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Soviet advises the review

"Soviet advises. You good at it!"Youtubers Magdalena Kanoniak, as the title itself indicates, this guide. Do you like it?


If you are not sure what your body type is or what styles of clothes you should wear, which colors are favorable for you, and which fabric patterns on which clothes you should eliminate then yes, this book is just for you!

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Color analysis

In her book, Radzka will provide you with a simple but sufficient color analysis that will dispel your doubts about what time of the year you are and what colors you should wear, and most importantly… where.


The meaning of colors

Radzka will tell you what meaning and what emotions the colors you wear evoke in others. You will learn which ones to choose to look professional, which when you want attention, which will inspire confidence, which will make you perceived as melancholic and emotional, or blend in with the crowd.


Fashion history

In a nutshell, you will learn the history of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth century fashion, and thanks to fantastic graphics you will understand the fashion evolution. You will learn what was characteristic of "belle epoque" and how the feminine outfit has changed since those times, from corsets, through boyish silhouettes, very feminine shapes, mini tuxedo, ladies' tuxedos, flowers for children, kitsch, minimalism, until today ... the time of creating your own image.



If you are at odds with fashion, you don't know where the trench coat comes from, what the speedy or 2.55 bag looks like, why trapezoid bags are so popular today and whether red soles are a trademark protected by a patent ...


Silhouette guide

The most extensive part of the book, and without a doubt the most important. Pear, hourglass, model or apple? Do you know your figure? What's more - do you know how to hide its shortcomings and how to emphasize its advantages? When should you roll up your sleeves and when should you unbutton your jacket? With Radzka, you will create a must-have list of clothes and a list of clothes that you will absolutely avoid on store hangers from today. And throw it out of your closet, or remake it.



Do stripes always thicken and black make it slimmer? Radzka deals with these and other fashion sayings fantastically!


Dress code

Do you want to do well no matter what you do? Radzka will tell you the secrets of the dess code: business formal, business casual or smart casual (i.e. the perfect style for Wedding Consultant) will have no secrets for you, and you will look perfect in any professional situation by following these rules.



Finally, you'll find out why reading labels and what practical information they carry. You will also learn several ways to shop online.


Photos and graphics

Radzka has shown all this with specific examples - the book is full of photos and illustrations, especially clothes suitable for each figure, so that you have no doubts whether you understand what the author meant. I felt something that "Radzka advises" is a guide that is simply worth having on the shelf, so I chose this in hardback.

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If you want to look good (and I know you want!), but you still do not know what styles of clothes serve you and which hurt you, you have problems with composing the perfect wardrobe, in which clothes are worth investing in and how to choose them, and you do not know what the most popular "harness" looks like or under white blouse you wear a white bra so ... you already know that this book was written for you! And you buy it here with 30% discount.


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  • 20.07.2020

    I think I am tempted to buy, with a 30% discount good price wychodzi Thanks!

  • 12.02.2016

    He was lurking for a long time. Now I will definitely order it 🙂

    • 12.02.2016

      hihi, watch out, because next book will be reviewed 😉

    • 12.02.2016

      Slow fashion? I read this one, it was ok but it didn't charm me.

    • 13.02.2016

      among other things, x Love x Style x Life is waiting for me, have you read it too?

    • 13.02.2016

      I have, for now I have looked through it and is waiting, because I'm tired of some guide about the 2 rebellion of the summer and I can't finish it 🙂 But it looks lovely 🙂

  • 11.02.2016

    You convinced me too. After Szarlizy's book, I'm afraid of blogging books. And Radzke I love and read because she once had a blog for pinger, and now I watch all the time so I was scared a bit of this book

    • 12.02.2016

      Oh, and I haven't read Szarlizy, so unfortunately I can't express my opinion, but just a lot of opinions similar to yours ... I started reading blogging books from foreign bloggers, but the first two Polish books I read did not disappoint me, so for now I will continue reading 🙂

    • 12.02.2016

      I think Radzka will be on my wish list 😉 I have read slow fashion and despite the fact that my wardrobe has always been orderly, I noticed that I forgot about myself after pregnancy and put off buying clothes, because one day I lost weight to what I have in my wardrobe 😉 I threw away a lot of winter clothes that I don't like or wear because I usually drive a car anyway. Interesting book. Useful.

  • 11.02.2016

    You convinced me and the book contains a bibliography?

    • 11.02.2016

      Each garment shown in this book is signed, but there is no bibliography as such - this is a book based primarily on experience and general rules about colors, styles, silhouettes, but written by a person with a lot of experience, as you can see on each page.

    • Ola

      I understand, I'm skeptical of books without bibliography but this time you convinced me