Ultralight airplane stroller, that is … we’re going on vacation!

Although from our pram Stokke Xplory I am still very happy when we started planning trips with the baby – be it by car or plane, visualizing the whole packing process, there was a need for a travel bag for our stroller or an ultralight stroller when folded, providing the child with comfort and a nap in need when traveling or on holiday walks. On this occasion, I decided to share with you my favorite candidates for the perfect ultralight stroller, which will work well when traveling by car, train or plane, as well as on a daily basis during shopping or quick trips.

Our priorities when choosing an ultralight stroller for shopping, on a journey, to planes or for sightseeing:

1. As small as possible after folding

Literally as small as possible. In my list you won’t even find umbrella strollers because they are simply too big for my expectations. After folding, I want the stroller not to occupy a significant part of the trunk, I want to be able to push it behind the rear seat of a compact + car or take it under the armpit at the airport.

2. Easy and quick to fold

There is no place for prams, where the frame and the seat must be folded separately. I want to have everything in one piece, not to put anything aside, not to change anything and not to wonder what to put. And don’t lose anything. I would like to unfold it quickly after taking it out of the car or quickly fold it at the airport, preferably with one hand.

3. Convenient

The child should not only sit comfortably, but also be able to take a little nap … so that parents can rest on a hot day 

4. Light

To easily be able to carry it, carry it, move with it around the airport or on the stairs in charming, seaside or mountainous corners of the world.

Here is the list that I have prepared. 4 the coolest ultralight strollers that I had the opportunity to see, fold, unfold live, and drive Santa in them.

1. Babyzen Yoyo

This is the first ultra-walker that I have met. It unfolds with one hand and can be folded just the same – I love it! We had them in one of our trolleys and I have great memories of it. The Babyzen Yoyo has a reclining seat that allows your baby to take a long nap and a comfortable journey. In addition, a large shopping basket will allow you to hold a lot. A small booth is a disadvantage for me, such sun protection is not enough for us.

The market price of this stroller is approximately PLN 1850 – you can buy it the cheapest here


2. Quinny Yezz

This stroller is both light and agile – it drives very well and has a wide and comfortable seat. Quinny Yezz folds very quickly to a very small size and unfolds quickly. The strap allows you to carry a folded stroller over your shoulder like a bag. The hammock seat allows the child to ride comfortably. For me, the downside is the lack of a reclining seat and a tiny sun canopy, but for this size of the stroller, I probably shouldn’t expect them. If I were looking for a small, manoeuvrable stroller, for a child who would not sleep in it and who would not be disturbed by the sun’s rays – you know my choice.

The trolley does not have a shopping basket, but on the back there is a pocket where you can put a drink and snacks.

The market price of this stroller is approximately PLN 590 – you can buy the cheapest here


3. Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

What can I say – first of all I was enchanted by the color – light, holiday blue. I was still delighted with the spacious seat, and as it turned out that it has 3 positions, including a lying position, I knew it was perfect for this type of stroller. When I was preparing this post, it turned out that this seat can be mounted both forward and backward facing. Can you ask for more? The seat is deep, protects the child well from the wind, the booth is very large, with the possibility of enlargement, it will perfectly provide sun and rain protection for the child.

The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 is quite compact, though not as small as the rest of the strollers in this set. Folding this stroller is probably the only drawback – unfortunately, we certainly cannot do it with one hand and it takes a while. But if you bet on a spacious, comfortable seat and a stroller for holiday strolls, still very compact when folded – you will probably be able to forgive the folding mechanism.

The market price of this stroller is around PLN 1099 – you can buy the cheapest here


4. GB Pockit

GB Pockit is undoubtedly one of the smallest strollers in the world. Unfortunately, when producing a stroller of this size, you cannot expect full functionality of the 2w1. What I miss here the most is sun protection, which in this model is practically absent, as well as protection against wind gusts.

Although we will not fold the stroller with one hand, after folding it we will get a compact structure the size of … a box for winter boots. However, we will spread it much faster and easier.

When we tried on our son’s GB Pockit, unfortunately, but it turned out to be a very narrow stroller and unfortunately not very comfortable for our child. The back of the seat cannot even be tilted slightly, which could make naps more difficult.

GB Pockit also has no shopping basket.
Correction – GB Pockit has a shopping basket, my mistake, so a big plus for this trolley.

GB Pockit is the perfect stroller for small children and for shorter walks, for children who will not sleep in it. I would classify him as a pram to lift a baby at the airport, a quick shopping trip, but I would be less willing to go on a day trip around the city with him.

The market price of this stroller is approximately PLN 820 – you can buy the cheapest here


And finally, a small mathematical summary – I gave each feature from 1 to 5 points. Here’s what I got:

Stroller Babyzen Yoyo Quinny Zapp XTRA 2 Quinny Yezz GB POCKIT
Size after folding 5 4 5 5
Easy and quick to fold 5 2 4 3
Comfortable for a child 3 5 3 2
Sun protection 2 5 3 1
Light 4 3 5 5
Price 1 3 4 3
Average rating 3,3 3,7 4,0 3,2
Weight 5,8 kg. 8 kg. 5 kg. 4,3 kg.


What came out of it?

So if, in our family priorities, ultra-light weight would win and we would let go of the seat and a large booth, we would most likely choose the Quinny Yezz stroller. If we did not want to give up the comfort of a child sleeping in a horizontal position, long hours in the shade by the pool …  we would choose Quinny Zapp Etra 2.

And what do you think about our comparison? Have you found your favorite among these proposals? Or maybe you can recommend us something completely different? I am waiting for your comments.

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