Christmas is coming – I have a wonderful deal for you

I love my blog – and it’s all thanks to you.

Holidays are coming, so when I was thinking about the presents I will put under the tree, I couldn’t forget about you. That is why I prepared this handout with a unique Christmas gift, which I dreamed about last year. What’s this?

In the photo, mine, for you, I have the same, still packed in a box, and the first cassette of 10 cartridges for it, so that you can immediately enjoy this fantastic fun – and above all to capture your smiling face 

I take the Polaroid with me to most meetings with friends and family, less than a month ago, he was also at our wedding, where it was always great – on the same day we could enjoy an album full of photos (we had to wait a bit longer for those from the photographer) .

I love Polaroid for having no repetitions. For the fact that each photo is unique and unique, made with the utmost care, in the end there is only one. Like a treasure.
It perfectly captures emotions, you can take notes on it. The photos fit perfectly in the wallet – they are the size of a credit card. I love giving them to my friends. My mother always has a few with her. My friends too. I thought about all of this when I was choosing a Christmas gift for you. I’m sure you will like it.

And now the most important – how can you participate in the hand?

You can take part in the hand via fb and / or blog (if you take part in the contest via both blog and fb – you will double your chances of winning).

If you want to take part in the hand via facebook:
1. like my profile From under the blanket
2. share competition graphics on your facebook profile
3. Leave a comment under this post with information that you are taking part in the competition using fb along with a link to your profile

If you want to take part in the competition using your blog:
1.Place a banner with a photo and a link to my blog on your blog
2. add my blog to bloglovin and watched (right column on my blog – bottom) if you want to visit me again
3. Leave a comment below this post with information that you are taking part in the competition using your blog and with a link to it

I will accept your applications until 10 December 2013, so that the gift will arrive in time for your Christmas tree.

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