The most common mistakes when organizing a wedding – Expert in Dzień Dobry TVN – watch the episode

Najczęściej popełniane błędy w organizacji wesela

On my way to a family holiday in Międzyzdroje, the production called me Good morning TVN asking what are the most common mistakes made by young couples when organizing a wedding – one of my favorites, sharing tips on how to avoid them.

I love sharing the knowledge and experience gained over 13 years of running the Wytwórnia Ślubów wedding agency and 8 years sharing knowledge about how to become a wedding planner and be successful in my career Academy of Wedding Studios – these are extraordinary opportunities that make it possible turn mistakes into lessons, and if I can still take advantage of the huge viewership of breakfast television and take wedding education further – here I am 


This time I sat down in the sofa corner with… Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop, and the next two entries were from Robert Stockinger – a wonderful journalistic trio, see for yourself.


Agnieszka Kudela, a wedding planner on Dzień Dobry TVN, talks about the most common mistakes in organizing weddings.


You can now watch the full episode, and here I have a few more photos from the studio for you.


Take the elevator to the top floor to the studio – in sneakers and minimalist make-up, of course.


The eternal question when going to TV – should you do your makeup yourself or leave it to professionals? It once happened to me that there was such a delay in the studio that we had 8 minutes for makeup, since then I have been doing my own make-up in the mini version and on the spot I only ask for a beautiful eye and contouring 🙂



The makeup is ready, just one more thing I will change my sneakers for my favorite high heels



And here I am 🙂



I’m waiting for my entrance and this is the view from the couch of the kitchen studio, where I feel like most of what’s going on behind the scenes 



Juhu! My favorite moment is when I am receiving these photos from your TVs and so many nice words!


This time except 3 times I went on the air, I was a chat expert, so I spent the entire episode there, but there is such a wonderful atmosphere that I spent the entire morning there with great pleasure.




And then I was lucky enough to go on birthday brunch with wonderful Magdalena Mizera – wedding photographer and our court family and business photographer – Magda has been responsible for about 50% of our professional photos for years and it was impossible, and she is such a sensitive and wonderful person that there was probably no way for this invisible thread of communication between us not to be established. Thank you, Madzia <3




And finally, Złote Tarasy – as if Massimo Dutti wasn’t in Gdynia , it is When you go away (and without children), shopping tastes better : )



Thank you for this journey together and see you soon!


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