Beach toys

How to make our kids have fun during warm days, spent together on the beach or in the garden? Check out what we have added to our collection of Maks and Mikołaj toys during this year’s holiday. Get inspired and make your little ones happy. I am convinced that our proposals will guarantee them many hours of fun.








Beach toys



With the beginning of summer holidays, the time has come to replenish the boys’ toy collection. On sunny and warm days, the best place to play is of course the beach or our little garden. Boys love to spend their free time outdoors. They have a lot of fun playing together. By organizing their free time during this period, I try not only to have fun, but also to be safe, and the fun itself brings educational benefits. Today I will show you my way and my suggestions to diversify our little ones’ free time.



A boat



little ice cubicle


Seafaring games in being the captain of a ship is undoubtedly the favorite game of every boy. The imagination of our children knows no bounds, and thanks to the design the Zsilt boat games become even more interesting. The toy consists of two elements. A separate element is a sail, which in the blink of an eye becomes a triangular mold perfect for playing in the sand.


beach toys


It is very nice that the toy is made of 100% recycled plastic, which makes it friendly to our natural environment.



Collapsible bucket





What would our kids’ games in a sandbox be without an irreplaceable bucket. Have a must in the collection of backyard toys for every child. Unfortunately, the toy often becomes difficult to transport to more distant places due to its large dimensions. Folding is the perfect solution Mini Silicone Bucket with a Scrunch Spatula  perfect for an airplane or a mummy’s purse. It will undoubtedly save every walk or trip with our kids.

After folding, the toy becomes a small harmonica, which you can change into your child’s favorite toy with one movement. A solution thanks to which you will undoubtedly win the title of the Mother of the Year in the eyes of your children.



A spatula and a sand strainer





It undoubtedly becomes an indispensable duo for all little fans of playing in the sand Zsilt paddle and sand strainer. In the handles of both there are holes that act as a funnel, which will additionally diversify the fun of our children. Thanks to them, you can also put toys one inside another and create a set of toys that are convenient to take on a trip.



Sand molds





Who of us adults does not remember the endless games of sand cakes. Extremely absorbing and educational fun for each child.

Mikołaj and Maksio love all kinds of animals and sea accents. We chose together Scrunch silicone sand mold set.


Thanks to the soft material from which the molds were made, every grandmother will be successful. They will fit in any purse or luggage, ensuring great fun for every child, both on the beach, in the sandbox and in the bath.



Moomin figurines



Toys perfect for playing adventures that Moomins themselves never dreamed of. Maksiu and Mikołaj are in love with the famous fairy tale “Moomin Valley” thanks to the set figurines of “Moomins” for bathing, whose protagonists are Moomin, Migotka and Mała Mi, playing together becomes even more interesting and enjoyable. The figurines wonderfully develop the imagination of our children, guaranteeing them fun for long hours.


The figures are made of a material that is pleasant to the touch. They are perfect for playing in water, sand, but also at home. The set includes a plastic, blue bathtub that perfectly complements the entire set.



Inflatable pool



liewood inflatable pool


Often, when we go on vacation, the pools we are in are too deep for younger children. The perfect solution for mothers who are faced with the challenge of saving their children’s water games is inflatable poolthat you can easily hide in any bag and take it out at the right moment, making your baby extremely happy. Just inflate it, throw in a few of your favorite toys and it’s ready to play for hours. Our Liewood pool He has been with us for 3 years and I feel that this is not the last holiday together.





Children's sunglasses


When organizing our youngest games in the open air, we should not forget about sun protection. Then you need – a cap with a visor, a UV stand and glasses with UV filters. The sun’s rays are a factor that is harmful to the eyes of our little ones. Let’s not forget to protect them from an early age. This year we chose classic but beautiful ones Elle Porte Ranger sunglasses – Buff 3-10 years, which come in many colors, and the universal model will be perfect for a boy and a girl.


To complete the set, Maksio put on his children’s UV outfit from Lassig – the shorts have a special diaper, but this year we washed it and got airy, loose shorts for the next year.


What are your water hits? Be sure to let me know so that I know what to buy next year.

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