Parent’s bedroom with a children’s corner

This year, already coming to an end, was supposed to be a period of great changes for our family, because in 2021 we decided to build a house, which fortunately did not start. Why fortunately? Over the past few months, the world around us has changed a lot and it has no intention of slowing down even for a moment…


That’s why I’m grateful that we still live in the same place, which is a sanctuary of peace for us during such a crazy period. Of course, I still dream of a beautiful house with a larger garden, but now peace and a sense of security are the most important for me.


However, despite postponing the construction in time, I decided not to put my dreams aside completely. So I made some small changes to our current home to better suit our needs.


Old bedroom, new effect


Over the last few years, there has not been a month without us going somewhere to a hotel or a holiday home, even for the weekend. For a long time, Wojtek and I have known what attracts us to such places the most…


There is no doubt that it is order. There are no things on top that need to be kept in order. Therefore, we decided to expand our PAX wardrobe and cover more shelves with doors to organize the storage space even better and hide what creates visual chaos in plain sight.



The lighting in the bedroom has a huge impact on our mood

We decided to replace our bedside lamps with more stylish, on adjustable arms, and in addition with dimmers – we chose Larry wall lamps by Markslöjd in black with brass accessories. Previously, with children, we had to have separate lighting for reading, changing diapers at night or a separate lamp for sleeping for the child – now everything is replaced by one lamp. It is a great space saving, visual order, but also great functionality. And in the end, we don’t argue about who turned on the bright light and woke the baby.



New sconces combined with large stucco windows remind me of the charm of old French tenement houses.




Capacious drawers mean less stuff on top

After years, we replaced our very worn out ones bedside tables from Ikea to beautiful mango wood furniture. We ordered them online, although at first the lack of guides was annoying, but today I really appreciate their unique form and the fact that these drawers are so capacious and thanks to them I can minimize the clutter on the bedside table top. They fit my cosmetics, cables and chargers, and even a book and a handy first aid kit, and with the style they create a color pair and a very harmonious duo.



Our mattress was replaced after eight years

I wasn’t sure if changing the mattress would have a decisive impact on the quality of our sleep, but apparently I had no idea how much it can change the comfort of sleep. We have been looking for a mattress for a long time, which will not be a total compromise due to my and Wojtek’s different weights – I weigh about 60 kg, and Wojtek 100 kg, which in order to provide our spines with adequate support during sleep we should have opted for two separate mattresses which was unthinkable for us.



Fortunately, the Polish company PlantPur came to our aid and suggested that we tested their ecological mattresses. We learned that the company launched dual-zone mattress optionsso I have my zone up to my weight of 60 kg and Wojtek has his zone up to his weight of 100 kg, all hidden in one mattress. The differences are not noticeable or visible to the eye, and the mattress itself is very high, thanks to which our bed has gained an even more continental character.



This is also a very useful feature not only with a small child, but also in a situation when I had a C-section and each getting up from a low bed was associated with a lot of pain for me, which is now absolutely minimized.


An added bonus is built-in mattress topperwhich, thanks to the zipper, can be unfastened with a few hand movements – it is a great invention for children, because the mattress is suitable for washing much more often than it used to be, and removing and washing the entire cover from an ordinary mattress for one person is not so easy.


Our bed has become a playground, a place to cuddle with children in the evening, read books, watch family movies, and on weekends just the perfect place to spend time with the whole family.


The dot over the “i” was put by Florka’s stucco work and cot


We glued stucco above the bed and on the perpendicular wall. We repeated here the stucco layout and moldings that we have in the living room, hall and daughter’s room, thanks to which our house becomes cohesive, despite the fact that the rooms have different functions and are kept in a slightly different style.


A cot that grows with your child

Undoubtedly, the environment around our bed has also changed, because the console was replaced by Florentynka’s cot, and three fabric balloons hung above it to emphasize the childlike character. The decoration made in a minimalist style does not overload either the colors or the form of our bedroom.


The cot we chose is Shnuggle Air side bed (it is currently on sale -50%!) has an amazing function – with the help of purchased accessories, we can enlarge it to the classic dimensions of 60×120, thanks to which Florka will be able to sleep in it until she is two years old.


That’s it cot and extra bed for parents 2in1 – thanks to the detachable side and adjustable height, we can perfectly adjust and attach them to the parents’ bed to ensure safe co-sleeping.



Very we like high-quality furniture that “grows with the child” and they allow you not to exchange things so often, and they are also easy to sell or circulate among family or friends.


I know perfectly well how big a problem it is for the baby to spin and turn during sleep, which causes the rungs to hit in a traditional cot, but the space where the baby sleeps is made of material and mesh elements, so for parents who value comfortable sleep without additional rung protectors, this cot is an absolute Must Have.


Mix and Match atmosphere in the bedroom

Our console did not move too far after inserting the cot. It replaced my dressing table where I paint. The drawers hold a lot more cosmetics, and there is still plenty of space to store other things. I also think it fits better here giving this corner a less cool atmosphere. It brings a lot of warmth to our room, kept in whites and greys, and precisely the Mix and Match type of atmosphere, which I love in interiors, because these are interiors that are not obvious, and the furniture does not come from one collection, but is more or less skilfully combined, creating a unique style that describes a given family.



Following this lead, when an additional chair for a Florentyna took up residence in our dining room, the dining chair found a new place right next to this console.


When our tastes change, thanks to the mix of furniture in different styles, we do not have to replace the entire room. We can play with the stylization of individual elements, changing their upholstery or moving them between rooms. I love!


I think that if I have to furnish my new home in the future, I will want to keep it in the Mix and Match style. What do you think about this style?


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