An oasis of peace and a balm for the soul, eye and palate – 40 minutes from Warsaw

So far, for holidays with children, I have chosen places that are very friendly to them, but those in which I had a guarantee that they would not be the loudest ;-), i.e. large hotels with endless running corridors, created in the first place for parents with children. This time I had a great desire to spend my time a bit differently – quieter, more peaceful, more beautiful, but still very comfortable, with two lively kids aged 2 and 4,5 years. In the countryside, but also close to the city.

Mała Wieś Palace – holidays with children near Warsaw

As soon as we arrived, we were surprised how peaceful a place so close to Warsaw can be. Although we went on our vacation in high season, and there were a lot of guests in the facility – well! there was even a wedding taking place – we often felt as if we were the only guests of this enormous property where everyone is able to find their own seclusion. Small Village Palace is just located on a country estate of over 30 hectares – it is wonderful and very quiet there, the complex consists of many buildings, and everything looks just like a picture.


Small Village Palace


Heaven for the soul, eye, palate and… photographer!


The Small Village Palace will delight all lovers of places with soul, lovers of architecture and sophisticated interiors, because every corner, both in the hotel and around it is perfectly developed and furnished with attention to the smallest details. It is a place with a rich history that looks out from every corner of the place that was once the home of a friend and advisor to the last king of Poland – Stanisław August Poniatowski.



Accommodation Pałac Mała Wieś

We’ve been placed in one of the four outbuildings spread around the main palace building.

Palace Small Village Blesk Duży


And after leaving the outbuilding, we had such a wonderful and breathtaking view in its doorstep!


Palace in Mała Wieś


Mała Wieś Palace – rooms

Our room consisted from the living room with a sofa bedwhere Santa slept …


Small Village Palace roomsSmall Village Palace rooms insideSmall Village Palace outbuildingSmall Village Palace rooms, fold-out bed


…and a spacious bedroomin which a cot for Maks was placed.


Rooms Palace Small VillagePalace of the Little Countryside room


When we arrived, already a baby cot and baby bath were waiting for us. When planning the trip, we chose the additional room equipment, which was a huge convenience for me, because I didn’t have to take so many baby gadgets with me. At the Mała Wieś Palace for the first time I also met with the fact that before our arrival all contacts in the room were protected from children.



Restaurant and cuisine of the Mała Wieś Palace


The restaurant of the Mała Wieś Palace is located in a historic building Old coach house.


Every day we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had a choice of à la carte dishes, and each day we could also try dishes prepared specially by the chef, which the waiters always suggested.



The food was tasty, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and I liked the best … bread! The one with the addition of apples was simply insane and I can safely say that I would love to come back to this unique place, if only to try once again great bread.



Wine lovers they will definitely taste this local Polish.


He made sure that we could peacefully enjoy what the kitchen prepared for us restaurant kid’s corner – we liked the table in its immediate vicinity, and as you can see – our children liked the corner itself.



Among dishes prepared especially for children, our sons especially remembered the pancakes and… mashed potatoes – served under a charming cover.



Attractions for children


Small Village Palace is definitely a child friendly facility. Outside there is a large playground with a beautiful wooden house.



Because around the palace they are beautiful park and gardensand we visited it when it was warm and pleasant – we spent a lot of time outside. Outside we find a football field, and we can rent bikes and helmets from the hotel. Mikołaj fell in love with his vehicle so much that he called him “my Akcenciku”, he started and ended every day at the window looking if he was waiting for him there, and after returning, we had no choice and we had to buy him his own bicycle with pedals  the fifth birthday was the perfect occasion for that.



The hotel also arranges animations and thematic workshops for kids, and the room can be rented Xbox console and books for reading together.


Although it was raining on the last day, it didn’t bother us, because in such a place no one will be bored, even when the Polish weather doesn’t spoil you. We took umbrellas with us and went jump in puddles!



Palace in Mała Wieś

Due to the fact that our children are … still children and usually make a lot of noise around them, we managed to arrange individual visits to the historic palace outside of its opening hours for visiting and guide work.



There is also a charming chapel inside, which can be married in a church or concordat – it is a great rarity in Poland!



We all had eyes around our heads – Maksio even fell into the glass in a beautiful and huge bathing room, and I… wanted to come back here – this time just for the two of us. Maybe the next 10th wedding anniversary will be the perfect occasion? Okay – 20 can also be 




A great attraction for tired parents will be a little respite in the palace SPA. I am very glad that during our trip we decided to take care of the children one day alternately, so that each of us could take advantage of the wide range of massages. I chose a candle massage and I was delighted with it. A moment of relaxation allowed me to recharge my batteries and regain my strength to continue using the hotel’s attractions. In the SPA, in the Hidden Room, there is also a relaxation room and a dry sauna – the perfect place for a moment of relaxation.





The palace also has a wonderful tea room, in which we tried aromatic coffees, teas and delicious sweets. Live music concerts are also held there during the summer.


Small Village Weddings Palace


Of course, when visiting such a special place, I also had to test it for weddings and weddings  Undoubtedly I can say, and I have a lot of experience, that this is one of the five most beautiful wedding venues in Poland. For now, I rated it visually, but next year our Wedding Label will organize a wedding ceremony at one of our great young couples in the Mała Wieś Palace, so we will have the opportunity to check the entire object thoroughly.


The rooms in which the ceremony can be organized are large, spacious and beautifule rooms. New Orangery was designed in such a way that architecturally refers to the orangery of the past centuries. There are two rooms – the larger one can accommodate up to 360 guests, the smaller one can accommodate 100 people. Both have a beautiful view of the French garden.




These windows – the perfect backdrop for celebration and of course for photos!



Small Village Palace weddings


The property is also located Greenhouse – the rustic space created from a combination of glass, wood and visible metal structures perfectly suits the celebration in a rustic, boho and industrial atmosphere.



Rose Garden, which is part of the French-style garden, is the perfect place for a family and wedding session, and the French garden itself is amazing symmetry and regularity of composition. The hotel also has a beautiful English park, with two ponds, where you will feel close to nature and relax.



The French garden is located fabulous Gloriette. Openwork dome and crystal chandelier and majestic columns create the perfect place for outdoor wedding. Love radiates from it that we couldn’t resist!



The Small Village Palace is a paradise not only for children, but also for adults, which literally looks like a beautiful picture from Instagram. You really don’t need to look for the perfect frames, just stand anywhere and just take a photo. Although the hotel welcomes many guests in the high season, it is completely imperceptible – when we carried out our family session, we felt as if we were the only guests.


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