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Calendar or planner? Meet today 2 in 1:

“Planner for a good day”


calendar planner 2020


Planner in a convenient binder – universal system for planning and organization for easy personalization for several years


Effective goal achievement system – no more empty days in your life


A comprehensive tool – Calendar, Gratitude Practice, Meal and Shopping Planning, Habit Monitoring, Expense Planning and Savings System, Health Record book and much more!


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What will the “Planner for a good day” help you with?


A good day planner is a comprehensive tool for planning your life, regardless of whether you are a student, mother, boss, employee or are just looking for your way. It was built so that you from today she could care for life energy, joy, health, family, important relationships, finances and her career with the same attention. Thanks to the design of the binder, you can personalize it and adapt it to your current expectations.



Why did I create “Planner for a good day”?


In the thirteenth year I run my own company, and before that I finished two management studies – I studied in Poland and abroad, always combining full-time studies with work, and then my own company. The search for a proven system to manage our lives led me to create a calendar that lasts a year has evolved into a comprehensive planning tool for many zones in our lives – you can see its first edition, which, like me, will develop.


In one city I collected the most important tools of a holistic approach to organization and planning, which I use successfully on a daily basis.



Who did I create “Planner na dobry dzień” for?


Today I am giving you the “Planner for a good day” – which I created for a person who is very important to me – for myself. Just like me – it will help you find your priorities, set goals for them and effectively stick to your life signposts, regardless of their current life role.


In just a few days, a post will be published on the blog in which I will show you in detail how I set my priorities, as well as regularly and effectively verify the activities I have chosen – and “Planner for a good day” helps me take care of myself and my life every day.



Ideal for is not “Planner for a good day”?


Only on the Polish market there are thousands of paper tools to organize your life, and each of them has their die-hard fans. Personally, I tested dozens of them, and the system I created allows me holistically take care of my life, health, family and career. Therefore, “Planner for a good day” is not for you if you are completely satisfied with the planner you just have.


“Planner na dobry dzień” will not work for you if you do not want to organize several zones of your life in one place, you value spontaneous activities above all and do not want to learn and practice planning, set goals or consistently pursue them. “Planner na dobry Dzień” will not work for you if you do not like and do not want to take notes.


What distinguishes “Planner na dobry Dzień”?


calendar planner 2020 pastel pink

Find out 11 reasons why you should buy my Planner for 2020


1. Calendar form with entered dates


Did you know that people have an absolute tendency to overestimate what we are capable of during the day and completely underestimate what we can do during the year? Therefore, in my planner there is no room for “empty days” – no dates.


“Planner na dobry dni” is a planning tool for setting small and larger goals and achieving them. AND what is the foundation of a well-built goal? Embedding it in time. That’s why I definitely think that a good planner is one that has dates – day by day.


I have already used many planners without dates, where I could enter them freely. In practice, this was to serve the purpose that if I am going on vacation or if I do not plan anything for a few days – I can not describe these dates and not “waste cards”.


Personally I do not agree to “empty days” and “wasted cards in my life” – it’s like giving yourself permission in advance that the days of rest and vacation were less important than those we spend on work. Or pretend to yourself how busy it is when whole less productive days are missed.


Further I consider planning days off and holidays to be the basis of my life balance – work-life balance each of us. That’s why in my “Planner for a good day” it is also a calendar – from December of the previous year to January of the following year.


Of course, you can use a “clean” planner by manually entering the dates for the whole year – in practice I always did, but those were wasted hours spent on filling in dates and correcting mistakes – in practice I always made a mistake somewhere and had to plot and correct many days.



2. Weekly calendar layout


So 7 days on each spread – with the hours from 7 to 21 entered.


Over the years I have been planning my life in calendars with a day view, i.e. one day on one page – unfortunately I had a great tendency then to overestimate my capabilities and write down the entire page with tasks and notes that were so numerous that it was impossible to do. So I started the following days by rewriting and rescheduling unfinished tasks for the next days and weeks, and I was accompanied by a feeling of failure and an unfinished plan.


It was a huge discovery for me calendar with weekly view and division into hours and a place for two small tasks per hour or one larger. Thanks to this arrangement I have a clear view of the entire week plan, I am able to accurately plan the task during the task, leave some “gaps” for unforeseen matters. I can easily establish daily or weekly rituals, set permanent time blocks such as escorting or picking up children to kindergarten or weekly classes.


In addition, I distinguish professional tasks with colors from those related to children and relaxation – it’s a great tracker of life balance.


The great advantage of the weekly view is also that it’s enough for me to she flipped three pages and I can already see the detailed plan of the whole month – it is much easier for me to add an additional task or meeting to my schedule than if I had to flip 15 pages in a calendar with a day view, not to mention one without hours, where it is easy to get lost in the maze of tasks and overestimate your possibilities one day to underestimate their second day.


As an entrepreneur, mother, daughter or friend – I cannot imagine not starting planning the next year other than from entering the most important dates for me in the calendar – birthdays of relatives, anniversaries, name days, holidays in kindergarten or in the church, as well as important professional and cultural events. This allows me to plan the year so as not to overlap important events and at the last minute not to make decisions on which important occasions I have to give up for the benefit of others.


Importantly – attached list of important dates Thanks to the use of a binder, I have one – in a year it is enough to buy a calendar insert, and the most important notes will remain with me for the next years.


I have found out very effectively in recent years, especially that Mother’s Day tastes best to me on May 26, and my birthday on June 25. This is another reason why I cannot imagine an effective plan without setting it in time.


3. Monthly calendar view


In “Planner for a good day” you can plan your year from general to detailed, because at the beginning you are greeted by the annual calendar view, and then 12 month views, on which you can add tasks that are set on specific days – here I write anniversaries with appropriate colors, but also visits to the doctor or parties to which our children are invited as well as weddings and receptions that I coordinate and training sessions that I run. Thanks to that I can easily plan holidays, holidays or periods of hard work on a project – thanks to this, it is enough for me to flip through 5 pages to be able to see important events and tasks throughout the year and to be able to estimate her plans and possibilities.


4. Practicing gratitude


If you have been on my blog for a long time, you know very well that I have faced many difficulties in life – if not, I will briefly tell you about what you can read on it – because for years I have been speaking in the media on a topic especially close to my heart – infertility and loss of children during pregnancy and in the perinatal period. In one of the most difficult times of my life, many times I didn’t see the chance that my sadness would end one day and that my face would be smiling again.


Then one simple tool saved me – practicing gratitude.

In “Planner na dobry Dzień” I wholeheartedly encourage you to do that she began each day by practicing gratitude – this exercise does not need to take more than 3 minutes. Every day you write down 5 things for which you are grateful, and gratitude fills your heart from the moment you open your eyes and helps to gain the right perspective in life. It’s the best tool to deal with stress in the world.

When I thought that I had lost everything with my children – it turned out that I still have more than 80% of the people on this planet – a roof over my head, warmth, food, a husband, and a much better chance of surviving the end of the day than other people.

Practicing gratitude every day is a tool that is able to change our lives, looking at the world, relationships with loved ones, and above all, our attitude to life and the world, which is the key to well-being every day. And when you make it a habit, you will do it automatically.


The habit of practicing gratitude is able to change even the greatest pessimist into a smiling optimist!


And when, at any moment, the worst time comes – just flip through a few pages and read what you’ve been grateful for over the past few weeks – you’ll see how rich you are in your life – it will be much easier for you to disperse black clouds over your head.


To this day, I remember the first 10 things I put on my list: a flat on credit, which was my asylum, a husband who stayed by my side, tasty food that I could cook for myself, a garden in a jar that I could grow, a camera that I could use taking photos that I dreamed of all my life, two hands to work and this blog that I could write in the evenings – isn’t that real wealth?


Even if you are not at any difficult moment in life, practicing gratitude can be a huge life change for you.


I remember once every day I started browsing Instagram – that is “comparing your backroom to someone else’s exhibition“. I don’t have to tell you that watching the successes of others from the very morning, when I almost overslept for work and didn’t do anything today for myself or for anyone – I effectively demotivated myself. Instead of being thankful for what I have, I focused on what I lack. And so the innocent “inspiration” turned into pulling me down from the very morning.


I already had one habit – starting the day with the phone in my hand – I easily changed it into another – starting the day with a Planner in my hand and typing 5 things into it that I am grateful for today. Changing so little, I’ve changed so much!

calendar planner 2020 practicing gratitude


5. Healthy eating planning and tracker

Since I had problems with maintaining pregnancy, I began to be interested in healthy eating and natural support for our body. For many years I had different stages – sometimes better, sometimes weaker taking care of myself in the subject of meals, but I never thought it was so bad … as it turned out, when I had to write down my meals for 2 weeks to arrange a therapeutic diet for me.


Gaps in the meal plan so large that after them I would throw myself at every food, because I was so sick of hunger that I couldn’t control myself. Eating out more often than I ever suspected. Whether I was a mother of a small child or a busy businesswoman – my tendency towards eating sins was on a similar level.


That is why in “Planner na dobry Dzień” I created not only tools for planning meals for the whole week and creating shopping lists, but also for daily monitoring of what we ate. For me it’s the best mix of tools for taking care of healthy nutrition and family finances.


In addition, you can mark every day the number of glasses drunk water or use this tracker to making every other daily habitwhich is repeated several times a day – there are 10 countdown symbols to make it easy to measure targets.



6. Lists of gift ideas, reading books, movies and TV series to watch


How many times have you chosen Netfliks movie for so long that you finally went to sleep? How many times have you saved an interesting movie somewhere to watch so that you cannot find this card later? How many times did your mother tell you that she would like to read a book, and before her birthday for nothing in the world could you not remember what book it was?


Although I regularly save such items on my phone in the Wuderlist application, I regularly rewrite them to Planner and I plan only hit gifts for various occasions. This treasure of ideas serves not only me, but also my whole family – you will never have to ask anyone for a gift idea again.


You can save in the same way ideas for places you want to visit, both in Poland and abroad, create a list of recommended hotels and guesthouses.


7. Health


Since there are no adult health books, it has been a lot harder for me monitor your health, results, plan visits, tests and prescription extensions.


I remember how six years ago I got allergic to one painkiller – the doctor told me to write down this important information – I wrote it down, but to this day I do not know where and during the next delivery my doctors had a huge problem with choosing drugs for me.


I have children in my phone, but with two it was more and more difficult for me to remember quickly and easily which and what allergies it has, what it did, and when it was gone and when it should be gone. Of course, children have their own books, but I don’t always have them on hand.


During the last visit, the doctor offered me another cytology and I tell him that we just did! He checked in a computer card and it only turned out … 15 months ago! That is why in “Planner na dobry Dzień” I created a separate tab, thanks to which you will also embrace the health aspects of your life, and thanks to the fact that the “Planner na dobry Dzień” is in the binder, you can add a T-shirt to it anywhere and keep recent research results or prescriptions and referrals for implementation.


I found here a place for the most important information about you pesel, blood group, allergies and intolerances, dosage of drugs and supplements, menstrual calendar, list of names, specialties and contact details of doctorswho look after you as well list of test results and a calendar of medical visits along with notes.



That you may also take care of those you love, I originally prepared for you 5 patient cards, which you can also print and attach using the binder function.


8. Motivation cards


Do you remember my challenge #NoWaitActed? I used in it an effective method and tracker for building habits, which from today you can always have at hand in your “Planner for a good day”.


9. Address book


We send each other cards, notes and… we know our addresses less and less. A place to save them will motivate you to collect them and maybe next year you will send lovely Christmas or birthday cards?


10. Planning expenses and savings


I remember for many years I never could save anything – then I discovered that until I planned the savings in the home budget just like spending, almost never I didn’t save, and certainly not in the long term.


Since I plan savings in the same way as expenses – I just save, even small amounts, but I do it consciously and when expenses exceed my plan in a given month, I need to reorganize my family budget, patching the hole not necessarily with savings, just an example reducing the budget for family outings, trips or clothes.


Further I will help you track fixed monthly payments such as electricity, rent or gas and whether you bring them on time.


11. Notes


The planner ends with blank pages for any notes – from meetings, phone calls or other loose notes. Thanks to this, when you have a planner with you, you have a comprehensive tool for planning and organizing your life.


I give you the Planner for a good day,
and the slogan #NieCzekamDwczaj Let it be your signpost.



Today you can buy “Planner for a good day” in an elegant frame made of vegan leather in light, pastel pink


Numerous pockets and a convenient form of a binder they give you almost endless organizational possibilities.


And if you love to surround yourself with beautiful things, you’ll love it complete folder – it is perfect both for work, where it will help you transfer documents and make a good impression, as well as in private life when you need to take documents with you to a bank or office.

The product is entirely sewn by hand in Poland.

Are you still hesitating? Buy and start planning today!