Lifestyle - is a broadly defined lifestyle that makes us feel good every day and live in harmony with ourselves. Lifestyle is not only what you can see - such as clothes or behavior. It is also listening to your desires, living in accordance with your ideals, planning activities and making dreams about personal and professional development come true. In my life I adhere to the principle of work life balance, which is very important in my busy life as a businesswoman. I also greatly appreciate the life-changing practice of gratitude. I hope you will discover a wealth of motivating stories and useful tips in the posts on my blog. Let yourself be inspired and find your style!

How to change a room in a few hours? Wallpapering - DIY or do it yourself

how to wallpaper

The times when entire flats were wallpapered, each wall in each room, each room with a different pattern are gone into oblivion ... However, papering comes back into favor and very often appears in rooms as one distinct element, changing the whole, giving it character. I decided to choose such a solution by arranging my latest office, which I am arranging, and I want to show you that wallpapering is not that scary. And the effect? Judge for yourself!

Loves, Likes, SAFES - new series of blog posts!

what to wear a blog

Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, and you have nothing to wear?

And when you finally put on something, you usually regret all day that you didn't wear something else?

Are you constantly buying something new and still have nothing to wear?

Don't know how to complete clothes sets?

You don't know what cuts are good for you, and what should you avoid like fire?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then this series of posts is for you!

Step by step hybrid or hybrid nails at home

Step by step hybrid manicure

How to make hybrid nails step by step? Hybrids at home are such a simple procedure that if you do not have the opportunity to visit beauty salons often or want to save money, then a hybrid manicure can be done by yourself very easily.