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Choosing a stroller for our child is one of those decisions that for every young mother becomes a symbol of the beginning of a new, adventurous chapter. Stroller it’s not just a vehicle – it’s ours a companion on everyday trips, a silent witness of the baby’s first discoveries and an invaluable help in dynamic family life. When we walk with our child, we want to ensure not only safety, but also comfort and the opportunity to discover the world together. Therefore, choosing the right stroller becomes more than just a simple purchase – it investing in the quality of our moments together and supporting the development of our childreny. This time we had the opportunity to test the Easywalker Jackey stroller. How has it worked in our family?

Easywalker Jackey – stroller test


The Easywalker Jackey stroller is a great option for modern parents who… they are looking for a comfortable and stylish solution for everyday walks with a child and a stroller perfect for family traveling. Is characterised by lightness and ease of driving, which makes it perfect for a dynamic lifestyle. Its unique design allows for comfortable use. It is very light and agile, both for babies and older children up to 22 kilograms – so my 6-year-old could still ride it! This is a great investment for the long term.


Easywalker Jackey it is also distinguished by its practicalityOne-handed folding possible and clever solutions such as car seat adapters, which are rare in this type of stroller, make it extremely functional in various situations – from everyday shopping to long journeys. Additionally, its elegant design and high-quality materials guarantee that the stroller looks great fashionable and stylish.


This stroller also offers a high level of safety and comfort for the child, which is crucial for every parent. A large, adjustable hood and a comfortable seat provide protection and comfort during walks, regardless of the weather. Therefore, the Easywalker Jackey is an excellent choice for families who value a combination of functionality, style and comfort.


Easywalker Jackey – dimensions


The dimensions of the Easywalker Jackey stroller are carefully considered to ensure a balance between spaciousness for the child and practicality for the parent. Although the stroller is not small enough to fit in a standard airplane cargo hold, its size perfectly suits the needs of traveling families. My own practice is to use a special carry bag that I check in upon boarding. Depending on the airline, I collect the stroller directly at the plane or in the baggage claim area. The transport bag included in the stroller set is an additional advantage – not only protects the stroller during a flight or train journey, but its convenient design with wheels makes it possible easy movement around the airport without having to carry a stroller. Thanks to this solution, traveling with Easywalker Jackey becomes much easier and more comfortable, which is especially important for parents traveling with small children.


Easywalker Jackey – folding


Folding the Easywalker Jackey stroller is pure pleasure and convenience, especially for parents who often have to deal with many things at once. The stroller has been designed to make life as easy as possible for parents, which can be seen in its one-handed folding mechanism. The lack of a double handle, typical for umbrellas, makes… operating it with one hand is incredibly easy and intuitive.


Easywalker Jackey stroller review


Once the stroller is assembled, it releases characteristic “click” sound, which is a signal that it has been properly secured and ready for transport. This feature is especially useful when We hold a baby on our hip and need to quickly fold the stroller with the other hand. We can then easily lift it by the handle and put it in the trunk of the car without having to put the baby down. This practicality and intuitiveness of use make Easywalker Jackey an ideal choice for parents who value convenience and speed of operation in everyday busy life.



Easywalker Jackey stroller folding stroller opinions


Easywalker Jackey – handle


Easywalker Jackey stroller handle at a constant height, but thanks to the inclined structure of the stroller, neither a shorter nor a taller person has any problems with, among other things, the effect of kicking into the frame of the stroller. It also houses the folding mechanism, activated with one hand.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller and telescopic handle



Easywalker Jackey – hood


Shed The Easywalker Jackey stroller is quite spacious, taking into account the compact dimensions and lightness of the entire stroller. It has a zipper that allows it to be enlarged.

The canopy provides quite good protection for the child both from the sun and rain. In fact, the size of the canopy to be even larger is the only thing I would change in this stroller. What’s more, the booth’s equipment includes: two ventilation windows it is extremely practical, especially on hot days, ensuring adequate air flow and thermal comfort for the baby.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller and large hood

Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller, large hood

Easywalker Jackey stroller review opinions


The design of the stroller also allows you to unfasten the hood when the child is lying flat so that you can have eye contact or look at the sleeping child.


Easywalker Jackey stroller review opinions


Ventilation window hidden in the back of the stroller, especially on hot days, allows a constant flow of fresh air to prevent overheating.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller, vents


Easywalker Jackey – adjustment of the stroller’s backrest


The backrest of the stroller can be smoothly adjusted using a strap, which allows you to stop it at any level, adjusting the position to the child’s needs and comfort.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, adjustable backrest

Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller backrest adjustment


Easywalker Jackey – seat belts and headband


Easywalker Jackey is equipped with five-point seat belts with protectors. They are very easy to remove and wash, which is extremely practical in keeping clean, especially when snacks or drinks are involved. This feature allows you to quickly and effectively refresh the stroller, without the need to wash the entire belts.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller and belts


The stroller is also equipped with a baby bar, which can be very conveniently detached both on one side and on both sides – personally, I wouldn’t choose it
a stroller without a handle, I like to attach a water bottle or toys to it.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, baby stroller


Easywalker Jackey – adjustable footrest


The Easywalker Jackey stroller offers a unique feature adjustable footrest, which is especially important for the child’s comfort. For babies, it is possible to extend the lying surface, which provides greater comfort and adequate support for the child’s developing body. This feature allows the stroller to adapt to the growing baby, providing it with optimal conditions at every stage of development.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, adjustable footrest

Easywalker Jackey stroller, adjustable footrest


Easywalker Jackey – wheels


The front wheels are swivel, which ensures exceptional maneuverability and ease of maneuvering, even in crowded urban spaces. Additionally, it is possible to lock them for straight driving, which is useful on a more even surface. It is an excellent complement to the structure shock absorption system used on all four wheels. Thanks to this, even when driving on bumpy sidewalks or cobblestones, such as those we had the opportunity to test during our walks in Barcelona, ​​the stroller remained stable and provided the child with a comfortable ride.


Easywalker Jackey stroller with wheels


Easywalker Jackey – adapters


One of the most innovative features of the Easywalker Jackie stroller is its Compatibility with car seats using practical adapters (sold separately). This functionality makes the stroller an invaluable solution for traveling families. When we plan to fly by plane, the ability to mount the car seat on a stroller and register it as two-piece luggage is a real advantage. game changer. Thanks to this, after landing, we have an additional safety option for our child, a much lower cost of renting a car without a car seat, and convenience in moving around the airport. This solution eliminates the need to carry additional luggage, which is a huge convenience, especially during family trips.


Easywalker Jackey stroller and adapters



Easywalker Jackey – shopping basket


Another aspect that makes Easywalker Jackey stand out is his spacious and practical shopping basket. Designed with parents’ needs in mind, this basket can accommodate cargo up to 5 kg, which is more than enough for everyday shopping or necessary accessories for the child. The unique design of the basket with the ability to tilt the frame makes it easier to insert and remove items, making it an extremely functional element of the stroller. It can be easily adapted to your needs, both during shopping and everyday walks.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, shopping basket


Easywalker Jackey – brake

The foot brake is activated by pressing it, but it is released by pulling the brake up – I don’t like this form because, especially during summer walks in delicate shoes, sandals or just barefoot, unlocking the hauler is not convenient.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller, brake


Easywalker Jackey – weight

One of the key advantages of the Easywalker Jackie stroller is its weight – only 7,5 kg, which is impressive considering the rich equipment and functionality of this model. The lightness of the stroller makes it much easier to carry and transport, which is especially important for parents who travel frequently or residents of multi-story buildings. However, this low weight does not affect the stability or durability of the stroller, which proves the high quality of workmanship and well-thought-out design.


Easywalker Jackey stroller, stroller and scale

An additional advantage that makes traveling easier is that they are attached to the stroller rain cover and transport bag. These accessories provide additional protection for your stroller when traveling, whether by plane or train. They protect the stroller against damage, dirt and unfavorable weather conditions.


Easywalker Jackey – test summary

The Easywalker Jackey stroller is an excellent choice for parents who value a combination of style, functionality and comfort. His lightness, easy to fold and practical car seat adapters make it a stroller perfectly suited to the needs of modern families. Large, functional shopping basket, beautiful color palette, airy ventilation holes and elegant eco-leather upholstery on the headband for the child and parents are just some of the features that distinguish this model from others.


Easywalker Jackey stroller review opinions

The only things I would personally change are the way of unlocking the brake and the size of the hood – although the current one is large and offers quite good protection against sun and rain, a slightly larger canopy could provide even better protection and comfort for the child in various weather conditions.


However, in the class of light strollers – its convenient one-handed folding, flat folding of the seat, a huge shopping basket with easy access and this wonderful one-handed folding – even when holding a child on the hip and the included accessories make it one of the best strollers in its class, personally I think it’s also one of the prettiest.


Family photos taken by: Paula Romanowska Photography


The post was created as part of ambassadorial cooperation with the brand Easy Walker

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