A proven method of cleaning, thanks to which we have a free weekend

Cleaning can be a nuisance to every lady of the house, especially one who, apart from her husband, also has children and a dog  From my childhood I remember that every Saturday morning was filled with cleaning: vacuuming, laying, dusting and cleaning the floors, and I dreamed of about spending this time with your parents in a completely different way.

That’s why, as a wife and mother, I organize cleaning in such a way that I have a weekend off. How it’s possible?

The key to happiness is regularity and the method of small steps. Every day I organize a different space in our house, which definitely takes me less time than cleaning the whole house once on Saturday morning, and thanks to this, on Friday we can go with the children for the weekend, having the peace of mind that we will return to a clean house.


Of course, I do not do the cleaning alone, the whole family is involved in this project, including children. Everyone has responsibilities that they know belong to and that they fulfill. I also have no problem (anymore!) With outsourcing more cleaning from time to time.


What is our weekly cleaning schedule like?



Sunday is time for us – no cleaning, no urgent tasks, just us, children and Zuma. Usually, in the evening, Grandma Halinka also comes to us and we spend time with our family, cook and bake bread.


On this day, we only take care of small things, which, however, greatly facilitate the functioning of the whole family and home life during the week.


Which, for example?

  • preparation of children’s clothes for the whole week – in our sons’ rooms, each of them has a “magic drawer”, where we compose sets of clothes for the whole week, thanks to which every morning there is no need to think about what to wear today, only ready-made sets composed “on the bulb”, thanks to which they are adapted to any weather;
  • Together with Wojtek, we plan meals for the whole week and make a shopping listThanks to that we will not wonder “what would be here today”, and we will save time and money in the store by buying only what we need, instead of wandering between the shelves looking around. Whenever possible, we order online with a car pickup – just drive to the store and your purchases go straight to our trunk;
  • hugging the car – Sunday evening is the perfect time to empty the garbage from the pockets and lockers of the car, replenish supplies (we always have a few snacks, water or masks) or exchange of booklets for children to other – a great solution for children to play instead of the popular tablet that our children do not use when traveling. Usually, when we come back from a weekend or a Sunday walk, we also drive to the car wash.


What’s our plan for the whole week?



  • shopping – according to yesterday’s list,
  • washing – sometimes even 2-3 rounds, depending on whether I wash something extra, e.g. bedding or winter / summer clothes before the start of the season or clothes after returning from the weekend. While sorting the laundry takes place with us on an ongoing basis – we have it in the bathroom chest of drawerswhere we collect white, black, colored and children’s laundry in separate drawers from the top.



  • Dust removal and putting things back – I take the children with me and laundry basket and a package of ecological wipes for cleaning furniture. We walk room by room, a in the basket we put everything that is not in its place – this is how we walk around the house, dusting all rooms. At the end, we take all the things out of the basket and sort them into individual rooms so that they can be conveniently distributed to their places.



  • Ironing – sometimes we are also helped by Grandma Ewa, who visits us on Wednesdays, and since we have an electric laundry dryer, it has significantly reduced the need for ironing!



  • Cleaning the bathroom and toilet – “serious”, that is, cleaning and disinfecting toilets, drains, washing mirrors every 2 weeks – this task is performed together with Wojtek. By placing it on Thursday, we gain a clean bathroom, for example, for guests on the weekend.



  • Relax, pizza for lunchso you don’t have to cook and clean, a family movie or a weekend trip out of town.




  1. Managing the kitchen on an ongoing basis – when two coffees are brewed every morning, I always sweep the sink or dishwasher, and when water is boiling for pasta, I always try to do something more – I will clean the cutlery drawer, then I will clean some front of the cabinet, then I will vacuum the garbage drawer. Thanks to this, I do not have to plan a separate day for these activities. Every day we pack and unpack the dishwasher – on a regular basis. Dishes do not end up in the sink, only in baskets – we always accompany each other with meals until the last person has finished eating, and then everyone takes their dishes and brings them back.
  2. Sorting and taking out garbage – it allows you to avoid rubbish spilling out of the bin and spreading bacteria and unpleasant odors. This is Wojtek’s task, which must be added to putting the garbage outside the house on the days when it is taken by the garbage truck.
  3. Wiping sinks in the toilet and bathroom – in the cupboard under the sink I keep wet wipes, for example ecological wet wipes for cleaning the bathroom and toilet with bio vinegar and sea salt – it additionally motivates me to clean all brushes and cosmetics from the washbasin to wipe the washbasin. Due to the fact that it is always freshly wiped, and this is where our eyes most often focus, I have the impression that the whole bathroom is so clean between regular cleaning – this task is mine.
  4. Vacuuming the entire floor – we have been using it for a long time Tefal Explorer 60 self-propelled vacuum cleaner with mop functionthat every day in our absence vacuums the entire ground floorand then, for example, when we spend time together in the living room, I take it upstairs to vacuum the corridor and bedrooms upstairs. This is the task of Tefal, who we call “Tefalusia”, and thanks to him, our house is clearly less dusty not only on the floor, but above all on the furniture.


5. Ongoing vacuuming of dirtthat may appear, for example, the hall after the children enter the house, the kitchen after cooking, play-dough after playing, the living room after returning from the garden – in this handy cleaning helps us cordless vacuum cleaner Tefal X-Force Flex 11.60that we always have at hand.


What do I love him for?

  • long battery life – if it was my first vacuum cleaner, I wouldn’t need a classic one on the cable anymore, while before I had an Electrolux cordless vacuum cleaner, which usually did not allow me to vacuum even the entire kitchen after cooking, it also did not have enough power to cope with a carpet or sofa, and Tefalem X-Force Flex 11.60 I vacuum everything.
  • Further the battery is replaceable, it can be charged anywhere, and the digital control panel clearly indicates the current cleaning mode and battery status.
  • the engine is so powerful that vacuuming is much more effective, I rarely use the boost version, it is really designed for the strongest dirt,
  • thanks to the “broken” pipe (so-called Flex technology) it reaches the dust 4x more effectively than an ordinary vacuum cleaner and fits perfectly under low furniture – now vacuuming under the sofa is not a problem – it also helps me get the toys out of it,
  • is not only a floor vacuum cleaner, but thanks to the function Stop & Go, you can disconnect the pipe anywhere, thereby gaining hand vacuum cleaner – perfect for drawers or countertops, without having to worry about where to rest the pipe – it stands by itself (see the photo below),thanks built-in brush I don’t have to worry about scratching the delicate fronts in kitchen cabinets or other openwork decorations in which dust collects,
  • rotary mini turbo brush for sofas allows you to brush even older dirt or dog hair, and thanks to the LED backlight, you will not miss any crumbs,
  • mop function – for those who – like me – like to kill two birds with one stone and vacuum and mop the floor at the same time. It works very well in the bathroom, kitchen or children’s room,
  • jest light – our six-year-old grabs him himself and starts vacuuming.



And how is it at home with cleaning? Breakdown of activities for the entire week or once properly?



If you liked my division of duties, I have prepared a printable list for you – same as mine, here you will find one that you can complete yourselfif you want to schedule tasks differently.

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