Step by step hybrid or hybrid nails at home

How to make hybrid nails step by step? Hybrids at home are such a simple procedure that if you do not have the opportunity to visit beauty salons often or want to save money, then a hybrid manicure can be done by yourself very easily.

I have already presented you all products that are needed to make a hybrid manicure at home, I recommended to you hybrid nail polishes that I love and which are worth choosingso it’s time for a step-by-step instruction on how to do this yourself.


Preparation of the nail plate

You can gently mat their surface with a polishing block – I absolutely do not use any files for this purpose and I literally make a few delicate movements, and the older the block, the better, because it is more delicate. I use a cuticle cleaner to remove cuticles and push them back with a hoof. I give the nails the right length and shape with a paper or glass file. Personally, I prefer a short manicure, which I wear for 2 weeks and during this time it becomes much longer.

step by step hybrid manicure

how to make a hybrid manicure step by step

how to do a hybrid manicure step by step

how to make a hybrid manicure


Then I wash the nail plate with a cotton pad soaked in a special degreasing liquid, the so-called clener and start applying hybrid varnishes.

how to make a hybrid manicure at home

how to make a hybrid manicure


Application of hybrid varnishes – a few rules

1. Each layer of varnish should be as thin as possible – it will extend the durability of varnishes. If you want full coverage, it is better to apply thin layers of 3 than thick 2. It took me a long time to understand this relationship, for a long time I was afraid to try to lay layers so thinly that they would crack – nothing could be more wrong.

2. When painting nails, it is better to leave a greater distance from the cuticles than to touch them with varnish – then we will have the effect of so-called flooded skins, i.e. protruding and hooking fragments of varnish, which first of all are unsightly and secondly weaken the durability of the varnish, because it will easily get air under them.

3. If you cover the skin, you have two options: you can take a wooden stick and cut the connection between the varnish and the skin – often it is enough, but if the flooding is too large I recommend to wash this layer of varnish with a cleaner and apply it again. What’s important – you do not have to get rid of the layers that you have underneath, they have already been cured in the lamp and the cleaner will not damage them.

4. Do not wash the surface of the nails with clener between applying subsequent layers, although many people do so, in my opinion this weakens the adhesion of subsequent layers and also reduces the durability of the procedure.

5. Remember to finish the free edge of the nail by applying each layer of varnish, starting from the base, through the color (or colors because they can be mixed), ending with the top, so after applying a given layer on the nail, gently paint the free edge of the nail with an almost dry brush. This will protect the nail against splitting and increase the durability of the treatment. The varnish in the lamp “shrinks” a bit, revealing the free edge, and the varnish has a place to shrink from. This layer must be absolutely thin so that the effect is natural and some of the varnish does not get under the nail plate, because we will achieve the opposite effect.

hybrid manicure at home

6. You need to mix the varnish very well before applying each subsequent layer, I devote about every second to 60 seconds of mixing – I shake the bottle when the other hand is in the lamp.

Painting nails with hybrid varnishes

In fact, remembering the above 6 rules, you paint your nails as with ordinary varnishes, but instead of waiting to apply the next layer until the nails are dry, you put them in the lamp usually for 120 seconds – here you should see the instructions of the varnish manufacturer, which gives separate exposure times for UV lamps and LED. In my case it is 120 seconds.

Hybrid nail polish – base

We paint the degreased nails with a thin layer of the base and put in the lamp for 120 seconds.

step by step hybrid manicure
hybrid manicure

how to do a manicure

manicure uv lamp

Hybrid nail polish – color

After removing the hand from the lamp, i.e. after hardening the base, we paint the nails thinly with varnish in the selected color and put the hand into the lamp for 120 seconds.

We apply colored varnish in a minimum of two layers until the desired coverage is achieved. Remember to cure each individual layer of varnish in the lamp.

Curiosity: Different varnish colors can be applied to each other to create new shades. It is ideal to apply semi-transparent or glossy varnish on top.

how to make a hybrid shellac manicure

shell manicure

shellac step by step

how to make a shellac manicure

hybrid manicure blog

well-groomed nails

Hybrid nail polish – top coat

When we have obtained the desired coverage, we apply the last layer of the so-called top and put it in the lamp again for 120 seconds.

the best hybrid varnish

shellac hybrid varnish

hybrid varnish shellac instruction


We wash off the adhesive coating, so-called dispersion layer

Our hybrid manicure is almost ready, all you need now is a cotton swab moistened with a liquid cleaner to wash your nails to deprive them of this adhesive layer and our nails are ready! There is no waiting for them to dry, you do not have to worry that the sheets will reflect on them, they are hard, shiny and ready for action.

hybrid manicure is very durable

hybrid manicure shellac pink bikini

hybrid manicure shellac colors

cnd shellac pink bikini

pink bikini

fashionable manicure

best hybrid manicure

how to do a hybrid manicure at home

beautiful nails

pink manicure

You often ask me Does hybrid nail polish damage your nails?. Certainly it does not nourish them, but after a few years of regular performance of these procedures I know that first of all these procedures are worth performing only in proven beauty salons, it is also definitely better to make them at home than to give yourself to an untrained cosmetician who will destroy the plate, for example, each time between treatments by treating our plate with a coarse file. After 4 such treatments in a row, despite the application of the hybrid varnish, my nails bent in all directions, the varnish fell off, and I felt pain.

My nails after a few years of regular use of hybrid manicure immediately after removing it look like the photo below and are much nicer and stronger than when I used regular nail polish regularly.

nails after hybrid manicure after hybrid


Therefore, if you want to decide on this type of treatment, choose only a proven salon, with varnishes that do not need to be filed off, only you can dissolve them by applying a swab soaked in liquid with acetone for a few minutes.

In the next post in this series I will show you how to wash the varnish, and then you can count on a review of my favorite hybrid colors.

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