My way to care for dry hands

Dry hands are such a sign of the last several months. Continuous disinfection or wearing gloves they do not remain without traces. In the summer it comes to that even more strong sun. And healthy hands are beautiful hands. Because if you suffer from dry skin or dull or dry skin on your hands, I have a simple and effective solution for dry hands for you. Get to know my way of home care in 3 quick steps.

In mine, and probably in the lives of many other women, the appearance of the hand is very important. They are often there our showcase. They are eye-catching and undoubtedly a testimony of personal culture. However, the appearance of hands is evidenced not only by well-groomed, carefully painted nails or jewelry that they wear.


The key to beautiful looking hands is healthy looking skin. It's for her too I stopped painting my nails with hybrids on a daily basisbecause I noticed that regularly putting my hands into the UV lamp intensifies their aging. And this is ours hands are subject to the fastest aging process - because they are the zone most exposed to both injuries and external factors. It is thanks to them that we perform hundreds of life activities every day.


dry hands


The skin on the hands is undergoing rapid dehydrationand as a result becomes sucha and less attractive. This is due to both the chemicals contained in cleaning products, the daily housework performed without gloves, and the UV rays. Nowadays, all kinds of disinfectants, which usually contain huge amounts of disinfecting alcohol, also have a huge impact on the drying of the skin. Using them a few or even a dozen times a day significantly dries the skin of the hands.


Check out my way to healthy, beautiful and, above all, properly moisturized hand skin. A few-minute ritual woven into everyday lifethanks to which my hands enjoy their appearance every day.


3 ways for dry hands


dry hands


Dry hands peeling

MIYA scrub for dry hands


I start the treatment of my hands by removing the dead skin with the help of peelingu HAND.lab Peeling from MIYA. This product guarantees me express smoothing the surface of the skin of the hands and their amazing cleansing. With regular use, I also noticed reduction of discoloration.


dry hands peeling

washing dry hands


I am delighted with its light texture, which it owes to sweet almond oils and sunflower seeds, which nourish my skin during this step. All ingredients contained in it are over the top 98% of natural origin. At home, I still lack time, so I keep it in a cupboard in my office and use it no more than 1-3 times a week, thanks to which my skin is perfectly prepared for further care.



Intensive regeneration of dry hands

moisturizing serum for dry hands


When my hands really need it intensive rescue, I reach for HAND.lab regenerating serum from MIYA, which works incredibly expressively. After the first day of use, my skin regains its elasticity and immediate regeneration. Thanks to the serum contained in it prebiotics, vitamins, oils and shea butter micro-injuries they regenerate much faster. This product has an amazing soothing effect as well restores comfort hands.


dry hands handbag cream


It's a cosmetic that I like to have it with me in my purse - especially when I learn a moment earlier that my hands will take part in some wedding photo. Fastening a wedding dress, presenting a wedding bouquet or jewelry are beautiful frames, but on the condition that dry hands do not distract from what is most important.


dry hands bath cream


Due to the fact that it is quickly absorbed, gentlemen also love it, which is why it is at hand in our office bathroom.



Daily care for dry hands

hand mask for dry hands


Almost every day - in the morning or at bedtime - I follow the third step of my skincare routine. I use for this purpose concentrated mask for hands and nails HAND.lab from MIYA, which is lying on my bedside table. Thanks to her mine the skin is protected against external factors wind, frost and the prevailing heat UV radiation. It perfectly prevents the skin from drying out and brightens existing discolorations.


dry hands


I'll tell you that set of 3 steps from MIYA I love to use them also on the skin of the feet - especially thanks to the non-greasy texture, thanks to which walking in flip-flops does not threaten the eagle with its shape.


dry feet


Thanks to these three simple steps I have certainty that my skin is properly moisturized and protected against external factors harmful to the skin. Despite frequent hand disinfection or my beloved garden work, I no longer struggle with the problem of dry hands.


What are your hands most sensitive to? The sun, detergents, or maybe the omnipresent disinfection?

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  • Magda

    I am recently a fan of aloe vera, it's hard to keep up with the breeding as more people volunteer, but it is great for moisturizing. In fact, I have a few pots and I keep offsetting ... Apart from effectiveness, 100% organic appeal to me 🙂

  • 28.01.2022

    It is a very helpful piece of advice in my work :)

  • studiourodypro

    My skin is very dry in winter… I have never used a hand scrub! I guess it's worth a try!

  • #mother

    I'm looking for some interesting hand care trio. I was thinking about a set with Mary Kay, but I think I'll choose Miya.

  • Aneta

    I used this series of cosmetics. I am glad that we can find these cosmetics. In almost every store like Rossmann 🙂 I always have a problem with dry hands in the autumn and winter period.

  • Dawid

    Hey, interesting advice, I think I will check this product, hands and not only look beautiful, best regards

  • Paulina

    True, by frequent disinfection and washing of hands at every step, the skin of the hands becomes very dry. So far, I have personally dealt with the vitamin A ointment, which I bought at the pharmacy, but its smell does not suit me completely. I am happy to check the creams you mention in the post. Thanks for the great article 🙂

  • Ania

    I didn't know this brand, I will try it out, thank you :)