What features, predispositions and skills should have Wedding Planner?

What features, predispositions and skills should have Wedding Planner? I answer!

Wedding Consultant – A wedding planner is a job – a dream for many women (also men). Almost all of us, as a little girl, dreamed of a Prince Charming and a white dress. A wonderful wedding is a dream of almost every woman. Added to this is the frequent need in us to make others happy and joyful. When we add the desire for professional fulfillment to this, the profession of Wedding Consultant often appears on the horizon. 


After watching the film “Say Yes” with Jennifer Lopez, millions of women around the world wanted to be Wedding Consultants, and this film greatly contributed to the popularization of this profession around the world.



What features, predispositions and skills should have a Wedding planner?


Do not treat this list as a checklist, whether it is a profession for you, but as a plan for your development. Check what you already have and what you should work on (or accept it and find a solution!).




The Wedding Consultant is often responsible for the idea for the wedding, and always for its implementation, which is why a creative mind full of ideas and interesting solutions is very much needed. If you have a problem with it, I have good news – creativity can be learned! Seriously! And if you think you’re not creative, you’re right – you think! It just means that you haven’t seen enough yet.




The Wedding Consultant must be able to listen and also empathize with the other person’s situation to best meet their needs. It is not only about the young couple, although they are of course the most important, but also about parents, grandparents and guests. The Wedding Consultant must also like contact with other people. He can’t be afraid of making new friends and he should just like it.



Ability to listen

A very important feature that will allow you to win customers – at the beginning of my path I had a situation in which the Young Couple chose me because I could listen to them and establish good relationships. Treat the meeting with the Young Couple as an opportunity to hear their dreams, desires and needs, not house ads.



Calmness and composure

Remember – stress can be externally involved, so it’s important that you exude calmness and be calm in every situation. Don’t let customers feel your nervousness. It is often caused by a problem that can be solved quickly, but the bride’s head may already light up a red lamp that something is going on that will spoil her wedding day.



Resistance to stress

Quick decision making should be your forte. The profession of a Wedding Consultant is a job that gave me the most pleasure and satisfaction in my life, but also cost me the most stress. Composure in any situation is essential. Unreliable subcontractors, work under time pressure, unpredictable events or random accidents – all this is on the head of the Wedding Consultant, so high resistance to stressful factors is absolutely required. Otherwise, your enthusiasm for this job may burn out quickly, and unpleasant emotions will dominate those that bring satisfaction. Although after a wonderfully organized wedding you will be bursting with pride and happiness, you will probably quickly start to wonder if it is really your dream job. The good news is that stress resistance can be developed within yourself, so if you have a problem with it today, and you are still thinking about working as a Wedding Consultant, I suggest contacting a business psychologist.




The Wedding Consultant often meets with clients in the evenings and on weekends (not to mention the Wedding Day Coordination). Additionally, “surprises” are the bread and butter of Wedding Planner’s work. If we are to shoulder the burden of preparation and stress – unexpected situations and the need to solve current organizational problems fall on us. It happened to me two days before the wedding, throwing away all the preparations and running with a tuxedo from one city to another to remove the stain. It also happened to me that a few days before the wedding, the wedding dress brought from abroad turned out to be too small. It was the peak of the season and the corset had to be sewn with material, which of course we did not have, not to mention that I had to find a salon that would do such a conversion to a cito. Such situations mean that we often have to completely rearrange our work, and we have to come home instead of 2 p.m. at 16 p.m.


If we have Children – it is necessary to be sure that we are able to provide them with care in the event of such unexpected situations.


The Wedding Consultant as part of the Comprehensive Wedding and Wedding Organization on the Wedding Day is available to the bride and groom, subcontractors and guests for almost 24 hours, i.e. from early morning hours, usually until 2 am or even until the end of the wedding. This is called Wedding Day Coordination. Often at the end of the wedding, which lasts, for example, until 5 am, it is necessary to settle accounts for used alcohols, assistance and assistance in departing guests and the like. That is why on the day of the wedding we sometimes work from 5 am to 8 am the next day plus time to get there and back again. It is a great effort, both emotional and physical, so it’s good to have in your career such experience as the work of a waitress or barmaid, which will give us confidence that we can manage.



Budget management and negotiations

The work of a Wedding Consultant is also about staying within the budget, which often requires creativity. Usually, the budget needs to be reorganized during preparation. In addition, it is very important to negotiate the best conditions for your clients. It is good to have experience in this area or not be afraid to ask for more than they give us. Assertiveness is also required.



Driving license

The Wedding Consultant must be mobile. Commuting to meetings, joint visits to locations, which are often several dozen kilometers away, often in places where there is almost no public transport – it all needs to be well organized. Ideally, if you have a driving license and a car. Here you can use the help of a third person who will drive us everywhere.



Foreign Languages

Communicative English is the basis. In fact, speech is the most important thing, because you can always hire someone to translate e-mail correspondence. If the Consultant himself does not speak English, this does not mean that this is not a job for him. It is enough if he works with a person who knows this language and will ensure that he will accompany him at all meetings with foreign clients and of course during Wedding Day Coordination. At the same time, it is worth investing in English lessons for yourself to be self-sufficient in a year, two or three.



Interests and hobby

It’s good if the topics related to weddings, weddings, receptions, hotel industry, events, decorations, graphics were within your interests. It would be good if it is or could become your hobby.




Before you decide to start your own business, you always need to start with a plan, and preferably with a business plan. Preparation of such a plan is very important to assess what expenses you have to incur and what profits you can expect. If you decide to run your own business, knowledge in the field of business operations, basic tax, HR and accounting issues will be very helpful. The skills to search and seize business opportunities and anticipate threats will be valuable.



Feeling urgent, multitasking (and the ability to set priorities)

A sense of urgency is multitasking, thanks to which you will be able to decide which tasks are most important, priority, and which of them can wait five minutes and will not cause a disaster. Coordination of the wedding day is like a domino – you have to decide which of the “blocks” is the middle one, which, if it falls over, will knock over the rest.



The ability to forgive others and myself

If the wedding day was a checklist, I think you can put up to 300 points there. Failure to look after one of these points is not a tragedy. The wedding day usually happens alone, works like a well-oiled machine – with good planning and observance by all scenarios, you can expect success. However, it may turn out that something goes wrong somewhere, you forget about something or one of the subcontractors makes a mistake. But we must forgive ourselves and others, draw conclusions for the future. Remember: this one mistake does not last forever – we learn from mistakes and do not reproduce them. Let’s appreciate what went well and what is good so that it doesn’t turn out that one stumble broke us and caused us to lose faith in ourselves. Often in emotions, even the Young Couple and their guests will not notice what you think is a slip-up.




It’s hard for self-confidence when we take the first steps in business. Refer to the successes that you have had in other areas of your life. Confidence Wedding Planner builds experience – how to get it? In a related industry: in a catering company, as a waitress at a wedding in a hotel, as a volunteer at a wedding agency. Your confidence increases with every little experience.



Being a leader

The leader is not the boss, but a person who attracts and makes others want to cooperate with her, act in accordance with her instructions. You can learn to be a leader – you have to focus on professionalism and readiness to solve problems that may arise. You can build your leader attitude through proper body language, your outfit is also important. By the image you are able to add or subtract confidence, which results in how you are perceived.



Team play (even if someone fails)

Were it not for the Subcontractors you work with on your wedding day, there would be no wedding. Remember that this is a team game that you have to take care of. It’s worth choosing subcontractors who know each other and like to work with each other. If this is not possible – try to ensure their good relations. Appreciate them also in the forum, before the bride and groom, or even during the wedding, when you are asked to speak. Remember that during weddings and wedding receptions it may turn out that on this day, even several dozen people work for the success of the wedding party. It is a human factor – it can always happen that someone gets up with their left leg, is late, does not come to work – remember, be ready for such an eventuality and be ready to solve the problems as soon as they appear.



Ability to sell your services (and subcontractors’ services)

Your subcontractors are an extension of you, your company, the impression you want to give to the client. It is important that you can speak the language of benefits, present your services, defend their price and scope, and talk about your subcontractors and their advantages – you and the Subcontractors are a big guarantee of the wedding’s success.



Prediction skills

A good Wedding Planner or wedding coordinator is always two steps ahead and predicts what can happen and knows the answers to the questions before they arise. Where is cloakroom? Where are the toilets? From which can you book at the hotel? – these are questions that often arise, and the task of the Wedding Consultant is to know the answer. It is a skill that shapes our experience – the more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to predict which problems and questions you will have to face.



Courses and training

Ideally, if you have knowledge and practice, for example, gained at work in the hotel industry, gastronomy, and during direct customer service. However, even if you have knowledge or experience in these areas, you will need to complete the Wedding Consultant Course, thanks to which you will meet people working in this profession, gain specialist knowledge in the organization of weddings and weddings, as well as a Certificate that you will be able to use when documenting your knowledge and skills. When choosing such a course or training, it is worth checking whether it has the recommendation of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants.


If you are looking for such a course or training, I have prepared a special one for you Course for a Wedding Consultant, based on my over many years of experience in the wedding industry in Poland. My course is recommended by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants as one of three in Poland.


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