Minimalist purse

Minimalist purse

The bigger the bag, the bigger the mess. You know it?


For as long as I can remember my bags / purses / backpacks were great. When choosing them, I put on countless pockets, zippers, and compartments to arrange everything perfectly in them, and in the end I could not find anything. Everything changed when my husband gave me a tiny black handbag ...


It didn't even fit my existing wallet stuffed with cards, receipts, laundry receipts or parking receipts, and countless card payment confirmations. There was no room for a beautician, spare pens or perfumes. My keychain with a key chain larger than the keychain could not fit in.


As long as I was carrying large bags, I did not think about optimizing what I put in them, on the contrary - the more I managed to stuff into such a bag, the greater (illusory) sense of security I had.


My spine rioted first. After a dozen or so minutes of walking with a heavy purse, my muscles tense so much that they put pressure on the spine that had rotated in this place, the pain was so great that it was not without rehabilitation and massage of the aching shoulder. A gift from my husband in the form of a tiny handbag seemed to be a godsend, but in order to fit into it, I had to seriously slim down my everyday luggage.


Minimalist purse

1. Wallet

Loyalty cards

Have you ever counted how many discount or loyalty cards or points to collect points in your wallet? Mine didn't fit in anymore, so I invested in an additional card case to carry them, but I still had to give up some. And so usually when I wanted to buy something in a store that I visit once every six months I didn't have a specific card. Then my husband found the perfect solution for me.

minimalist handbag

Beep'nGo is a free phone application to which I have scanned all my loyalty cards. What's more, it gives you the opportunity to collect points with your Mom, Sister, Husband or Friend, which often means even greater discounts for everyone. For example, to have a 10% discount on purchases for Children in Rossmann stores, you need to shop for Children at least twice a month. So far, I had one card, Wojtek the other one and we have not been able to get any reasonable discounts. Now each of us has the same card in the phone, we collect points together and it makes sense in the end. You can download the application here.

Credit cards

A private account with a card, a savings account with a card, a company account with a card, a second business account with a card, a credit card, a card ... Here, too, I went to my head and closed all unnecessary bills and cards attached to them, and started collecting savings on deposits, where, although they earn pennies, they are really safe from shopping madness 😉 it is much more difficult to make a purchase when I have to break a deposit than pay with a card linked to a savings account.

Receipts, payment receipts

I asked myself a sincere question - how often at the end of the month do I check if my bank account has been properly charged in accordance with all the collected confirmations? Hmm… that's it. At all. So I introduced a new rule - I do not take confirmations for payments below PLN 50 because I know that I never check it. I collect larger amounts, but since I do not have a large wallet and a million compartments for their storage, I have to go through them very often. In addition, in the living room, right at the entrance, we made a special drawer for receipts and confirmations, where all these papers go. I do not organize them as often as I used to, I do not put them in separate compartments of the organizer, as I bought something within 2 years, the receipt will be there for sure and it takes me much less time to find it if necessary than to sort and describe everything as it used to.

Proof of registration

I use the car as a company with my husband, so we keep the ID card in a thin case that really fits anywhere and only take it when I need it.

Laundry receipts and other papers

I have a new habit - I take a picture of a huge number of receipts before putting them in my wallet and throw the paper away. In order to be sure that such proof is sufficient, I always ask the store in the shop if she accepts this form. Always accepts.


2. keys

Hard topic. Do I really need to carry the keys to myself, to my mother, to my mother-in-law, to the magazine, to the filing cabinets, to the car, all remote controls, penknives (I am known to always have one with me), strings and key rings?

So I gave the keys a serious slimming and I allocated all the keys, remotes and gadgets to myself, my husband, the car and other locations. Phew ...

And if you have a choice of door locks, it is worth considering the "one key" technology - you can open all the locks with the same key. They are made to order and are one of the most difficult to counterfeit locks in the world.


3. Cosmetics

How often do I fix my makeup during the day? In the office - never. At a party - sometimes, I would just have to start going again. How often do I use perfume during the day? Never! I don't like it when someone does it and it permeates the whole surroundings with its smell. That is why in my purse today I will find at most a lip gloss and matting powder.


4. A women's handbag is not a laptop bag

I also learned to distinguish a handbag from a laptop bag. The fact that I work on a laptop does not mean that I have to carry it with me everywhere or carry a large and heavy bag with me everywhere. That's why my women's personal purse is not a work bag. You won't find a laptop, mouse, charger, organizer or pile of business cards in it. I always have a few in my wallet, as well as a tiny and lightweight pen. I have a calendar on my phone, thanks to which I can quickly check my task list and all important meetings (you can read more about my organization here). Thanks to this, if after work I have a coffee with a friend, a walk with my child or go shopping - I only take my personal purse with me, I don't have to repack anything, unpack anything, so I won't forget anything.

And this is what my minimalist handbag looks like with all the equipment - it will also contain matting powder that I wear for longer exits. And most importantly - you can't make a mess in it,

minimalist handbag

And how, do you feel like a little tidying up? I am very curious how much you are able to slim down your purse.

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