" that can cause a range of more or less serious health problems, including even developmental delays, immune damage, hormonal imbalances and certain cancers.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - many disposable diapers release VOCs such as ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene. According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), some VOCs can cause cancer and others - neurological problems, eye irritation and decreased immunity.


Sodium polyacrylate (sodium polyacrylate, SAP) - you probably know these moisture-absorbing particles in disposable diapers - are made of sodium polyacrylate. When used in tampons, SAP was responsible for cases of toxic shock syndrome in many women and girls. SAP also irritates the skin and can cause infections.


Alternatives to regular disposable diapers


1. Cloth diapers - that is, the diapers from which we grew up. Safe for both the child and the environment, and in addition they have many uses - from a blanket to cuddle at bedtime, through a diaper, to ... a cloth for cleaning the floor - of course only if it is too damaged to serve our child. Wrapped in a traditional way, or ...


2. Waterproof diapers / pockets / swaddling diapers, fastened with Velcro or snaps - you just need to buy a few and simply replace the absorbent pads, e.g. from the traditional cotton diaper mentioned above or from bamboo.


3. Organic diapers - in my video with a layette to the hospital, I showed you the first ecological diapers that I tested - I got them as a gift from a Friend, she brought them to me from the States - it's the Honest brand, unfortunately not available in Poland. Then I started looking for their counterpart in Poland.



Which disposable diapers to choose?

Certainly such with the shortest composition - if it is provided, because, unfortunately, the manufacturer often does not put such information on the packaging.


Secondly, disposable diapers do not have to be soaked in fragrances or extracts - we can never be sure what effect they may have on our baby's delicate skin (and also the respiratory tract). They can cause a rash or dizziness. And the smell of the contents of the diaper - whatever it is - we will withstand. I remember when I was pregnant when I bought the first, so much advertised and popular, simply "best" disposable diapers and put them on the shelves of the changing table - the smell was so intense that I couldn't stay in the baby's room for a few days while pregnant.


Thirdly, it is extremely important for disposable diapers they were not bleached with chlorine. He doesn't need any chemicals that might come into contact with the baby's skin. For the same reason, it may not be worth choosing super extra absorbent nappies - the less moisture absorbing agent they contain (the above-mentioned sodium polyacrylate), the better.



What diapers for a newborn baby? And every child?

We already know that disposable diapers they should not contain harmful substances. And what should they be made of?


Organic diapers should be made of breathable plasticand yet ensure rapid absorption of moisture, so that your child is not at risk of getting burned.



Which brand available on the Polish market meets these conditions?

Organic disposable diapers Bambo Nature I found it ecological because of natural composition - this wood pulp - thanks to it, they do not harm and also reduce the symptoms of dermatitis in a child. They also do not contain allergens or perfumes - because what for? also they are bleached not chlorine, but hydrogen peroxide - another plus!


disposable organic diapers Bambo Nature



Ecological… are you sure?

Certainly during walks in the woods or somewhere along the road you met with an unpleasant view of a worn diaper. Did you know that the decomposition of such a regular disposable diaper can take up to 1000 years and cause greenhouse gas emissions? So I consciously buy environmentally friendly diapers because they are not plastic, a made of wood pulp. Additionally, they can boast the "Nordic Ecolabel" certificate and the "EU Flower" mark. Ecological diapers - those that are not made of foil or plastic - have another huge plus: they don't overheat the little boys' testicles, thanks to which we prevent future fertility problems already at the neonatal and infant stage!


And you know of which ordinary diapers are usually made? Made of plastic, the same from which ... flowerpots are made! Production waste from pots (one such factory is located near my house) is turned into diapers! P.


Bambo Nature diapers do not have an intense, chemical smell, they do not cause chafing like many ordinary nappies (provided that the Toddler himself does not suffer from acid poop, which often causes chafing) and they are noticeably thinner, so also more comfortable for the baby. it's absorbent. However, I have the awareness in my head that they are not harmful to my child's skin - and this is the most important thing, as well as to the world in which he will live.


They also have organic diapers one minus - they are more expensive than regular ones, they cost from 83 groszy apiece (depending on the size), which in my opinion may be the only barrier to buying them. You can say that I am overpaying, but I think I am investing - in the health of the Child and the world. I buy them here.


PS I also have for you great idea for one of the coolest games for a baby and in the spirit of Montessori, for which you only need a basket and diapers. Maksymilian loves it.

disposable organic nappies best disposable organic nappies wood pulp Organic diapers are biodegradabledisposable organic diapers best for a newborn babydisposable organic diapers healthiest


What diapers do you use? Do you think you will try organic diapers? Or maybe you tried reusable diapers?

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  • Marta

    Good day. I use KOLORKY diapers. I believe they are the best. Bamboo has a medium adhesive (in my opinion), but the diaper pants are ok because they are stuck together and do not come off. I tried 5 ECO diapers from companies and the colors are extra in my opinion. I also recommend KOLORKY NIGHT for the night - very absorbent. It's hard to get them, but you can 😉

  • 27.10.2020

    I agree that it is worth looking for ecological solutions that are also safe for the child. Both during pregnancy and after birth, we must pay more attention to the selected cosmetic products that will be suitable for us.

  • Magda

    I thought there would be an honest opinion, and here's an advertisement 🙁

  • Ola

    Agnieszka inspired me for eco diapers, I have a 3-month-old baby and just after reading your entry I ordered diapers that you recommend, on the Allegro I found a bit cheaper than on the official website, I am waiting for available :))

  • Kasia

    We only have Muumi Baba 🙂

  • Strawberry

    I honestly admit that I do not buy these organic diapers, like pampers and sometimes Dada, which is probably why my daughter often has diaper rash. And it's hard to treat, I used various creams or lotions. But my friend recommended SOS lotion and I even found an interesting blog about it.

  • Justine

    Hmm, now ultra baby soft on comes in big packages 300szt + 10gratis for PLN 150, is it possible that you can get eco diapers so cheap? Probably more expensive are diapers of known chain stores. I ask because, like you, I have been looking for eco diapers at a good price for a long time and I am very surprised to discover these ultra soft at such a price, was it possible that you used them? Do you recommend? Are they actually eco as described on the site? Is it no fake? We used pufies trends before, although they are not eco, they seem to be really one of the better ones, they do not cause allergies, they do not stink, they do not irritate and they have great designs, you can get emag often at promotional prices.

  • Urs

    I'm just starting my adventure with diapers and I was recommended Bambiboo. It's nice that there is an alternative, because I wonder all the time what to reach for, if they did not work.

    • 05.11.2018

      Yesterday I saw these Bambiboo diapers in Rossmann and ... they are for PLN 1,87 each 😉 so I recommend checking out Bamboo Nature for almost half the price 🙂

    • Ania

      And I recommend checking out Ultra Baby Soft, Danish organic diapers, not bleached with chlorine, not perfumed, for about half the price of Bamboo Nature, and what's funny, from the same manufacturer, they just sell them without colorful packaging, because they are exactly the same diapers 😉 with the same designs even. It's best to buy non-pressed, they are a bit thicker, but they absorb better. It's for comfortable. For those who really care about the future of our children and their children, I recommend reusable diapers. There is a debate in the Sejm on a bill that will reduce the VAT from 23 to 5% on reusable diapers, as it will eventually be approved, these diapers will be much cheaper, which speaks in their favor even more 🙂 I recommend it really, It is worth trying if we decide to use disposables after trying reusable ones, we can always sell them and recover some of the money, which is not even the case with disposable items.

    • 26.11.2018

      Thank you for your recommendation, I was very happy, I see only these Ultra Baby Soft diapers everywhere around PLN 2 per item 🙁 - where do you buy them cheaper?
      For me, there is no question of reusable, I am professionally active and I devote all my free time to my husband and children, I will not give her reusable diapers to wash 🙂

    • Anka

      Fortunately, there are promotions 🙂 now, for example, they are after 77 gr 😀 My Pola will be born in about a month and today I received a package with reusable diapers for her. When I watched them being used, I don't see much difference between them and disposables. It may still be idealizing by the future mother, but I prefer to get out of the maxi position and go down to disposable at most :-) I am lazy by nature, so it's a challenge, but I want to take it 🙂 thanks for information on what to look for when choosing diapers, I really hope that in x years all diapers will be eco and safe for babies and the Earth 🙂

    • Cornelia

      I am also professionally active and I devote time to my partner and baby as much as possible, and yet I use reusable diapers. it sounded a bit like only moms / daddies not working or neglecting family could / could use multi-yard, and this is not true. My dad and baby hang and fold diapers together. There is no major problem with this.

    • 07.01.2019

      It is impossible and does not make sense to compare two families. Each of us has the same amount of time and makes decisions as to his priorities. My husband and I cook every day for 22 and even 1 at night to eat home meals at home and at work, I can't imagine going to bed even 30 minutes later to wash and hang out nappies. Each of us is such a different story that it is worth supporting and not judging 🙂

  • 30.08.2018

    I prefer reusable diapers; p because it is financially more beneficial and ecological. They are thrown out less and littered the environment. You just have to choose the right material from which they are made

    • 30.08.2018

      I understand and admire the choice, but so far I do not dare - unfortunately I am temporarily in a huge shortage, I order disposables once a month via the Internet and I sometimes forget about this, I would not be able to wash and cover reusable diapers.

  • Anna Szymik

    Cool! Recently, someone has sown in me doubts about ordinary diapers, but I think I'm not ready for reusable diapers. And how about the sizes? The daughter wears size 74 / 80 and weighs about 8.5 kg. Will these 3 + be ok? Or maybe 4? We now carry 4 other popular diapers

    • 30.07.2018

      I think 4 will be good, but 3,5 will come out cheaper, so maybe order these and the ones on trial? At most, 3,5 will be used per day.
      I ordered 4 and 4,5, but 4,5 are much too big, so they are waiting for their time, and Maks about 9 kg, and clothes also 74.

    • Anna Szymik

      All in all, I will try No. 4, and if they are too big I will order 3 +, and 4 will be for later! 🙂

  • gacie

    We use Bella Happy. They are non-chlorinated and odorless. We used diapers for a while ... Extremely intense smell and the child's bottom was more often not red

    • 16.08.2018

      They are indeed bleached with chlorine, bravo! but nowhere can I read what they are made of absorbent body, maybe you know?

  • pannaamagdalena

    I admit that I never looked at the diapers

  • Martyn

    Offtopic: You look great after two pregnancies. Maybe post about it?

    • 16.08.2018

      Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂 I'm preparing the material and about it, but I still have to "mature" for it a bit, so I gather in myself 🙂

  • Iwona

    We also use these diapers, the great option is also at size + (we are currently using 3 +) thanks to which I do not have to buy too large diapers. And if you buy in a promotion, they are not so expensive in my opinion, and the awareness that I don't hurt my son is priceless.

    • 17.07.2018

      Exactly, it calms me down too, I can't imagine going back to plastic diapers anymore 🙂

    • Ania

      I use Bambiboo since the birth of my monster (already 4 months). I also use reusable in the daytime, I have a few and five of them with clothes because I also use the recommended bamboo inserts which collect poop. I do not trace more time, I use it more conveniently, but I reduced the use of disposable at least by 50%. It seems to me that this is already a lot for the environment. Bambiboo are not much more expensive than others in Rossmann and I have to admit that once I used premium pampers for one day and the whole ass burned. My brother realized that my child often reacts to changes in diapers, but I felt my (diaper smell! Terrible, Bambiboo does not smell) and I saw a pile of pampers (in Bambiboo, the diaper draws water cool and the pup is always dry, even like poo) the longer it sits, it looks like greased dry clay and not steamed from hot piss and poop). I recommend eco 🙂