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Calendar 2022 –
Planner for a good day

It is a practical, holistic tool just for you if you want to organize yourself well and feel fulfilled both at work or at the university, as well as at home or in your family! The 2021 calendar is also a practical planner!

The 2022 calendar is not just that convenient calendar weekly where you can calculate daily amount of water drunky, type i practice gratitude. Here are some tools for your daily life: sites where you can monitor good habitsto plan shoppingsave expenses, Of i savingsdrive health books Yours and your family, and much more!


The year 2022 is the same for everyone – regardless of whether you are a student, businesswoman or a mom who runs a house – the 2021 book calendar it will work perfectly for you!! By guiding it, you are able take care for your time and finances, life energy and health, for relationships and home, and also about those you love. In one word: Taking care of yourself and yours here and now.


In my life, I follow a holistic approach to planning and organization – it helps me keep my work-life balance and this is what I tried to transfer to the 2022 calendar cards – Planner Na Dobry Dzień.

Do you consider yourself an organized and organized person?

You like to feel that you are over all do you reign

Do you want to have everything in one place?

When you pick up the Calendar 2022
– Planner for a good day –
you will not want another!

The first planner calendar was created a few years ago and I created it for my own use, collecting in one place what I had been looking for in calendars and planners for several years.


I studied two faculties while working, and for over a dozen years I have been running my own company. I was looking for a planner – a book calendar that would allow me to control my life on the go. I have seen through life several calendars or planners, but none of them met my needs 100%.  


I decided it’s time to take matters into my own hands: I created a book calendar – Planner Na Dobry Dzień – which helped me first, and now – I hope – you too, to plan the year from general to detail: a whole year, then a month, a week and a day. At the same time, it reminds me of the so important practice of gratitude in my life, helps to keep an eye on healthy habits and keep an eye on the flow of household expenses and income.

You are certainly curious to know what exactly it contains
Good Morning Planner – Calendar 2022?

1. Calendar 2022 with or without entered dates – you can choose

You have a choice 2022 calendar year or one for entering the dates yourself – even if you start working with it later, you won’t waste the pages!


Personally, I choose the one with dates – I achieve my work-life balance by planning not only work days, but also days off. Therefore, they were not omitted in any way. I believe that it is impossible to set a goal and pursue its implementation without setting it in time. I suggest you a book calendar 2021 because in my opinion, a good calendar is one with dates – like my 2022 calendar!


Of course, you can start running the 2022 Calendar at any time, which is why I have prepared too version for self-inserting dates – you can start organizing your life at any time!

2. Weekly calendar from 7 am to 21 pm to easily organize the whole week


After unfolding the 2022 calendar you will see for your winnings 7 days on each spread, with marked hours 7-21. It allows With one glance you can see all the tasks planned for this week and freely prescribe them between days, if necessary.


This solution allows schedule tasks in time, mark with a clip how much time I need or want for them allocate and I leave free places for unforeseen situations.


It is enough to flip three pages to have one viewing for the entire month. Isn’t it that easier?


There is an empty box at the top of each day so that you can – like me – type in this space birthdays, anniversaries, important cultural eventsprofessional projects or holidays in kindergarten Your children.


The 2022 calendar, of course, has already been entered the most important church, national and international holidays.

3. Annual and monthly calendar view


Planner Na Dobry Dzień, the calendar 2022 gives you the opportunity to plan the whole year from general to detail. You start with the yearly calendar view, then cycle through 12 monthly views (just flip 5 pages to see the whole year!) and then the weekly calendar. This solution will allow you to mark time needed to complete a large project or simply location of leave over time.

4. Practicing gratitude changing life


I have had many difficulties in my life, during which I did not believe that there would come a day when my sadness would end and I would start smiling again.


Practicing gratitude was something that saved me and changed my life. In the 2021 calendar each day there is a place where you can type 5 things you are grateful for. Performing this exercise takes only a few minutes each day, and believe me, you will be surprised how much it will change your attitude towards life and the world and relationships with loved ones.


Don’t compare yourself with others, never look at what is missing – see how much you have and be grateful for it every day!


Don’t start your day by browsing Instagram and comparing yourself to others – pick up Calendar 2021 Planner Na Dobry Dzień and believe me – write down these 5 things for which you are grateful it will help you find inner peace and make you enjoy the little things!

5. Planning meals and counting the amount of water drunk to take care of your tomorrow


Have you ever missed a meal? Because I do so often. Do you drink the necessary minimum – 2,5 liters of fluid every day? To get this under control, the 2021 calendar has fields where you can write down today’s meals and mark the amount of water you drink.

6. Useful letters: gift ideas, movies to watch books to read and others – whatever you need!


As soon as you hear that someone close to you is talking about something that would be of use to them, don’t wait – write it down on list of gift ideas before you hear the name of the perfume or the title of the book out of your head.


Someone recommended you a good movie or an interesting book, and then you can’t remember their titles for nothing? Now you can save them on specially prepared lists movies / series to watch and books to read. Do you save these items on your phone? To have everything in one place, enter it into the Planner!


Need a different list? No problem – you’ll find additional pages in Planner to create your own lists.

7. Health – so that you don’t forget how important prevention is


It is extremely important to take care of your health before any treatment or surgery is required. Do you get regular tests, monitor your health, and remember to extend prescriptions for your medications? Or maybe you are allergic to some drug, you even wrote it down for which one, but you don’t remember where you wrote it down?


How often did you remember when you had your last Pap smear or mammogram?


Planner Na Dobry Dzień The calendar 2022 comes to the rescue: it has a health section where you can easily lead health cards for the whole family with all the information you need, such as allergies or drug dosing, and write down what you have done preventive examinations and what are their results. Be sure to write down the contact list of your doctors and here the medications you are taking. You will also find a page with a menstrual calendar!


Thanks to the 2022 Planner for a good day, all of them You can have your family’s health books in one place! At the end of the Planner, you will also find a practical one pocket, which is perfect for inserting test results or a prescription.

8. Motivation cards – set a goal and don’t give up!


You took part in the # NieCzekamDziałam challenge? You certainly remember the card good habits and monitoring your progress. Now you can go back to it and have it at hand: in the calendar you will find motivation cards – 12, to watch your progress all year round.

9. Planning of expenses, but also savings


How to save? Many of us ask this question. Savings, just like expenses, need to be be able to plan – and you will find a place for it in the 2022 calendar. Here’s a table for yours fixed fees monthly and a place to enter their payment dates.

10. Notes


The last pages of the 2022 book calendar, i.e. Planner Na Dobry Dzień, are a lot of pages for notes. Convenient wide lines will help you write clearly notes from conversations, meetings or lectures when you have just forgotten your notebook.

What the users say
Planner For Dobry Dzień 2020?

Od kilku dni jestem szczęśliwą posiadaczką „Plannera na dobry dzień”. Ten krótki okres w zupełności wystarczył mi, by przekonać się jak wyjątkowy produkt stworzyła Agnieszka. Praktyczny, bardzo dokładnie przemyślany, dopracowany z dbałością o najdrobniejsze szczegóły i co najważniejsze kompletny- od teraz wszystko, co niezbędne posiadam w jednym miejscu. A na dodatek jest absolutnie przepiękny! Jestem przekonana, że każda kobieta pokocha go od pierwszego wejrzenia i z ogromną przyjemnością będzie planować kolejne dni, tygodnie i miesiące. Ja już teraz wiem, że nie będę się bez niego nigdzie ruszać… Gorąco polecam każdemu! A Tobie Agnieszko dziękuję z całego serca za to co stworzyłaś <3  I trzymam mocno kciuki za kolejne projekty, bo wiem, że jeszcze nie raz nas zaskoczysz! 😊
– Czytelniczka

The planners are elegant and refined in every respect. ???? Congratulations!
– Elwira

You can chose

For 2022, I give you the opportunity to choose from as many as six versions of the Calendar Planner 2022!


You can choose from three different colors for the cover of the 2022 book calendar – each of them is vegan leather.


Available Colours:

– light pink

– without

– blue


You can have each of these colors in the version that suits you best – with or without dates for 2022!


Click here to choose a color that suits you!


Every 2022 book calendar has 3 practical ribbonsso you can find the current week or an important note as well eraser, which Planner secures. On the back, on the inside of the cover, it is glued in pouchwhere you can put important cards, receipts or stickers to keep them close at hand.

If you already have a binder from last year and want to buy a 2022 calendar insert – no problem!


Taki contribution with calendar part you can buy separately, so you can continue your Planner 2021 notes!

What has changed from last year’s version?


  • More handy form – glued notebook: lighter, more comfortable to write and easier to turn pages in it!
    However, if you prefer to remain in the form of a binder – you can easily buy the insert itself.
  • I did it three colors ribbonsso that you can easily find today’s date or important note
  • I changed the interior a bit by adding more color intensity and broadening the lines for your notes
  • I added Planner at the end pocketwhere you will be able to put small cards, notes, receipts …
AKC-2021 (12)

How about an elegant set?


Each calendar also has a sister briefcasewhich was prepared in the same veneerso that you can create a beautiful set!


The folder is closed and its interior is hidden wide lined notebookpinned on top with a practical clip. Such a notebook is a great solution for taking notes during meetings, lectures or conferences!

Organize your life
with Planner Na Dobry Dzień
and be surprised by its interior!