How to sew curtains? – DIY or do it yourself

I do not believe in confusion, so during my pregnancy it was a great joy to prepare a room for a child. Especially things that I could have prepared myself. Their list includes curtains for a children’s room, which I decided to sew myself.

I don’t know any tailoring tricks, and Wojtek showed me how to sew on a machine (yes !!!), whom his Grandma showed me some 15 years ago. Our skills are therefore limited to threading and sewing, preferably straight. But this is enough to sew curtains, in fact, you can do without it, but that’s about it at the end.


Shopping list:

  • curtain fabric: I chose the one with a width of 1,60 m, perfect for a single curtain, I needed 2 curtains, the curtain rod hangs 2,5 m high, so I ordered 6 linear meters (5,20 m for curtains, and from the remains I sewed pillowcases for the set)
    Cellar:, Cotton 100% yellow chevron zigzag, price: PLN 18 for 1 meter – 10% discount for a large order, which amounted to PLN 81

yellow yellow chevron zigzag fabric

  • tape for hanging and wrinkling curtains: its length is 310 cm so it was perfect for two curtains of 160 cm each
    Store: Ikea, tape: KRONILL, price: PLN 7,99 for 310 cm

tape for hanging and wrinkling IKEA curtains

  • rim belt to lining (gluing) the curtains, packed by 10m, I needed 5,6m for two curtains, because I put each one twice
    Cellar: IKEA, SY hemming belt, price: 9,99 PLN for 10m

IKEA warm embroidery strap

  • Total expenditure: 98,98 PLN


Sewing accessories needed:

  • high-heeled shoes
  • scissors
  • white thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • iron


DIY or curtains for a children’s room step by step:

1. I asked the manufacturer about the shrinkage of the fabric, it was at the level of a few% so before I started sewing the curtains I washed and ironed

2. I measured and cut the desired length of the material, i.e. the length of the curtains + 2 cm for the top lining + 10 cm for the bottom lining

2. I put a 1 cm material margin along the side and top of the curtain, attached it with pins and ironed it, took out the pins, put it on again 1 cm and pressed again, thanks to which I got rid of the torn side of the fabric and the unevenly cut top

curtains for DIY children's room

3. I pierced the pressed sides and top of the curtains on a sewing machine

how to sew curtains

4. To the top of the curtains I sewed a tape to hang and wrinkle the curtains straight

instructions for sewing curtains

5. I hung the curtains on the rods and measured their height

6. I divided the excess material on the underside of the curtain into two parts and put it on twice, but here I gave up sewing and used a hot hemming strip. It went much faster, it looks very aesthetically pleasing, and nothing happens with the washing either.

Hemming tape ikea shortening curtains

7. Curtains are ready!

zigzag zigzag curtains diy

In fact, the sides and top of the curtains can also be pressed hot using the hemming strap, and the sewing tape can be sewn by hand, so I am sure that such curtains are also available for people who do not have sewing machines.

chevron curtain yellow baby room


How do you like the end result? Do you already want to sew something?


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