Summer menu for babies and allergy sufferers – without milk and eggs

You know very well that I care very much for healthy nutrition for my whole family, especially its youngest members. What does an example baby menu look like?

I love quick and easy solutions, but we prepare food for my children. I am not a complete opponent of ready-made baby jars – at least not all of them, but if I have the opportunity to prepare fresh dishes or jars with wholesome meals for later, why shouldn’t I use it? Today I will share with you some proven recipes – here is the menu for allergy sufferers: it does not contain milk or eggs.

Breakfast – Nutritious spelled porridge with fruit


– bio spelled porridge

– bananas and strawberries or roasted apples


You can replace seasonal fruit all year round with, for example, boiled apples – cook 2 kilograms immediately and close in jars, it will last you for many days of quick cooking. My children like this version of porridge the most.


1. I pour 4 / 5 into a pot of water and 6 scoops or 4 heaped spoons of organic spelled


2. I bring the porridge to a boil, stirring constantly and cook 3 minutes on very low heat, stirring constantly.


3. In the meantime, I am preparing fruit to add to the porridge – today strawberries and bananas.


4. My children like cereal with fruit in the form of mousse the most, which is why I mix cooked porridge with fruit until smooth.


5. A delicious and nutritious breakfast for 4 and the baby are ready!


6. I add elderberry syrup to Santa – perfect for strengthening immunity throughout the year, and also very helpful with colds.


7. I pack the surplus in a container and put it in the fridge – thanks to this I have a quick snack that is ready to be heated or eaten cold if you like.


The version with boiled apples – even faster, because I always have the cooked apple mousse in the fridge in a jar:


Second breakfast – vegetable fries


Carrot, potato, sweet potato, beetroot, celery or whatever I have on hand.


I heat the oven to 180 degrees.


In the meantime, I cut the vegetables at hand into long and narrow bars – such as French fries or slightly thicker, depending on how soft the vegetables are. And so I cut ordinary potatoes traditionally, sweet potatoes twice as thick, and beetroots and carrots somewhere in the middle.


I put vegetables in a bowl along with coconut oil, in summer it is completely liquid in my cabinet, so it is easy to mix with vegetables. I put the mixed vegetables on the oven tray, which I had previously lined with baking paper.


I bake about 40 minutes. Ready! It can be said that the second breakfast does the same.



Lunch – Vegetable mix with organic chicken



1 carrot

1 potato

1 beetroot

1 / 2 kohlrabi

1 / 2 sweet potato

1 / 3 organic chicken breasts


I write intentionally about vegetables with chicken, not about chicken with vegetables, because in the first year of life 10g meat a day in the diet is the right amount, so we can imagine a tablespoon of meat. In the second year of life, this number doubles.


I always use seasonal vegetables to cook dinner, which I have on hand. Today it will be potato, sweet potato, beetroot, kohlrabi, carrots and chicken meat. I try to buy all these products organic, while in the case of meat I never make exceptions. Unfortunately, organic certified chicken, which says that it was fed without GMOs and did not receive antibiotics, is still difficult to access. That is why I order a larger quantity in a store, portion and freeze, thanks to which I always have organic meat in the freezer.


I would only buy vegetables in an ideal world, but I can’t always afford it temporarily (in the city it is only twice a week), so I often buy them in a regular shop in the eco department, and if I succeed, I go to special eco-bid and buy in store. All of the above vegetables can lie in the fridge for quite a long time.


Did you know that not all vegetables are worth buying organic? Some are structured in such a way that harmful pesticides do not penetrate inside – for example, we can eat sweet potatoes and avocados without fear. Unfortunately, such popular potatoes and celery are vegetables most contaminated with pesticides and it is worth buying them in an eco version or preferably an organic one. I will prepare a separate material about it and show you how vegetables and fruits can also be cleaned well.


1. I defrost meat – did you know that we should not defrost any food at room temperature? Ideally, the meat would be defrosted in the refrigerator – take it out the day before and put it in a container on the shelf. If I have completely forgotten it, I steam-defrost the meat in my Babycook. All you have to do is place a piece of meat in the basket in the pan, pour water (level 2) into the device and in a few minutes the meat is ready for further cooking. Unfortunately, such intuitive room temperature defrosting promotes the growth of bacteria.


2. In the meantime I peel vegetables and cut into small pieces.


3. I already have thawed meat, so I steam it together with the vegetables.

You can use any pot with a steamer attachment, I use Babycook, into which I pour water for steaming (3 level), put vegetables and meat in the basket and turn it on. When the cooking is finished (several minutes), a sound signal will inform me.


4. When steaming is over, I decide whether I will give my dinner to Maks as BLW or in a mixed version – here I decide based on how much time I have available. It is impossible to hide, but such a Toddler at lunch in the BLW version gives me a great cleaning, which is why I often leave such a meal for dinner, when we can enjoy food and getting to know it.


That’s why I usually toss cooked vegetables and meat from the basket into a dish to blend them – as you can see, I don’t pour out the steam water I used to cook on – it contains a lot of valuable nutrients, so I just add vegetables and meat inside and mix. However, I do not mix until some kind of smooth mass is obtained, any lumps and structures are welcome.


5. Again, I put the excess vegetables into containers – I use the ones with a special scale, thanks to which I can see immediately how many portions of lunch I have – and put them in the fridge on the next day or in the freezer, and usually I prepare so much food that I have it the next day, and I freeze for the days when we’re completely busy. Then I throw the frozen portion of dinner into the Babycook for a few minutes and in a moment I have a warm dinner ready.



Millet dessert with raspberry mousse


– millet 5 tbsp

– 150 ml of water for cooking porridge

– coconut oil

– 130 ml of coconut milk

– raspberries

– chia seeds


1. Rinse millet generously under cold water, and then pour boiling water.


2. Steaming millet in the Babycook – you can also cook it in a pot.

I pour water into the container for steaming water (level 3).


Pour the washed porridge into a porridge cooking container and add approximately 150 ml of water.


I put a basket with groats and water in the container.


I close the lid and start cooking – the process will take several minutes.


3. When the porridge is cooked, I pour it into the main container.


4. I add 130 ml of coconut milk (pay attention to the composition and choose only those that contain only: coconut, eg 60% and water – no guar gum or emulsifiers are needed there.


5. I mix millet with coconut milk to a fairly smooth mass (it is never perfectly smooth with millet).


6. I put the millet mousse in the dishes.


7. I mix raspberries on fruit mousse and pour it on millet mousse. I often add soaked chia seeds to raspberries.


8. I keep the excess mousse in the refrigerator and use it the next day – for example for the morning porridge.


Dinner – BLW steamed vegetables


– broccoli

– carrot

– cauliflower


1. I wash and peel vegetables, steam as well as dinner products. I serve on the BLW mat for independent eating.


All right, Mama, have you taken the pictures yet?

Finally, I can add my favorite chili sauce 



I try to teach the child independencealso in eating, but when we have to leave the house as four in the morning, it is not necessarily the perfect time to learn how to eat porridge with strawberries on our own, so I feed Maks without any remorse, and in the evening and on weekends I try to find time to eat and study. I just can’t always afford to clean such a mess, vacuum and mop the floor, and sometimes take a bath and remove stains – and it was just vegetables! No sauces or mousses.



We try to prepare all meals that our children eat at home, we do not use semi-finished products or ready-made jars. We prepare most of the dishes for 2-3 days, and even freeze them, so that we can use ready-made, home-made solutions for an intensive time – we can leave the dinner to defrost in the refrigerator the day before, so that heating it takes as much as heating a purchased jar, and in the version for forgetful ones – defrost and reheat, for example in a Babycook.


This does not mean that we never use jars, it happens to us at the peak of family and professional activity, so I will also prepare a post in which I will write you what to look for when choosing a jar and how to choose the best.


Our friend helps me to invent dishes, dietitian – Ania Rogalska-Bućkowhich “chases me” beautifully, when sometimes there are too many sweet fruits and not enough vegetables, and motivates me to eat 2 fruit and 3 vegetable meals, not the other way around, to develop appropriate eating habits in children today.


I can see how much it pays off today in Mikołaj, who chooses healthy products himself, avoids sweets, because he simply has no habit of eating them (except for the birthday cake and sorbets since this year), because we have never served or eaten them. them with him. Here, the allergy played a huge role – for almost 4 years, Mikołaj could not eat products containing milk (most sweets) and food chemicals, and in order to strengthen his intestines, we were very careful about a healthy, strengthening diet, at the same time developing very strong eating habits in him. – today a day without cereals and apples is a wasted day. That is why today we appreciate this allergy that has affected and changed our whole family for the better. There is no bad thing 


And what are your favorite summer dishes?

We’ll be happy to try something new.


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