Zakopane – targowisko pod Gubałówką

Apart from Giewont, I associate Zakopane with the market place near Gubałówka. As a child, I visited Zakopane almost every year. My dad would buy me a heart, a sheepskin coat or a vest, although I always dreamed of these puppies from Podhale. This is my third trip to Zakopane after the “twenty”, and the market place near Gubałówka awakens the warmest feelings in me.

Oscypecki – not without reason the leading ingredient in our wedding menu – I love it in all its forms, especially warm with cranberries …






I smile when I see that Chinese has not completely supplanted our national, regional craft.



















As a creature who loves simple dresses and expressive accessories, I could not pass by regional jewelry indifferently (of course, it could not be missing at our wedding in the form of decorative elements).







Warning! Warning! We are getting older!

We were looking for a practical souvenir for our wedding, but not another “dust catcher”. A teapot for brewing tea, with the option of heating and personalization – it’s ours!




And you – do you love Zakopane?
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