Wedding Planner Online course – why was it created and is it worth taking part in?

The Wedding Planner Online course was our main “pandemic” project at Wytwórnia Ślubów. When it turned out that due to the situation in the country we were forced to cancel two stationary training courses, a thought appeared in my head… when, if not now?




I admit, the idea of ​​creating an Online Wedding Planner Course appeared in my head from time to time and came back like a boomerang. I kept answering calls and receiving e-mails asking if I was organizing an Online Wedding Planner Course. But there was never time for that, I admit that too I was a little afraid of such a large undertaking. It involved expenses, reorganization of previous work and devoting many hours to preparation, recording and editing.



In yours Wedding Planner’s work I also bet on relations. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it in the online version of the Wedding Planner Course and that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to get to know each other well, make beautiful connections, including business ones, and deepen the relationships that would emerge between us. Besides… it’s me I love talking to people, interact with them. How am I supposed to suddenly talk to the camera? How to ask them questions?


I don’t wait – I act!

But I knew that I have to act not only to be able to maintain my business, but also so as not to leave people who have been waiting for my Wedding Planner Expert Course, for which all places have been sold out for half a year, without anything. I felt that I cannot disappoint those of you who dreamed of becoming a Wedding Planner, and the pandemic ruined their plans.



My dilemmas were also instantly solved by one of my graduates, Eliza, who runs the blog (formerly, which was currently being written e-book “How to run a business in the face of a crisis” (great by the way, I highly recommend it). She wrote to me asking what actions I had planned in times of crisis. I started telling her about the Online Wedding Planner Course and she… gave me the wind in my sails. She said it was a great idea and really motivated me to take action!



I had to rearrange the entire training programso that I can conduct my Wedding Planner Expert Course online. While working on the new program, I gained courage and decided to fulfill my little dream and add a very important chapter to the Course program, a chapter that I always wanted to introduce, but I was rightly afraid that I would not be able to fit in 4 days of the full-time course. What is this chapter about? Well – having extensive knowledge about organizing weddings and coordinating the Wedding Day, but knowing nothing about running a business – we will not achieve success. This chapter therefore deals with… building your brand, creating your business strategythat will take us from where we are now to where we want to be in 5 years. This is a series of actions that, in order to achieve the intended effect, cannot be a coincidence. Thanks to the format of the Wedding Planner Online Course, I could afford this larger amount of material, because – and this is one of the greatest advantages of online training – I wasn’t limited by time!


The best thing is that now that we have finished the recordings and I have counted all the training hours, it turned out that I managed to prepare a lot more materials! Converted from hours to days (assuming 8 hours a day), The Online Course lasts not 4 days, like the Stationary Course, but as many as 7 days!



In addition, we started collecting ideas on what can be done to make the Wedding Planner Online Course as close to the stationary Course as possible.



Substantively rich content – are. Contact with me and other participants – it is (during videoconference, in a specially created Facebook group and 2 hours of individual consultations – in person or by phone). But what about all the gadgets that our students receive during the training? The point was clear: we had to prepare wedding shipments! Packages that contained exactly what each student of the stationary course receives, as well as a few surprises and extras.



The program and packages are one thing, but what about the technical side?? There was no way out – we took the armchairs and coffee table out of my office, and in its place we added a desk with a monitor, a tripod for the camera, soundproof curtains and two photography lamps. We also replaced the bulbs in my designer ceiling lamp specialized bulbs, which perfectly illuminated the entire room. We also bought more professional microphone and graphics tablet, which allowed me to draw and at the same time record what I needed to draw 



A whole host of people were involved in the implementation of the Wedding Planner Online Course, including my husband, Wojtek, who searched the Internet in search of the best platform for embedding the training on it, also took care of the appropriate, specialized equipment – exposure, microphones and my positive attitude 🙂

He is also behind the Wedding Planner Online Course Milenka, my right hand, who sat with me during dozens of hours of recording, made sure I didn’t forget anything, contacted the students and sent over 50 packages to them!

There would be nothing to watch if it weren’t for the invaluable editor Tomek, who patiently made all the corrections until you can see the Course now.

I also don’t forget about the rest of our team: Adze, Dobrawa, Bartek, Kacper and Marcin, and also to my friend So, each of which contributed to the success of our Wedding Planner Online Course.



Why can I call my Wedding Planner Online Course a success?

Here are just some of the opinions I received after the training:


I wanted to thank you very much for creating the Wedding Planner course. It was quite a long and very intense time, but I consider the online form, the prepared content and recordings to be very professionally done. I didn’t expect that we would discuss so many issues related not only to the wedding planning service itself, but also to running your own business or creating a business plan. The course was very substantive, conducted in a pleasant atmosphere, with a very large dose of flexibility. Video conferences were an opportunity to make friends with others and ask questions. I do not regret a single minute spent on the course, and I fully recommend it to anyone interested. First of all, you will get to know yourself, which will be the basis for later business decisions in life. – Marta K.


I wanted to thank you for the wealth of knowledge and inspiration during the training. I want to express how great a driving force this is for me and a chance for myself to discover my life path. Thank you very much once again because this is a breakthrough moment ❤️❤️ – Ania J.


Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this course. It gave me strength and motivation to act, as well as a lot of inspiration, which I will certainly use when starting my company. Your warmth and kindness made me fall in love with this profession even more. Thank you for your time and the wealth of knowledge you gave us!  – Karolina D.


The Wedding Planner Expert Online course was one of the best decisions I could have made. At the same time, it’s a fulfillment of my last year’s birthday dream! The course itself was an amazing experience for me – from the moment Agnieszka announced it (during the pandemic), I was waiting for registration to start! There was a moment when I wondered: “Do I really want to do this course now? Maybe I’ll wait until it’s stationary? These hesitant questions were dispelled very quickly by my parents and brother, to whom I am extremely grateful for all their support! Agnieszka and her team did a really good job! It all started with a package full of beautiful gifts – from small accessories, through stationery, to a wonderful cup with the inscription of your future profession. The amount of material that was recorded exceeded my wildest expectations! The course was full of substantive knowledge and great practical tasks! The girls prepared everything with the greatest care. Agnieszka is a great person who shared her knowledge and experience with us, the students. The heat radiating from it can be felt even through the monitor screen! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in the wedding industry, because there is a place for all of us – as Agnieszka says  – Klaudia D.



Without further ado, the point of this post is…

Registration for the next edition of the Wedding Planner Online Course has started!


The training is starting now 14 September and will be carried out exactly like the first edition, i.e. in an 8-day system, with videoconferencing every two days.




See for yourself:



What do you get?

  • Access to the Course Platform until for 6 months!
  • 9 videoconferences group live
  • access to closed course groupsj on Facebook
  • Certificate of Completion of Wedding Consultant Training “Wedding Planner Expert”, which will allow you to build a professional image from the very beginning and give your clients and subcontractors a sense of security. You will receive a certificate confirming your qualifications in a paper and electronic version and it does not differ in form or content from the certificate we give to graduates of the full-time course.
  • Original manual training, containing over 200 pages of industry knowledge
  • Individual post-training care – 2 hours of individual in-person or online consultations to be used without any time limits! You can use them as you wish – for example, I can help you create a website for your agency, advise you on choosing a name and logo, or discuss the offer and quote for your First Client.
  • Pattern Cost estimate Wedding and Reception
  • Pattern Wedding Day Scenario
  • Pattern Preparation Schedule for the wedding
  • Pattern arrangements with the newlyweds regarding the wedding and reception
  • Template Business plan
  • Wedding services price calculator
  • Contract templates with selected Subcontractors
  • Database of 200 Subcontractors from key industries from all over Poland
  • Tips to create a step-by-step individual agreements with the Client
  • Power of attorney template to the contract with the Client
  • National Competence Standard Professional
  • A solid dose positive energy i motivation for further actions 🙂



Did I encourage you? Really worth!

Join the Wedding Planner Online Course!

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