Cozy bedroom

A cozy bedroom is a need that appeared in me only with time – initially I arranged it in cool white, additionally with glossy fronts, which are not “warm” at all. Check what I changed in our bedroom! Get inspired by my ideas for small changes that will turn any room into a cozy oasis for relaxation.


Cozy bedroom


A place of celebration of rest, the kingdom of sleep and relaxation – BEDROOM!
A room where we spend a lot of time not only while sleeping. The key element conducive to our relaxation is giving the interior the right character.


You will surely remember the earlier decor of this room, in which the seaside atmosphere in the New York style of the interior of the Hamptons area was complemented by bedroom console.



A cozy bedroom – the implementation of new ideas and inspirations



For some time now, I have felt a strong need to insulate the interior in which I am staying. I feel good in cozy rooms that, with their arrangement, create a warm socket, which is perfect for losing myself and allowing myself to fully relax.





As you already know, I love playing with textures, I love introducing new patterns and combining them with existing ones. Accessories are very important to me. Little things that make me feel special. Things that do not require a lot of money, simple rituals that give me a feeling of incredible comfort in the comfort of my own home.



Cozy bedroom – new console arrangement



The biggest element that has changed is the console next to the bed. It retained its current location, but completely changed its form.


The white piece of furniture creating a seaside atmosphere in the entire interior was replaced by a new wooden console, based on two gold-colored brackets. The natural shade of warm wood combined with golden legs completely warmed this area of ​​our bedroom.





I replaced the cool porcelain with baskets made of natural materials. These, in turn, were filled with blankets that were pleasant to the touch. The whole composition found its place just below the console, because this new one has no shelves in the lower part. There are many places under it that I decided to use in this way.





The crowning of this element of the bedroom were new accessories and a mirror that replaced the existing white frames with our photos. This time I focused mainly on elements in golden color. This shade, like no other, perfectly warms the interior. Of course, there were candles, which I love so much. A living flower arrangement in the form of a garden in a jar – a gift from my graduate Course on the Wedding Planner – I exchanged for dried bouquets which brought back memories of summer in me. Keeping consistency, I chose a round mirror in a golden frame. The gentle shape combined with the frame in a warm color harmonizes with the whole in a subtle way.


Completing the composition on the console table lamp SOBER by Markslöjd.
Elegant and classic Scandinavian design made in a modernist style is perfect for our bedroom as an additional light source. The brass-colored lamp base fits wonderfully with the other accessories.





A cozy bedroom – the new face of the existing bedside tables



In the case of bedside tables, I decided to only modify the current furniture. I really like their form, they are both nice and functional. The white color harmonizes perfectly with the other elements of the bedroom, while the shelves and drawers are the perfect place to store various small items.


The only thing that did not fit in with my new bedroom concept were the handles mounted in the drawers. The previous ones, with their color and texture, made the entire cabinet look very cool visually. In order for this piece of furniture to match the whole, I once again chose golden color. The new handles not only impress with their shade, but also with a modern shape. After replacing this detail, the entire table gained a new face. The white color no longer appears to be a cool shade.





The main lighting in our bedroom is a truly unique element. Every time I look at it, I am excited about the philosophy of this brand. Especially now, when I can only dream of traveling for many different reasons. My imagination is stimulated by thoughts about the long journey that this lamp covers. It is a handicraft made of wooden beads – BROMO ceiling lamp by Nusa . He begins his adventure from the moment of production and packaging in Bali. I am glad that I can have such a lamp that reminds me that my home is also my miracle. It’s nice that I can appreciate it with such a work of art.








Cozy bedroom – a new element



Functional and charming – the bench – placed at the foot of the bed, beautifully blended in with our interior. It harmonizes perfectly with our SOBER table lamp – Marksl brandsöjd, also made in the Scandinavian style. Thanks to her, the bedroom has become cozier. The bench is great as a place where you can put away a blanket or decorative pillows. The use of a material in a color similar to the upholstery of the bed in combination with a wooden frame fits perfectly with the rest of the furniture. The element itself is a beautiful decoration that will find many functional uses in our bedroom.





I love changes and refinement of the interior of my home. The solutions described above made our bedroom feel like in a new room, and only a few small elements have changed! The perfect proof of the importance of the changed elements in this room is the fact that the bedding remained the same, and its visual perception is completely different both before and after the metamorphosis – a cozy bedroom!


And how do you like the changes we made to our bedroom?


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