The mix is ​​a little mish-mash. You will find a lot of content and even more! ;-) On my blog, I really write about everything, that is about life, about work, about events, about thoughts. I review, test, remember. Sometimes I externalize myself, I write to you about my thoughts, dilemmas, considerations and fears. But also about hope and happiness. You will find a really mix of themes and emotions. From lots of positive energy to more melancholic lyrics. From practical to… interesting facts :-) You can also read about my wardrobe, my work and home. In a word: everything. I hope you will enjoy the wealth of content on my blog and will stay here longer: welcome!

Beach toys

How to make our kids have fun during warm days, spent together on the beach or in the garden? Check out what we have added to our collection of Maks and Mikołaj toys during this year’s holiday. Get inspired and make your little ones happy. I am convinced that our proposals will guarantee them many hours of fun.


Morning breathing session

I have prepared for you a list of several recordings that are ideal for a morning breathing session. It’s just 3 minutes for you to look inside yourself, feel gratitude and joy that you are, and ultimately crumb by crumb, step by step, she changed her attitude towards what happens to us.