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There is probably a high chair on your lay list. What to look for when choosing a high chair? Which choose?

For a long time I could not write this post because it is difficult to compare two so different products that only have a common name. Everything else is absolutely different: functionality, materials used for execution, as well as the price.

We have two high chairs: Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3 i IKEA ANTILOP with a tray and an inflatable pillow. Which one is better?

Let the following table help us in answering this difficult question:

peg perego prima pappa zero3 ikea antilop highchair

High chair:PegPerego Prima Pappa Zero3IKEA ANTILOP
Since when:since birthsince the child sits separately
which is about 5-7 months
Height adjustment:yes, 6 heightNone
Backrest adjustment:yes, 5 itemsNone
Headrest, head rest:sonie
Footrest adjustment:so-
from which the seat is made:
PVC leatherplastic,
you can buy an inflatable polyester pillow
colors:beige, orange, red,
green, turquoise, black
white (red is no longer on sale)
tray:two-pieceone piece
Tray removal:easyhard
Seatbelts:5 point3 point
Easy to clean:averagevery big
Moving wheels:yes twoNone
Quick fold to save space:sonie
Price:509 zł68,99 zł
= 39 PLN chair + PLN 10 tray
+ pillow and pillowcase 19,99 PLN

chair Peg Perego it serves us primarily to spend time together. We bought them when Santa was 3 months and he was so curious about the world that he did not want to lie on the floor or a low swing / lounger for too long, because he could not observe the world that was interesting to him. I remember when he was about 2 months old and he always calmed down when we put him on the changing table - he was high, close to us, smiling, happy and interested, although a minute earlier he was very angry in the crib or on the deckchair.

Then I decided to go to the store and choose a high feeding chair folded almost flat, suitable for such a baby. We were thinking between Peg Perego Prima Pappa ZERO 3 and Chicco Polly Magic 3w1. The decision was very difficult, but ultimately we were convinced by the lower weight of Peg Perego (sometimes we used it downstairs in the kitchen, and sometimes upstairs in the room), its greater stability and the fact that when unfolding it does not behave like a bucket, it only spreads out giving a really comfortable position for such little ones.

Although at home we already had the ANTILOP highchair from IKEA I knew that we would need a different solution for a few more months. I really wanted Santa to accompany me, for example, when I am getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, how I cook or when we eat dinner at the table. And I'm so glad that I bought them, this chair was a bull's eye! Suddenly I was able to cook dinner during the day with my baby, who is interested and closely watching everything I do, we spent many hours in the kitchen singing songs, laughing, we could "sit" with the whole family at one table. Despite the high price, I think it was worth it. My only regret was that I bought them so late.

When Miki began his adventure with expanding his diet, when he was 6 months old, it turned out that it was a very dirty matter and that at this stage of learning to eat The PegPerego seat was worse because it turned out to be quite difficult to keep clean. The blended carrots fell into the recesses of the car seat, which, although it had a completely washable surface (eco-leather) required quite a long cleaning after each feeding. Then I decided transplant Santa into the IKEA car seat while feeding. It is smaller, which makes it more convenient 01 for independent eating and ideal for washing. I've even put him in the shower!

My advice? Of course, as I always emphasize, it all depends on your limitations. If you are heavily limited by finances, I recommend a highchair from IKEA, which, however, will only be useful for you from about 6 months. If you are at the stage of choosing a bouncer for a child, I recommend that you add and buy a Peg Perego seat, to which we mounted a toy bar and served as a bouncer, and then you will additionally use it as a feeding chair. If your little one is already sitting alone or will soon be there, I also recommend you a highchair from Ikea - we have not used the backrest tilt function for a long time, maybe you will miss a footrest, but you can "add extra" to it yourself. And if you are not too limited by the budget or the place at home, I recommend you to have these two chairs, especially if, like us, you live on two levels. We have one in the bathroom, and Miki and I spend mornings together.

Let me know which high chair you would choose? In the comments, please write about other car seats that have worked for you - they will definitely be valuable advice for parents reading us.

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