How to organize your first birthday?

how to organize a child's birthday

Mikołaj's first birthday is fast approaching. It's good that I did a survey on the blog, because first of all I know that the topic of organizing a party for children interests you very much, and you made me realize that I really have little time for everything and it's high time to start planning and organizing.


Are we planning a device room or children's corner, we complete layette or party, the most important is a good plan.


1. Colors and theme

It is thanks to consistent colors that everything will be harmonious, we will avoid buying unnecessary things, and all this will also look beautiful in the photos, which cannot be missing from this important day. How do you choose a theme? I believe that there is no point in making our childhood dreams come true if our child already has targeted interests. So let's ask ourselves the question: what does our child like the most?
Post about ideas for birthday themes you will find here.


2. guest list

It is on its basis that we will know where to organize a party (at home, in the garden, with our parents, who, for example, have more space or maybe in a restaurant).


3. Menu

Since we have a guest list, we can measure our strength on intentions. We have quite a large team of 5 children + 10 parents + grandparents, so I will skip cooking dinner for everyone, after all, we do not want to spend the whole day in the kitchen! We will not decide on any restaurant, and it will be too cold for a party in the garden, so we will organize the party at our home. Hence I know that we will serve our guests a cake and small snacks.


4. Party time

We know the menu, so now we know what time to invite guests. When not serving dinner, we should not invite guests at a typical lunch time. So we are initially planning our party at 16:00 PM. It is important that this time is adapted to the activity of our child and should not fall, for example, during a nap or in the afternoon whining phase.


5. Invitations

Since we already know everything about our party, we can prepare invitations. We can order them in a professional printing house or make them yourself. You know that I love DIY projects so I will definitely make ours myself.
You can find a post about our invitations here.


6. Accessories, decorations, gadgets, attractions

We have colors and theme, guest list and menu, so we can order or make accessories, decorations and gadgets such as balloons, paper plates, hats, streamers and banners for the right number of people.
Post about decorations and attractions on our birthdays you will find here.


And now I get to work and start searching based on the above points. Of course, I will keep you updated on everything!


And what subpoint of your birthday organization are you most interested in?


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  • Anna

    We have a birthday party without helium balloons 🙂

  • 04.06.2020

    The first birthday is an amazing adventure. It was then that I discovered that in addition to the skills I already know, I can also be a decorator 😉

  • 04.06.2020

    We usually had birthdays in the park with our first child. Birthdays in the middle of summer so it's a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity 🙂 Daughter chose the month of February to join our family. It is not so easy here. It's not enough to count on nice weather, a few blankets and balloons. The first 2 years were at home. Now we prefer to rent a small room and celebrate with our closest friends.

  • Iza

    Very interesting entry, thanks to which you can organize a perfect birthday. I'm also curious what ideas do you have for your birthday in the summer garden. Well, my son in August ends 7 so I'm already wondering what to prepare. I definitely know that I would like to rent an inflatable slide for children. I wonder if anyone generally rents such things.

  • 26.11.2018

    Great advice, I will definitely use 🙂

  • Marta Macqueen

    I wonder what snacks you prepared? 🙂

  • 07.09.2015

    The first birthday was a pikuś, each subsequent one was an attempt to meet the expectations of Tosia, Mickey Mouse accompanied us twice, now she has chosen Ice Land. Birthdays on Saturday :) It will happen :)

  • cosmomama

    Super post 🙂 We are organizing our first birthday in December, but maybe as soon as I plan everything, it will be as I would like, not just at the last minute. I look forward to the next posts 🙂

  • 02.09.2015

    I always admire people who want to organize such a party at home 🙂 I chose a pub, due to the fact that my in-laws go to us for two hours and otherwise it would be pale. But I did my second birthday differently - in the garden, in the grill and in Hawaiian 🙂 Because the little girl had a phase for "snack" and Lilo of course 😉

    • 02.09.2015

      In our family, all family events except large weddings are organized at home, probably I have never been to birthdays, communions or baptisms in a restaurant 😉 once or twice someone ordered catering, but also home. Hawaiian style Lilo and Sticz! Wow! I'd like to see that!!!

    • 02.09.2015

      I think everyone has become comfortable 😉 And for viewing I invite you to see my child, there is a birthday post in June committed 🙂

    • Jola

      Marta, for me it is also a challenge and a party at home is "abstract". Not even because we don't have room, but because "I prefer to come ready". For me, the real trouble came when my daughter turned 9 years old. Too big for "balls", too small for bowling. I won't take it for laser paintball. I have a few ideas, but maybe someone will suggest something?

    • 31.03.2016

      Recently, I was at a birthday party in the ropes course - there were two routes - one for kids and the other for older ones, and it was great 🙂 of course, all the snacks and drinks.