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As the child grows, his needs change, so gradually some of the furniture and gadgets disappeared from St. Nicholas' Children's Room, replaced with elements more suitable for an adolescent boy. And so from our baby's room only the wardrobe and bed remained, and the room evolved into a kindergarten's children's room with separate sleeping, learning and fun areas. I invite you inside.


A signpost for arranging a preschooler's room

Having decided on a new arrangement and arrangement of the room, we decided that the signpost that will lead us through the entire process of arranging the room for a three-year-old will be light. Thanks to this, our room will be not only functional, but also friendly to our eyesight.


Learning zone


What kind of preschool desk should you choose?


Of course, when you are 3, learning is only through play. Mikołaj's beloved manual games, such as drawing, painting, pasting, sticking, coloring or molding, made his room appear biurko. Initially, we considered a low table and chairs, but due to the fact that a child of this age grows very quickly and his requirements for the height of the table top change, we decided to buy a desk that will serve us for longer. So we chose desk with adjustable height of the topwhich will be suitable for both our three-year-old and the first grader. Our desk has three built-in heights and at the moment we use it in the lowest position.


children's room high-chair

We chose a high chair for the desk and we chose those with a fixed height, which, although ideal for the height of the desk, unfortunately does not provide comfortable support for the baby's feet, which is necessary to ensure a comfortable and correct position while sitting. However, it is very easy to remedy this by adding to the little one footreston which he can comfortably rest his feet.


children's room high chair eameschildren's room deskfootrest for child's desk children's desk children's room children's room desk


Where is the best place to set up your desk?


To ensure maximum comfort of work at a desk, or a child or an adult, we should ensure the best access to natural light. The direction of the sun's rays is also important here - the light should fall on the working surface of the desk from the side opposite to the leading hand. In our opinion, at least for the moment, Mikołaj's right hand is the leading hand, so we placed the desk under the window so that the sun would illuminate it from the left side.


We hung above the desk the shelf, on which we keep our favorite books, and the whole also has a decorative function. It hung next to the desk alphabet learning poster - Mikołaj loves to approach him, show and name all letters, that's why we hung him at a height appropriate for him. When the poster hung over the desk for some time, Mikołaj was not interested in it at all. Under the desk, on special shelves, we store all accessories for manual games: paints, crayons, markers or stamps.


children's desk children's room desk height for the child first desk for a childfirst desk for a child


Which desk lighting should you choose?


Although we enjoy the first days of spring and long evenings, we must remember that in the winter it gets dark very quickly and even at 15: 00, and on cloudy days practically from the very morning, performing various activities at the desk, we are forced to use artificial light.


The worst solution is an energy-saving fluorescent lamp, which blinks and causes tired eyes. Also, a traditional light bulb will not work well for us, because it does not provide uniform light, casting various shadows. That is why we decided to replace our desk lamp with one in which we installed it bulb with LED lightthat provides light solid and uniformwithout causing eye fatigue with flickering and ensuring the best comfort of work, offering the same illumination of the entire surface on which it falls. We chose LED bulb Toshiba - the classic bubble with 8,5 W power, corresponding to 60 W power in a traditional light bulb.


lighting in the child's roomlight in the children's roomlighting in the children's room desk lighting in the children's room desk lighting in a child's room what light to choose for the desk


Fun zone

In preschool age there is no way to learn without funThat is why we have located a play area in the children's room right next to the desk and poster with the alphabet, still near the window. In the previous version of the room, this zone was located in the corner of the room opposite the window, and it was definitely too dark and dark.


They came here two shelves - hanging and standing - with baskets for toys. At the moment, Santa has free access to all the containers and toys in the lower rack, and taking advantage of the fact that he does not reach the upper containers yet, we keep toys and educational aids there, which we always play together with (especially the very dirty ones).


children's room parenting blog baby room decor baby room furniture


To make our children's room even better stimulate to play and learn, we decided to take a bold step and one we painted the whole wall with blackboard paint in color… black! I admit that it is great fun for the whole family, and also a fantastic background for photos.


children's room decor children's room black wall blackboard paint blackboard paint in a children's room children's room parenting blog preschooler's room


On this wall there is also a place for hanging up the backpackthat Santa carries to kindergarten. Packing it to kindergarten and hanging it out every day, it teaches self-reliance.


blackboard paint in a children's room zones in the child's room

separate zones in the children's roompreschooler room furniture children's room parenting blog how to separate functional zones in a children's room preschooler's room zone


Due to the frequent construction of complex structures made of blocks or railway tracks, we gave up the soft and fluffy rugthat you know from the previous version of the room.


We decided in the room also stimulate physical activity - for this purpose, we hung it in the middle of the room swing.


hammock for the children's room hammock for children hammock for children hammock children's room hanging chair for a child hammock for children



How to illuminate the play area?


Above all, the play area illuminates us upper light - here we also focused on LED lighting, by mounting a Toshiba LED bulb with a power of 15 W, corresponding to a power of 100 W traditional light bulb!! Not only does it fantastically illuminate the entire room, but also perfectly complements the light in the desk lamp during evening activity at the desk.


night lighting for the child's roomlight in the children's room


Sleeping zone


That's it crib has been with us from the beginning, but in a slightly different version - we dismantled one side and replaced the railing in its place, which prevents Santa from falling out of the cot while sleeping. Next to it a dresser for clothes, where we dress in pajamas every evening, and every morning we choose a kindergarten outfit.
sleeping area for the child


How to illuminate the sleeping zone?


We hung above the cot lamp in the shape of a cloudwhich goes perfectly with our favorite bedding. As standard, the manufacturer equipped the cloud with a white cable, which we replaced with black, so that it "disappeared" on the blackboard wall. We installed in the cloud light bulb - a candle LED Toshiba with the power of 5,5 W and E14 thread (this smaller thread than the regular one marked E27), corresponding to a traditional 40 W bulb. Thanks to this we have light ideal for evening reading before bedtime - so intense that while reading for a quarter of an hour, I do not feel eye strain, and it is gentle enough to put Mikuś into a sleepy mood.


bulb for a night lamp for a child bedside lamp for a child children's bed sleeping area for the child sleeping zone in the child's roomchildren's room bed night lamp


Why did we choose LED light?

When choosing lighting for your home, you can opt for: a traditional bulb, a halogen bulb, an energy-saving fluorescent lamp or an LED bulb.


LED bulbs have an advantage over traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or energy-saving fluorescent lamps, and not just because they provide comfortable light for the eyes (without flickering like energy saving lamps) and uniform (does not cast shadows like traditional bulbs).


What else makes them different?


1. Energy saving

Let's count how much it costs to light a bulb


The cost of lighting an 75 W bulb (assuming 0,6 PLN per kWh) would be annually: 0,6 PLN * 1.155 kh * 75 W = PLN 52

The cost of lighting an LED bulb assuming the equivalent of 75 W is only about 9 PLN.


Shining an LED bulb is 6 times cheaper! while maintaining a similar level of luminous flux (expressed in so-called lumens).


Alternative energy-saving lamps are not as economical as LEDs, because they are only 3 times cheaper to use, and in addition to unpleasant flickering, they also have so-called warming effect. During the first few (-teen) seconds, they consume more energy than during normal operation. During this time, the light they emit does not shine in full power declared on the packaging. Due to this fact, energy-saving fluorescent lamps are not suitable for rooms where the light is often turned on and off, such as a hall or a basement. Additionally, frequent switching on and off shortens their service life.


2. vitality

Let's count how much time the bulb shines


Let's assume that in summer we need to turn on the light at 19 p.m. and turn it off at 00 p.m. (21 hours of work), while in winter we need to turn on the light at 00 p.m. (2 hours of work). Let's assume that we are at home 16 days a year - yes, yes, sometimes you have to do overtime at work, go on vacation or for Christmas at your mother's;).

The bulb is lit: 165 days x 2 hours + 165 days * 5 hours = 1155 hours per year

Toshiba LED lamps have a lifetime of approximately 15 hours, ordinary light bulbs approximately 000 hours. As you can see, opting for an LED bulb, we can count on minimum 13 years of her work! At the time an ordinary light bulb should already be replaced 10-12 times!


3. Security

The LED bulb is plastic, so it won't break like any other bulbs, thus ensuring safety when used, not only by children.


More pluses resulting from the use of LED lighting in your home, you can see here:

You can choose the perfect LED bulbs for your needs here.


PS And it all ends sometimes 😉

sleeping zone child's room cot children's room zones in the children's room children bed
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  • Dominika

    A very cozy arrangement 🙂 The idea with blackboard paint is a bull's eye! I'd better not think of it 😀 My kids are constantly drawn to the walls, we put them with her husband with whatever he wants: furniture, posters, even toys, and it's all for nothing 😀 The kids will find a piece of the wall worth painting with felt-tip pens anyway. We plan to renew the look of the children's room soon and we will certainly use this patent 😀 We have also found many interesting tips on I am already looking forward to the renovation 🙂

  • Dorota

    Hey, how is the swing assembled? my husband tells me that he can't do it with us because the ceiling is thin: ((((

  • 28.06.2019

    I am delighted with your son's peace. Probably not one boy dreams of such a beautiful interior.

    • Emi

      A beautiful room
      I do something similar myself for my son, but it's hard to find a great desk
      Where are you from?

    • Agnieszka Kudela

      Thank you! It's Ikea 😉

  • 02.06.2019

    Mrs. Agnieszka, a really well-decorated room mam I also have similar tastes ... When our Pola grows up, I would like to arrange something like that for her.

  • 22.05.2019

    When arranging a room, we need to think not only about furniture, but also about the play area. The best combination is fun + physical development.

    • ANIA

      Fine. Can you ask for a link to a platform with letters?

    • Agnieszka Kudela

      Oh my, I once saw a recommendation in and I bought it, but unfortunately I don't remember now 🙁

  • Aneta

    Hi. I really like the arrangement of the room. Could you also show the wardrobe and its arrangement from the inside? I am currently at the stage of converting my son's room into a room for two boys and I would like to do it as functionally as possible

  • Kasia

    Good morning, where are the drawers for storing my son's toys. I mean this near the desk.

  • To give

    Ms Agnieszka, is this chair a dimension for adults? I must admit that peace inspired us for our son's peace. We bought eames in the children's version and unfortunately, despite the lowest position of the desk, the chair is too small. I am asking for information, what high chair do you have?

    • 05.03.2018

      Good morning, we also have children's ones, maybe your little one is too small? Will it grow up soon and be perfect? Unfortunately this chair is not adjustable in height, it would be perfect. We bought a low chair in Ikea especially for the transition period.

    • To give

      One more question, a lamp on the desk 🙂 What is the lamp where you can get it?

  • 15.01.2018

    Great blog and at the same time an article on how to arrange a room for a child. Therefore, I have a question, how is the bed for such a child currently working? Greetings ;).

    • 05.03.2018

      Thank you very much! Mikołaj is already 3,5 years old and we are looking for a solution for an older boy, because the size of 120 × 60 is not very comfortable for him anymore - I conclude that he prefers to sleep in the guest room 🙂 I regret that when I bought them he was not in 140 × 70, it would definitely be used longer 🙂

  • Marek

    Where can you buy such a desk lamp?

    • Marek

      Of course, I mean the young one screwed the light bulb 😉

    • 05.03.2018

      This lamp is probably from 20 years and still remembers my desk 🙂 unfortunately I will not help 🙂

  • Magdalena Wieniawska

    And can I know where you can get such a mega coloring book, Santa Claus is in the pictures on the floor? :) these conical pencils also in ikea?

    • 10.09.2017

      The floor coloring is Fisher-Price, and Crayon pencils

  • 11.07.2017

    I really like the idea of ​​blackboard paint! I thought about it myself but I was afraid that the black wall would darken the room too much. Seeing the effect in your case, however, probably will decide 🙂

    • Natalia

      And this chair at the desk where bought? I am looking for something similar

    • Agnieszka Kudela

      Chair with allegro 🙂

  • 05.07.2017

    A beautiful room 🙂 We are in the process of arranging for the three of us ... phew

  • To give

    Where does the desk chair come from? 🙂

    • 05.07.2017

      Found on Allegro.

    • Dominika

      For me, a little room is a dream. Of course, it awakened my imagination. Can I have a seat, please? How to search on the website? What is the height? The son is less than 2 and 87cm so it will be too big for him yet?

  • Aldona

    Hello, I wanted to ask where you bought the alphabet poster ;-)? Regards Aldona

  • Joanna Walaszek

    Lovely room, I like it very much. I have a double bed and plan to change his room. Where was the cot purchased?

    • 06.06.2017

      Thank you Asia. When it comes to the cot, in the picture you can see a 120 × 60 baby cot with the side removed. It is true that they are in the 140 × 70 version, but are you not afraid that the Two-year-old will grow up too quickly? I am already slowly thinking about the bigger ...

    • Joanna Walaszek

      I am asking, because it is partly thinking of the other, because the son did not like the cot from the beginning, so he is not there.

    • 06.06.2017

      ah I understand, well I am also considering moving the cot to the next baby room, and here inserting a larger 🙂 cot is the Moon model from Pinio

    • Joanna Walaszek

      Thank you very much 🙂

  • Aleksandra Maciejewska

    Great room !! 🙂 and swing from ikea ??

    • 06.06.2017

      Thank you Ola, yes, from Ikea 🙂

    • Aleksandra Maciejewska

      Inspired by Mikołaj's room, I began to look for individual elements for us jednak but I can't trace the swing I was asking about. Has it been bought a long time ago, or could I ask for the name of this model? Because I can't think of it 😉

  • 05.06.2017

    The room is wonderful! I like the corner with the desk the most. 😀

  • Wioletta Noszczyk

    Hello, where can I buy such a desk?

    • 05.06.2017

      In Ikea 🙂

    • Justyna Tylak

      This desk is sick. Are you still satisfied after the time of use? 🙂

    • 11.09.2017

      Unfortunately yes 😉

  • Aneta Kwolek

    Is the rocking chair functional? also suitable e.g. for feeding? Swallow's room!

    • 04.06.2017

      This rocking chair is beautiful 😉 and nice for rocking with your baby if rocking calms them down and we don't have the strength to carry it anymore. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it will not work at all for feeding. Unfortunately, it does not offer great support for the back or the head, nor is it safe in the event of a tired mother falling asleep ... I wrote about how to choose a feeding chair here: and this is showing my armchair in the video: - I can't imagine much support and what's more, I used it to the maximum 🙂

  • Bullfight

    Was there a sister. There is an ornament on the shelf with this inscription

    • 04.06.2017

      We're not telling anyone yet 🙂
      various inscriptions are from the abdominal session 🙂

  • Olga

    A beautiful room came out for you! I plan changes for my girls, but I have too many ideas and too little space 😉

    • 04.06.2017

      Thank you 🙂 And with ideas, it's probably always the case that regardless of the amount of space there are always more ideas 😉