Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas is the second stroller we have had the pleasure to use in the 2-in-1 version. How did he do? Is it worth buying it? What are the disadvantages and what are the advantages? Here is our review and our opinions on it.

When we chose the second stroller, Mutsy Evo was already in our house, whose review you can read here. During 5 months of using the stroller, we already had quite precise expectations as to what the next model should be, then we were still hoping to find the perfect stroller.

What guided us when choosing this stroller?

1. A large stroller booth

2. The minimum size after folding the stroller

3. Stroller with a reclining seat

4. Stroller folds flat

5. Minimalist design

I have to admit that Armadillo Flip from Mamas & Papas perfectly matched these expectations.


Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas - test and review of the stroller

Rack, handle, brake, handle

When I received the packages with the cart, I unfolded trolley frame, I installed a stroller seat on it and I was scared! Compared to my Mutsy Armadillo Flip by Mamas & Papas, he drove very hard and turned out to be completely unmistakable. Fortunately, I had such an impression only at home, on a small area, during a walk, outdoors, I almost forgot about it.


The trolley has foam, lightly cushioned wheels, the front is rotated, but they can be blocked for straight travel. Despite the low amortization, I rate the comfort of the child very decently - after all, it's a city pram. However, I am not sure if and how such wheels will cope with snow.


The trolley handle has no adjustment, with my height 162 cm was fine, but taller than me almost 20 cm Wojtek was not so comfortable. Of course, a lot depends on the preferences of the person driving the stroller, so it's possible that someone else will be comfortable.


The trolley has brake foot, which is very easy to lock by pressing, unfortunately, to remove the lock you need to pull the brake up, which does not serve our shoes and feet.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas Foot Brake

Shopping basket

Every woman will love him! It is huge, high suspended, loaded and does not scrub the ground. Ideal!

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas Shopping Basket


The Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas gondola can be an accessory for a stroller. When we received the stroller, Mikołaj was 7 months old and although it still fit into our Mutsy Evo gondola, he absolutely did not. This gondola is really compact, it is only 67 cm long, so we didn't have the opportunity to test it in action. So it is suitable for very tiny Children, unfortunately, when giving birth to a Child in September, I would not have decided to buy this stroller in the 2-in-1 version, because probably around December I would have to replace the Child with a stroller, which I cannot imagine. On the other hand, when I think how comfortable a six-month-old child is in a gondola, I can't even imagine it in summer. The gondola folds almost flat, but it is also very shallow, and I had some irrational fear that the child would fall out of it. Personally, I would not decide to buy it.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas rigid gondola


However, a curiosity for me was that the gondola could be mounted both forward and backward.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas deep trolley

Stroller seat

The Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller has postponed seat, the child can therefore ride both forward and backward. As for me, it is a mandatory function of a stroller. My son is 16 months old today and he still spends most of his time in a wheelchair facing us, which allows us to spend time together fantastically and use every moment we spend together.


The seat is really big, wide and long (up to 103cm!), The backrest can be in 3 positions, in which it can be folded up almost completely flat - both a backrest and a footrest to ensure a really comfortable sleep for the child. All adjustments are very convenient to use. The seat does not have a bow, which for me is a downside, because without it a child cannot be placed in a stroller even for a moment without seat belts (of course, for safety reasons, a child of all ages should ride or sit in a stroller, but if your child has any because he drives without seat belts, he will not have such a possibility here). Due to the belts, the Child will not be able to sleep on the side, which our Toddler loved in the initial period of using the stroller.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas 5 point seat belts


The trolley has too fantastic booth, which wonderfully protects against wind and sun.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller, huge booth


The seat itself with the folded booth is very exposedwhich, unfortunately, bothers me personally. I have the impression that the child is sitting on a chair with belts. You can not put his toy on his lap because for a moment not held immediately will fall. Such a seat will not provide protection against cold winds, and the child is difficult to wrap in an additional blanket. In my opinion, it is the perfect pram for spring and summer.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas baby stroller foldable seat


I hung on the rack bag, unfortunately when the child is facing the direction of travel, the bag interferes with folding the pram flat. The stroller also becomes slightly tipping, so you have to be very careful with it.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas nursing bag

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller flat

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller review

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas fold-out footstool

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller test

parenting blog stroller tests


There is a trolley in the booth windowthanks to which we can observe the Child facing us with the back. A huge plus for the magnetic closure - there is nothing like waking a sleeping baby with a Velcro closure!

parenting blog stroller test

parenting blog stroller reviews

parenting blog reviews of the stroller

Folding and size after folding

The size of our trunk still leaves much to be desired. that's why this time we dreamed of a pram that would really take up a very small area. I have to admit that in this matter the trolley has done a good job on 6! In addition, the stroller can be folded with the seat mounted, regardless of whether it is set front or back, and folding can be done with one hand!

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller small trunk


stroller pram small trunk

This trunk is really small, and the stroller takes up definitely a small part of its capacity, so we have room for quite a lot of luggage or shopping. In addition, the stroller frame folds together with the seat, which is extremely comfortable.


The stroller is available in 4 colors.

Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas colors


To the trolley you can buy:

  • Maxi Cosi / Cybex / Be Safe car seat adapters
  • trolley sleeping bag
  • hard gondola, which I described to you below
  • a soft gondola - the carrier is mounted directly on a stroller, special slits at the bottom of the carrier are designed for attachment with 5-point safety harness in a stroller, length: 76 cm
  • trolley-colored umbrella
  • sleeping bag
  • trolley sleeping bag
  • care bag in the color of the trolley
  • cup holder


You can buy a pram in one of these configurations:

  • 2w1 trolley: 1899 PLN
  • pushchair: 1599 PLN
  • gondola: 990 PLN
  • soft carrycot: 380 PLN
  • umbrella: PLN 199
  • Black 199 sleeping bag PLN
  • sleeping bag in the color of the 349 stroller PLN
  • care bag in the color of the 349 trolley PLN
  • cup holder: PLN 55


The Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas stroller is a very nice stroller. It is definitely worth considering if you have a tiny trunk, you want to easily fold the stroller. Works very well in the city. It has a modern design, a huge booth that will protect the child from the sun. What is very important, the child can be transported in it both in front and rearward facing.

Unfortunately, the stroller has a tiny carrycot that will not last long, but it will definitely be comfortable for the baby in the stroller, it will be able to nap almost completely flat, if the problem is not too much revealing the seat.

The trolley is made of good quality materials for which I had no objections.

For example, you can buy it on the manufacturer's official website >> click.

How do you like Armadillo Flip Mamas & Papas? 

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  • Polite anonymous

    This truck has a front wheel lock 😀 probably too little knowledge

  • Hs Karolina

    wonderful bag :) will you reveal where from ?? :)

    • 15.11.2016

      It's a Lassig bag - it's absolutely wonderful, I bought it at TK Maxx for less than PLN 150 🙂

    • Hs Karolina

      I just thought it was Lassig because it is so beautiful in my colors 🙂 if you knew what kind of model it would be, my day would have a lot of greetings and lots of sunshine from me and 9mcm Tymek 🙂

  • oli82

    I have a slightly different version of this stroller: Armadillo flip xt. It does not differ much, but you can lengthen the handle and it is possible to block the front wheels. For us, quite tall people it is important and especially the spouse is driving a stroller with an elongated handle. I agree with the opinion in 100%. I bought gondolas, but I do not recommend. Little was born in March, and yet she served us 4 months, and for good after 3 seemed too small. stroller very comfortable, takes up little space at home and in the trunk, works great in public transport. I ride it every day at least a few kilometers, and it happens a dozen or so, it runs great. A very roomy basket. Two disadvantages are too small a gondola and too exposed seat by a folded booth in a stroller. In addition, I am super satisfied and recommend it. I have navy blue with a brown leather handle, it looks very elegant :)

    • 15.11.2016

      Well, I am very glad that the trolley works - it's great that they released a newer version and corrected these two shortcomings, which were the lack of a wheel lock and a too short handle - we are of average height, and yet I like high handles

  • 24.01.2016

    Great review, you prepared it great! However, we will remain loyal to Baby Jogger :-)

    • 24.01.2016

      Baby Jogger is very high on the list of our preferences, we almost bought it, I gave up finally due to the lack of a foldable seat - our Smyk still runs mainly facing us and we all love it.

    • 24.01.2016

      This is the minus of our stroller, but Smyk liked the front ride so much that we got used to it quickly :-)

  • 21.01.2016

    It looks great and looks very light. Our 3-in-1 stroller is heavy, I don't know ... I always laugh that it's a tank, not a stroller; P That's why I already bought a stroller, so far I only used it in emergency but I love it <3 The only downside is that it is forward facing and I don't see Lena 🙁 Although she definitely has more advantages 😉

    • 21.01.2016

      Well, I really did not want a stroller that is only the back, because I love to look at the Child, but you can't have everything - Flip is not perfectly light, probably heavier than your stroller.