Diaper basket – unnecessary gadget or necessity

The diaper basket was the most surprising thing I heard about in the context of a newborn’s layette. Is a regular basket not enough?

About the such a product exists at all I found out while pregnant. That apparently the diaper basket (the so-called diaper basket) and the used ones are of course the basis. It just has to be. Especially when the baby’s room is on the first floor … and even if the changing table was in the kitchen itself, I can’t imagine keeping used nappies there, especially those with a surprise. Just like every time you change diapers on a winter day, go outside to the garbage can. In addition, we collect garbage every 2 weeks …


Do you know that? the fragrance particles are smaller than the spacing between the molecules that make up the surface of the film? The kind from which breakfast bags, a shopping net or a regular garbage bag are made. This is because used diaper emitting an unpleasant smell after putting it in a breakfast bag or a commercial from Biedronka, unfortunately, but further it gives off this unpleasant smell, and our sensitive noses can easily sense such smells.


That is why, in our home, it always smells beautiful like Madame Chic, and despite the fact that we store used diapers in its walls, we decided to buy a basket for used nappies. We have three such baskets, including two professional and one amateur, and this is so much that only one met our expectations.


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diaper basket tommee tippee angelcare



1. Waste basket Angel Care

I bought it at an online pharmacy for only PLN 56 complete with 3 bag sets. To make it funny, one such bag costs about 26 zlotys, so it turned out that not only I saved on bags, I also got a diaper basket for free.


We spent the first few months admiring the basket and touting it left and right. Until one day, guests came to us who threw their older child’s diaper there … it turned out that every time we opened the basket the smell in the room was so terrible that we quickly replaced the refill with a new one. Of course, we thought it was the fault of … the pile, not the trash. Nothing could be more wrong, after a few months gWhen solid foods appeared in our company, it turned out that this basket simply does not fulfill its function when a baby is older than a few months old. And all this despite the use of original cartridges all the time.


This basket is built so that it is inside multilayer bag for garbage, which supposedly is not permeable to odors. But what of it, since this bag is closed only with a plastic latch and a lidWhich turbo-tight are they certainly not?


In addition, each time you throw more diapers into the basket, you must open the container and its latch, and what do we see? And we feel Stuffed, unprotected diapers even for several days? (Such a basket holds up to several dozen diapers at a time).


Due to the fact that we have a children’s room upstairs, so the road to the garbage can outside is quite far away, we decided to look for a better product. We asked friends again, we looked at the Internet and decided on the second in the picture:



2. Tommee Tippee SANGENIC PLUS Nappy Disposal

This time I bought it in an online store at a promotional price for PLN 99 including shipping. The set included a container and 1 cartridge. There is a container, there is a cartridge – so how is it different from its predecessor? So this one the container after inserting the diaper twists the bag over it and the next time you open the container we have no visual or fragrance access to previously thrown diapers. Thanks to this twist, the fragrance does not come out of the super multi-layered fancy bag. For a few long days, at least. And that makes sense! This basket is great, it stays with us!


What will we do with two baskets? Due to the fact that so far we are not complaining about the lack of space, and we have a supply of bags in the Angel Care basket, diapers with low contamination (read pee) we will throw into AngelCare (until we use the supply of bags), and diapers with high contamination they live in Tommee Tippee.


Simple and convenient?


Not necessarily, so if you want to buy a basket for used nappies, buy Tomee Tippee in the SANGENIC PLUS version right away. And if you want to save, just throw in very smelly diapers there (you know what), and utilize the remaining ones for example in a basket like the one from Ikea. But empty it at least once a day.


And how much do these diaper basket liners cost?


You can get one refill for each of the containers for about PLN 25 and we have one refill for about a month (of course, we empty the container much more often).


Just … one day, when we were still using the Angel Care container, we ran out of refills, so we temporarily threw diapers into basket from Ikea STRAPATS, where we throw all the rubbish in the children’s room every day. And what?


Let’s call them more dirty diapers – they were there very temporarily, because the smell was easily leaking from it in all directions. So if you are wondering if this trash can fulfills the function of a diaper basket, you know the answer. Will not meet. But you can store low-risk diapers in it if you intend to empty it at least once a day.


And if you’re interested in what disposable diapers we use, be sure to check out here, especially if you value ecological and healthy solutions.


And what do you think about the special bin for used nappies? Redundant gadget or indispensable gadget?

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