Reviews of children

Reviews of children? It means? Well, that’s it: not everything I review on my blog is reviewed by myself. My children are indescribable and indispensable help in reviewing some things – it is for them and for them. My blog grew out of a parenting blog my sons are the main characters of my blog. When we test children’s cosmetics, toys, carriers or prams, their help is indispensable – without them there are no reviews. They help me carry out appropriate tests so that we can together present our opinion about the products or accessories. My children are therefore also reviewers. Check out our family reviews of children and check our opinion about the products you are interested in and make the right choice!

Online English learning for kids

Learning English online is becoming commonplace. In the past, language courses were the most popular among all possible online learning subjects. Now, in the age of a pandemic, distance learning in schools in all subjects is a fact – it is not known how long it will last. Recently we tried out angelic learning online with Santa. How did we do?

Child care – a guide to children’s cosmetics compositions

Children’s skin has many very important functions – it is a protective barrier that protects them from the outside world, regulates its temperature using the function of sweat and is a tool that ensures contact with the world thanks to the sense of touch. How is it worth taking care of the skin from the first days of life so that it performs all its functions in the best possible way? What changes should you make over time as your child grows up? And above all, how to read cosmetics compositions to make good decisions standing in front of the bending store shelf? And this is necessary, because unfortunately on drugstore and pharmacy shelves you will find a whole lot of products containing substances that can cause allergies and other adverse skin reactions.

Download a helpful graphic on your phone, or use my best practices. Or both.

Dubatti One

Choosing a stroller for a child is not as easy as it may seem. Not only the toddler’s comfort and safety are important, but also the comfort of driving the stroller and its functionality. At Maks’s birth, encouraged by positive reviews, we decided on Dubatti One. How did he work with us? Would we recommend it to friends?