Breastfeeding and a date with her husband or return to work

breastfeeding and return to work

There are a lot of reasons why we must leave our Baby with someone other than ourselves. School or college, work or additional assignment, case in court or other official matters, stay in the hospital, own or with an older child, and even a datewith my husband or going to the cinema with a friend - it does not necessarily mean that we have to give up breastfeeding, or that we will have to feed the child with formula milk. Today I will tell you how I organized breastfeeding while running my own business ...

Christmas is coming - I have a wonderful deal for you

polaroid instax mini blog contest award

I love my blog - and it's all thanks to you.

Holidays are coming, so when I was thinking about the presents I will put under the tree, I couldn't forget about you. That is why I prepared this handout with a unique Christmas gift, which I dreamed about last year. What's this?

A new deal - muffin cups!

As promised, I have another surprise for you - two positive muffin cups to give away! It will be possible to take part in the competition via fb or blog, and I will draw one Winner among the participants from each group. If you want to take part in the competition using facebook: 1. like my Spod Kocyka profile 2. share ...

Sea hand - the results are here :)

Thank you for all the holiday wishes - they had to help, because for 6 days I was 99% out of work! Now it's time for the eagerly awaited results of my first hand: Mouse! Congratulations - Danuto, I'm waiting for your address to which I can send the prizes. And I invite you all to my second, promised hand, I'm ...