Toys for a six-month-old child, for a one-year-old, for a two-year-old, for a three-year-old… Sometimes I have the impression that they are an integral part of my life. And it certainly crosses my mind when I stumble on a car standing in the middle ;-) I am writing about toys because I am a double mom. My children are eager to play with something new, and I only change the toys that I keep in the attic from time to time so that they do not get bored too quickly. Together with my children, we have already checked a lot of different toys and we can recommend hits with full responsibility! Hits that worked great for us and which we buy ourselves now for the children of friends or family.

Beach toys

How to make our kids have fun during warm days, spent together on the beach or in the garden? Check out what we have added to our collection of Maks and Mikołaj toys during this year’s holiday. Get inspired and make your little ones happy. I am convinced that our proposals will guarantee them many hours of fun.