Children’s room inspired by safari

Children’s room – for safari inspiration – I invite you to the room where Maks lives. Since Maksymilian was three years old, the room had to undergo a metamorphosis to meet the requirements of a preschooler. Welcome to Max’s room!

Safari inspiration for a children’s room for an infant You will find in this postWhereas Maksymilian (serious name obliges), our little-big boy has not used diapers for a long time, so he does not need a changing table. He puts himself in and out of the crib – he does not need a crib with rungs.



What changes have happened?



Safari inspired children’s room for preschooler

The most important change came from the fact that … I really like the rooms decorated tone in tone. I wanted Max’s children’s room, when he was still a baby, he was calm, relaxing before going to sleep, not attacking with a riot of colors from everywhere. I searched a lot of ideas for a children’s room and safari inspirations, but finally I decided to choose both gray furniture and gray walls – in accordance with my beloved tone-on-tone style.


Because tell yourself: how is it usually in children’s rooms? The toys are colorful, motley, often glowing and their mere presence in the room makes it it gains color, even if everything around it is subdued – white, gray or beige.


In addition, our children only play with a few toys at a time, there aren’t that many in the room at all. First of all, they play with blocks suspended in a Play & Go bag on the wall in an older Santa’s room. In one of them there is Lego, in the other there is Duplo, in addition, a bookcase with four shelves, which is standing here, and it’s all the toys in the room.




There were gray walls and gray curtains in the room and I liked it very much then, but after a while I decided that I would like to change something. Today, she would probably not choose this gray color, but repaint it with a warm white that I have in the rest of the house, or some other bright color to make these pieces of furniture stand out nicely. However, painting a room is a dirty job. I would have to remove the furniture, cover everything with foil, remove the curtains, curtain rods, remove the shelves … we didn’t want such a big renovation and just opted for wallpaper.


As soon as I saw this animal wallpaper – it stole my heart. I knew it would fit perfectly into the safari room ..


And I was saying hello to the goose, the wallpaper was bought and suddenly … the coronavirus came. I knew that I do not want to put wallpaper alone with Wojtek and we prefer to rely on a professionalwho will do it faster and better. The waiting time for it made the whole topic of renovation a bit shifted, but I can finally show you the effects!


Look at how great it looks. The animal wallpaper made the whole room come to life and warmed up beautifully.


Where to buy wallpaper?


The wallpaper is Superfresco Easy model SKIN 32-634 wall wallpaper – you will find it in this wallpaper store – and what’s very important, it is on promotion -50%! 




Preschooler’s crib

Oczywiście the side of the cot disappeared, thanks to which a couch was created – because Maksio is already older and he lays down to him and leaves him. However, if you ask me if the three-year-old Maks is sleeping so beautifully and does not fall to the floor … well, no. Of course, we checked it – we just put another mattress or duvet on the ground and it turned out that Maksio fell every night. We decided to install a special one for him, side drawstring for the cribwhich can also be folded flat and then I can lie down next to the baby. With one clip, I can also simply remove the entire side, if there is such a need – for example when Maksio has guests or is just playing. Then you just need to detach it and hide it under the mattress.



Which cot size should you choose?


Max’s cot is 140 × 70. When Mikołaj was his age, he slept in a 120 × 60 cot and he was very dissatisfied – despite the side and rail removed, the cot was too small for him, I heard him bumping against the sides of the bed at night … One evening he made “a man’s decision “And from his own room he moved … to the guest room to sleep on a normal” adult “bed. I knew this was a sign that he needed a new bed.


Maksio fits perfectly into the larger bed, what’s more, I lie down with him, stroke him, hug him, even Dad comes … this couch is really so durable that it will easily serve him for a few more years. So if you were wondering about the choice of a crib today 120 × 60 or 140 × 70, I absolutely recommend the bigger oneas long as you have room for them. My three-year-old fits comfortably in it and will use it for a while, while the two-and-a-half-year-old felt uncomfortable in the smaller bed.



Changing mat

The chest of drawers has ceased to function as a changing table, so we gained space, because after removing the cover on the changing table, the chest of drawers became much shallower. So we decided to change the arrangement of the furniture in the room. Originally, the cot stood next to the radiator, which is a good solution in summer, but not too much in winter. So the cot went to the corner and a chest of drawers took its place. In my opinion, this is not a perfect layout, because I would like there to be greater distances here, but this room is just tiny, it is only 8m2 and not all my dreams can be realized in it, which is why these pieces of furniture are standing next to each other. I would also like there to be more space to play here, but that’s what it is.




We changed the nest swing for a woven bamboo basket. This basket warms the interior nicely and corresponds in color with the inscription “Maksiu”. The inscription with the name also changed its position, previously it hung over the crib, but now we didn’t want to hang it on the wall with wallpaperbecause it wouldn’t be good to put it in, that’s why it hangs on a perpendicular wall.




Te elements of nature – shelves, an inscription in a circle, a wooden board with a burnt giraffe, a swing – they correspond perfectly with animal wallpaper. And as for the swing itself – apart from the fact that kids love to swing on it – I like to sit in this basket when, for example, Maks is already falling asleep, but he wants me to come to him again, although she does not necessarily lie down, just sit and tell him something . I laugh that although the basket is hanging in Max’s room, me and Dad are its main users. I like this swing very much, children like it, the dog likes it. However, the most important difference between this swing and the previous one is that this basket hugs and warms the entire interior.





Being on the topic of hanging ornaments, it is impossible not to refer to the hanging heads of animals. Every now and then I get asked if I don’t think animal heads on the wall are promoting poaching. I think absolutely not, these heads are plush, I don’t hang antlers here. It is also a great opportunity for a conversation where no one suffers – we translate to childrenwe think we have a great safari room but if we want to have one pet heads on the wallit’s just plush, any animal decorations only as long as no animal suffers.


And it works great for us, because when we sometimes go to some Kashubian pub and sit in a hunting room with lots of antlers, my children educate the waitress that they should hang plush heads, because not necessarily skulls with antlers on the walls are attractive . So I believe that we are not hurting anyone, and the children are educated at the same time that hunting wild animals is harmful.




Giraffe lamp – with timer and dimmer

Mega, mega cool thing that I fell in love with, this giraffe-shaped lampthat Maks got as a birthday present. I honestly admit that as a mother I dreamed about this lamp for a long time, I knew it was something great. However, when I ordered it, I did not know yet that … she is controlled by a remote control that can change the light intensity.



I don’t want my kids to sleep with the lights on, but I respect the evening when they fall asleep, they want to keep the lamp on for some time to look at the book, to calm down. And here the lamp comes to the rescue, because I can set a timer in it! The lamp can stay on for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. And it’s so cool, because I tell the kids: “Ok, listen, we’re telling fairy tales for 15 minutes now” – after that the light goes out, and they know that it means that we finish reading and go to sleep. My sons are very fond of these types of rules and routines.


It is also in this lamp dimmer – I can set the minimum light intensity to make it more pleasant for them to fall asleep or cuddle with us, and to tell fairy tales or wear pajamas in the evening, we set the maximum light intensity.


Apart from the undoubted practicality of this lamp, it is also beautiful an ornament from which I am sure that Maks will not grow up for a long time, because he is beautiful and practical. You can see someone put his heart into creating this lamp – it’s handmade, made to order. It was not one of the cheapest, but I am of the opinion that it is really worth waiting for something longer and dreaming about something, and finally be tempted to buy from Polish productionknowing that the shopkeeper is doing his thing work with the heart.


Mikołaj liked the lamp so much that when his younger brother fell asleep, he would sneak up on him and take the giraffe with him  We already have an idea for a birthday gift for him – we are just considering motive – will it be farmhouse or robot.


little lights robot little lights ship



Bookshelf for toys

In the meantime, he hung in Max’s room a simple bookcase made by us for books and toys. The shelves are wooden window sills from Brico Marche, which have curved sides and cut holes for cord. This cord has only a visual function (to match the climate of the room), because the shelves themselves are attached to the wall with triangular brackets. The idea is that gradually, as our son grows, the next boards appear at the top. Maksio is now calmly reaching to each of the shelves, and when it is higher, another shelf will appear. We do not have to worry that he will climb to reach something that is high, beyond his reach.



Favorite wooden toys

Maksio cannot imagine his room without:

wood safari train, wooden shape sorter butterfly-shaped, wooden jigsaw in the shape of a ramp with a hidden car – I’m learning to count, great teddy giraffeshe sleeps with every night, blue wooden rainbow, wood coffee makerwith which he welcomes every day by “brewing” my favorite coffee from wooden capsules.


I made a mistake in arranging Santa’s room, hiding all the things he wasn’t supposed to have easy access to (paints, play-dough …) high, out of his reach. Exactly – it was beyond his reach, so my child used to build stairs from toys and boxes and climbed to get to these forbidden, secret drawers. Now learning from my mistakes all the bugs in Maks’s room are at his height, the height of a three-year-old.


Thanks to this solution, we also have a nice Montessorian, a safe piece of furniture at a low cost, which additionally – thanks to the empty space above it – does not overwhelm an already tiny room. For now, there is a monkey hanging on the remaining rope … like in a real jungle!






When Maks did not have free access to the cot yet, there was a play mat in the corner by the wardrobe, where he could rest or play. Now the mat has disappeared and a comfortable pouffe has taken its place, where Maks really likes to look at books or practice mindfulness – like Mom. wicker elephant we keep wooden blocks. We have replaced the pictures in frames on the wall in this corner with practical shelves for books.



We still do too carpet – zebra and hanging on the wall wings with prayerthat remind children to find a moment to talk to God every day and to be grateful for what the day has brought.



All running clothes (except for shirts hanging in the wardrobe at the moment) fit in a spacious chest of drawers, and I keep all off-season things in the wardrobe, as well as too big things from Santa or too small from Maks, which I have to lend to my friends. I also keep spare bedding there, or occasionally used children’s equipment such as an inhaler, sleeping bag or holiday blankets.



This is how it looks like Max’s room in all its glory. However, this is certainly not the end of changes, because in 3 years we will have a desk that will probably stand under the window, thus the chest of drawers will change its place to make it for a bed.


But at the moment, 150% of the preschooler’s safari room meets the needs of not only Maks, but also our whole family.

The post featured:


cot – Kidsmill Newport II – Muppetshop
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wardrobe – Kidsmill Newport II – Muppetshop
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zebra pillow – Quax, Muppetshop 
zebra rug – Quax, Muppetshop
gray quilted bed cover – Mom can
a bag for toys, giraffe underwear a – Farm Living, Muppetshop
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seeing flower pot – Ravel
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rhinoceros head on the wall – H & M Home
“Maks” inscription on the wall in a circle – CortenDesign


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Wooden Butterfly Shape Sorter – Janod
Wooden puzzle – I’m learning to count – Car ramp – Janod
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Teddy monkey – orangutan – IKEA
Wooden rainbow – Tublu
Wooden coffee maker – Tublu

What do you like the most about the children’s room and safari inspiration?

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