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I chose the first stroller because it could fit completely with the luggage compartment gondola, the second stroller because it was functional, though a bit boring, and the third stroller because … I fell in love!

I remember how I stole a few hours a day for myself and my son and decided to take him with me for shopping, which I had to do anyway. We got into the elevator with our trolley and it parked next to us… Stokke Xplory. The difference between our stroller and the Xplory was colossal! I fell in love with him for the first time, when I saw how high a child can be, how close to me! And I wanted to.


From our window you can see the sea, and when the family comes to us from central Poland, they always have hats with them so that their heads do not break off. We spend as much time outdoors as possible, spring, summer, autumn, winter, we spend hours outside, and the pram is the main means of transport. Wrapping a child so that the cold, unpleasant wind does not bother him, so that he can always breathe freely on such long exits is a really difficult art that I could not master. Then, while browsing photos on Instagram, I came across more or less such …


stokke xplory reviews

and I was completely gone, I had to have it.


And so he soon lived in our house Stokke Xplory in wonderful gray called black malange with an absolutely unique accessory as it is Winter-Kit – a godsend for all autumn, winter and spring, windy walks. Not only for a child, but also for everyone who happened to go for a walk with a pram without gloves on a cold day. Next to the special outer upholstery, booth and cover – muffs also included in the winter set.


stokke xplory winter

When we opted for the Stokke Xplory stroller, our priorities were:

  • invariably – very good protection against wind and cold, as well as rain, snow and sun
  • invariably – a folded seat – enabling the child to be carried both frontally and backwards to the parent
  • height adjustable seat to be maximally close together on a walk, and to be able to lower it in the restaurant and adjust its height to the table at which we sit
  • seat folded to a flat position, although so far we have chosen strollers folded flat, after many searches we decided to try the bucket seat
  • invariably – the stroller, when folded, fits in the not too large trunk of a compact + hatchback car
  • invariably – the option to buy a gondola if a second child appears.


We didn’t have to look long to confirm our decision and so a moment later this huge package appeared at our door.


stokke xplory carton


I must admit that I was a bit scared of its size, because somehow when ordering the stroller, I forgot to try it on to our trunk, but phew, it fit perfectly.


After taking the trolley out of the box, we had to look at the instructions, but after a while we could enjoy …


stokke xplory first deposit


Breaking down the stroller into prime factors …



Rack, handle, brake, handle

If I were to describe the Stokke Xplory stroller frame in one word, I would probably use the word “cosmic”. Radially arranged wheels with an almost vertically directed headband, on which the stroller seat is mounted – and you can also mount a gondola on it, which can be purchased separately. So, as in all prams that we have chosen so far, we are not doomed to a 2-in-1 stroller, but for a correspondingly lower price, we can only buy one version of the stroller, deep or walking, which allows you to save a large amount if you buy a gondola and strollers in various colors.


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The trolley runs very well, lightly and is manoeuvrable, has narrow spaced wheels, which makes it perfect in shops, parking lots, restaurants, gardens or narrow pavements. You can’t forget that Stokke Xplory is typical city trolley, in vain, I am looking for pumped, heavy duty cushioning here, but in truth in urban conditions and even on crooked sidewalks, it is doing well, least like paving stones, but this is nothing I would not expect and.


holder in the cart Stokek Xplory has adjustable height as well as locationmaking it ideal for both very tall people and short people, and moreover, also for children.


stokke xplory the best stroller


Needless to say, Miki loves to push his stroller and he does it in two ways – he pushes the footrest when I push the handle (when we started using this stroller, Miki still didn’t walk well and loved to walk this way) or I leave it especially for him handle to the minimum height and push the cart as it should, and of course.


stokke xplory stroller reviews


And that’s my favorite feature – trolley height adjustment – thanks to which it is easy to adjust the height of the seat to the table at which we are sitting, and we can enjoy the time spent together at the common table not only at home, but literally everywhere. It’s like taking a high chair with us everywhere, in the garden, in a restaurant, in a hotel, everywhere!


stokke xplory height adjustable

stokke feeding chair


Brake in the Stokke Xplory stroller it is another pleasant surprise – it is the best brake ever, i.e. one that locks and starts by pressing on it – there is no release of the brake by lifting the lever, as in our previous strollers, there are no more ragged and dirty tips of shoes . In general, the production of other brakes should be prohibited 



Our stroller is in a walking version, so we didn’t have the opportunity to test the gondola, but I saw it in the store, it’s not big, but I think it’s enough. As I have already mentioned, it is possible to buy it separately and I hope that we will have the opportunity to do so đ


It’s nice that the gondola also fits a winter set, so it will not be difficult to protect the child from wind, sun and rain in the gondola, which I missed a lot in our first stroller, when I saved myself with a muslin diaper fastened to the pram for all possible , home remedies.


Stroller seat

The seat is bucket shoes and gives the impression of being tiny and shallow, but nothing could be further from the truth. As I already wrote, this is our first bucket-type stroller and I was afraid of this solution, I was afraid that the child would not be able to sleep flat, and you know what? The bucket solution works perfectly when the child falls asleep while sitting, then we imperceptibly do a fake mik and, without changing the child’s position, turn it to a lying position. In a flat folding pram, where, however, the child has to change from sitting to lying – because we only lower the backrest – Miki sometimes woke up right away. We don’t have that problem here.


stokke xplory reviews

stokke xplory stroller test


The stroller seat has 3 positions: sitting, relaxing (semi-lying) and sleeping, in the position of the seat facing the parent, you can use each of them, while in the back-facing position, only sitting and relaxing are possible ca (halfway).


In the seat are 5 point beltswhich can be easily made into 3-point belts. During the first days they were quite difficult to handle, but the plastic developed very quickly and the belts are very easy to use today.


The footrest has an adjustable length , thanks to which the older child will not have knees under the chin, and the stroller will last longer. We still use the highest level, and Miki is already 1,5 years old.


The trolley has a large, very nice booth that protects very well against wind, sun and rain even without the additional winter kit. However, what pleased me the most is that the winter-kit cover, which is also put on the outer upholstery of the trolley, also fits the standard upholstery, so we have it in the shopping bag all the time, in case of a very strong wind – and such is the case. they happen with us – be able to put it on. It is not insulated in any way, so it will be suitable not only for winter.


The seat is included bailwhich is easy to drink, but we use it all the time. Unclipping it is very delicate, it may even be too delicate, because sometimes it is unfastened when we pull the toddler out of the pram, and we did not intend to.


stokke xplory walking seat


The stroller included a raincoat and mosquito net, as well as a trolley bag.


Shopping basket

And actually the above-mentioned bag for the trolley, because we do not have a standard basket suspended under the trolley, but a bag that we can take out and take with us. When the child is facing us, access to this bag is very convenient, unfortunately when the child is facing the world and the footrest is lowered, access is very difficult. The bag is also not as big as our previous baskets, it is zippered, so do not carry shopping in it (although I could successfully), which I hang on the handle to the trolley, but I completely gave up the care bag , which I had in my previous carts.


Folding and size after folding

Invariably, the size of our trunk leaves much to be desired, but the trolley fits completely in it, leaving a lot of space on the sides for shopping or a bag.


The stroller folds easily, the elements fit together very well – at every step of using the stroller you can see that it is a high-quality product, but unfortunately you cannot fold the frame together with the stroller, these two elements must be disconnected and placed in the trunk separately, so folding or unfolding the stroller takes a bit longer. Personally, I initially wonder where, after removing the seat, I should put it away while assembling the frame, but I’ve already mastered this process. The disadvantage for me is that if we assemble the stroller facing the parent, we must also mount and disassemble the footrest separately, i.e. we have a third element of the stroller that we must remember, but it is simply due to its unusual design.



The stroller is available in many colors and I’m sure everyone will find their favorite. I myself had a problem with the choice and in the end I was hesitating between our gray, known as black melange, and beige. And the coolest thing is that the stroller’s upholstery can be completely replaced. I remember when buying our previous pram, I chose the beige color, which I got bored very quickly, but unfortunately I couldn’t help it, because the upholstery was not sold separately.

stokke xplory colors


Not only replacing the whole upholstery, we can change the stroller, but also using accessories such as winter-kit or summer-kit we can change the stroller. Our winter was black and now it’s gray, and it’s still the same product. Unfortunately, accessories, like a stroller, are not cheap.


We are currently using the winter-kit and cup holderon which … I hang my shopping! I doubt that the manufacturer provided it for this purpose, but it works perfectly!

stokke xplory accessories

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The Stokke Xplory stroller can be purchased in the following versions and prices:

Deep walking version 2w1: from 4 169 PLN – Check the current lowest price

Walking version: from 3 599 PLN – Check the current lowest price


In sum

The Stokke Xplory stroller is a city stroller for any weather and occasion. If you like it visually and you are not limited by finances, then you will certainly forgive him a few inconveniences resulting from its construction, such as folding in 2-3 elements or the lack of a shopping basket, and he will repay you with fantastic quality and functionality. This is the first stroller I can say that I will be happy to leave it with a second child in mind.

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And how do you like it? Because as you can see very much!

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