How to dress for baptisms and communion? 3 stylizations

How to dress for baptism and communion

How to dress for baptisms is probably the biggest fashion challenge waiting for a young mother. Spring is in full swing, the time of communion has come, and baptisms are also happy on warmer days. An outfit suited to such celebrations is one of the principles of savoir vivre. What to connect with and what to avoid?


After publishing a photo of Maksymilian's christening on Instagram, there were a lot of questions about our styling. I will be happy to describe it to you, but first ...


A few rules for composing costumes for special occasions

Communion or baptism is not a family dinner, a date or going to the theater, but important church celebrations. The outfit should be properly matched to their seriousness and place.


By meeting the following 4 requirements, we are almost doomed to success:


1. The right length of the creative

It is neither a formal ball nor a club, so we must remember about the appropriate length of the skirt or dress: slightly above the knee, above the knee or slightly below the knee - not a mini skirt, but also not to the ankles. Let's not go to extremes and aim for the middle. The midi length will be just right!


2. The right neckline

The neckline, which is perfect for a baptism or communion, is a stand-up collar or a small neckline - boat or spike. However, let's not go crazy with its depth - after all, it is a very elegant church ceremony.


3. The right cut

When choosing an outfit, remember that it should have the right cut - tailored to our figure and emphasizing its qualities. A well-chosen outfit will make our figure strive for the ideal - the hourglass.


Choosing a cut for your figure is a river theme from which you could easily prepare the entire post. If you want, I will prepare for you a separate material on this topic and show examples.


4. Right color

Celebrations such as baptism or communion are always accompanied by photos, what's more - group photos. That is why we should avoid patterns so as not to stand out too much and not dominate the photo. Therefore, smooth fabrics will be perfect, but there are no contraindications to play with textures, such as lace or tweed.

What color is right for you? It depends on what color type you are - in spring, summer, autumn or winter, or simply - cool or warm. However, light, subdued and pastel colors will work well. One thing is for sure - avoid black! Leave her for other circumstances.


What about extras?


Bolero, jacket or… coat?

For a dress or a skirt? Of course it's a coat! At any time of the year, an elegant coat adapted to the weather conditions will be perfect. However, remember that its length should be appropriate - it should not be shorter than 2 cm from the dress or skirt.



Of course, pumps or classic high heels will work best. However, it is important that their fingers are covered. Heel height? I would prefer comfort, it is very easy to take a class by wearing heels that are too high, on which we cannot walk - personally, after pregnancy, I had to learn how to walk in high heels again! So, put on a heel that you can stand on and walk all day, even if it's almost flat. You will definitely feel in it (and also look) much better than in too high heels.



A small, perfect clutch bag is enough to hide the most necessary things. Of course, if you are a mom, the list of the most necessary things grows a bit, so in this case another small handbag may be better. However, there is no need for you to carry a large bag with a supply of children's accessories on your shoulder - you can easily hang it on a pram or leave it in the car.



Remember that less is more. Make sure your jewelry is flashy and elegant. Pearls, small stones, a delicate bracelet or an elegant jewelry-colored watch will work perfectly well. Also make sure that all metals in the costume or jewelry are of the same color: silver or gold. It will add class to you!


Like a royal couple

Have you ever noticed how the royal family dresses for family celebrations? I don't doubt that their stylist and image expert are responsible for their final look, but one thing is important: elegance. Clothing in a similar color, covered shoulders and the right length of creation, full shoes, modest jewelry and makeup.

I have noticed many times that the royal family often dresses tone by tone. And I'm not talking about identical clothes for example for mother and daughter, but about similar colors. I believe that this is a kind of identification of the image of the whole family, which also strengthens the sense of unity. And by the way it looks good in the pictures.


3 styling suggestions

I have prepared for you three styling suggestions. Do you know their common denominator?


First, a cut adapted to (My) figures.

I am a triangle, so thanks to the flared skirt my figure is proportionate at the top and bottom. This trick will work for almost every figure, also for an hourglass. It is worth checking it also by pears - there is a chance that a small neckline will add volume in the shoulders, and a flared skirt will hide wider hips. Pears - be sure to check this design at home!


Secondly, the right colors

Bright, flashless, subdued colors. A coat of the same color but a slightly different tone.


Beige tone-in-tone stylization

A beige dress, a slightly darker coat, beige - flesh-colored high heels and a little cooler, gray handbag.


All with silver accessories, among which large earrings play the main role.

Beige dress coat Christening outfit Beige Marie Zelie dress mother's communion dressmother's communion dress mother's baptism dress Baptism outfit mother's baptism dressParenting blog christening dress how to dress for communion how to dress for baptism women's communion dresses

Dress: Marie Zelie
Shoes: Ryłko
Earrings: Lilou
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Purse: Michael Kors
Coat: Talinder


Gray stylization tone in tone

My proposal for colder days, a gray dress with 3/4 sleeves, made of cotton fabric with a characteristic oxford weave, complemented by beige-blue jewelry and silver-colored accessories.

mother's baptism dress baptism dress baptism styles Christening dress bag Marie Zelie gray dress women's communion dresses

Melia dress gray: Marie Zelie
Wool gray coat: Reserved
Earrings and necklace: Artelioni
Purse: Michael Kors
High heels: Badura
Glasses: Ray Ban Erika


My baptism styling, son

Following in the footsteps of the royal family, I wanted styling tone in tone to apply to our entire family. That is why, although I love bright colors, on the day of baptism I decided to stylize the tone in the tone of all four of us and blue.


It is no coincidence that on such an important day as Maks' baptism, we dressed in blue. The blue color symbolizes spirituality, peace, peace, water, freshness, purity, dynamism, creativity and inspiration - it is also the color of friendship. It all describes my family perfectly.


In the end, I didn't have a blue coat for two simple reasons: first, I couldn't find a suitable one in any store at the time, and second, we were surprised by the weather - this year's Easter was quite chilly.


So I chose a blue dress, beige high heels and a beige warm coat.


Although my stylization was not a typical tone-in-tone style, I was wearing my jacket only on my way to and from the church.

A baptism dress for the whole family Blue baptism dress

Melia dress blue: Marie Zelie
Peacock earrings: Lilou
Wing bracelet: Lilou
Watch: Daniel Wellington


What connects all three styles?

Creating from scratch my capsule wardrobe, I focused on universal solutions, on dresses that, depending on the selected shoes and accessories, I can put on for many occasions of a very different nature.


The linen dress is great for a summer walk to sandals, in gray I feel good in the office, and each of them is suitable for high heels and boots, so it works well in any weather. In the blue one I feel that I inspire trust at important meetings and that's why I like her very much.


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  • Anna

    Mrs. Agnieszka, I like your style very much, it is perfect for me. Neither too much nor too little. It is true that the figure of the Lady is beautiful, so it is easier to choose something ... I would like to ask for advice, if possible. In May this year there will be my daughter's communion, and then I will be a month before the birth, in addition with an almost 2-year-old by the skirt and the eldest daughter, and of course my husband;). I don't know what to wear to look beautiful, feel free and stay warm ...
    I have a similar type of beauty to you, blonde and deep blue eyes. Best wishes

  • Jagna

    In a month, our daughter's baptism. I have a bit of a problem with shedding my belly after pregnancy and I can't choose the right cut for this occasion so that it doesn't look like I'm in the next pregnancy 😉 Will you recommend me a cut or maybe a specific model?

  • Asia

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Lena

    I'm not in communion, but I bought a cool, elegant modimod set for a Christian. when it's hot, I take off my jacket and the dress itself is already a great stylization.

    • 20.08.2018

      I love sets! I have to think about something myself 🙂

  • 16.08.2018

    We are very pleased - thank you!

  • 30.07.2018

    You went out fantastic, Agnieszka! I am afraid that if you came so dressed for Baptisms, your child would not get much attention 😉

    • 16.08.2018

      I went - the last photos are from our Baptism, a simple dress and only earrings provided me with a few nice words, and Maks was undoubtedly a star 🙂

  • 17.07.2018

    I often see a problem with women with the wrong neckline 😉
    Beautiful pictures!

    • 16.08.2018

      Thank you. Oh yes, it's true, or with too tight and short dresses, but it's because they find it difficult to find something suitable, I hope that I will help some 🙂

  • Justyna Aneta Rutkowska

    This cut of dresses is just perfect ...

  • Basia Marwińska

    Great suggestions! 🙂 I already have the communion stage behind me, but I really like this year's trends.

    • 16.08.2018

      I think that for many other occasions they will also be perfect 🙂 I am preparing similar styles for my son's birthday 2 🙂

  • 31.05.2018

    Beautiful photos! I get to know Rome, where I was 0,5 a year ago :)
    As a male fashion blogger, I will be visiting your site!

  • British Team

    Dress like a simple, but elegant, mature and classy. Very nice to you in such outfits.

    • 16.08.2018

      Thank you very much, I was so scared of this typeface and now I love it!

  • Kasia

    You look very nice. Really great suggestions 🙂 I will be preparing this type of event soon so I will definitely be inspired by it.

    • 16.08.2018

      Thank you very much and I am glad that I could suggest something

  • PacioG

    A beautiful photo of the whole family and these outfits 🙂 The best is the little one's pudding, I think I will buy one for my child 🙂

    • 16.08.2018

      Thank you! Kaszkiecik great, it's true, I couldn't resist it 🙂

  • Magdalena Pachowska

    Beautiful pictures 🙂

  • 18.05.2018

    In over a month my daughter is baptized and I'm just looking for a suitable outfit for myself. However, I have a limitation - I only breastfeed, so the dress would have to allow it. Do you recommend brands of breastfeeding clothes suitable for this celebration?

    • Weronika

      I have! Milook has very feminine and elegant styles of dresses, and each of them has invisible (!) Feeding sliders - I could not imagine more discreet feeding of a toddler and the dress of this company (white with a houndstooth) was perfect for my son's baptism, I recommend 🙂

    • 16.08.2018

      just saw - these beautiful dresses too!

    • Magdalena Pachowska

      The Marie Zelie company mentioned in the entry also has dresses with buttons at the front and will certainly be suitable for feeding. I bought this one with this option in mind 🙂

    • 20.08.2018

      Yes Yes! I have two - they are wonderful!

    • 19.05.2018

      I'm breastfeeding too - I just unbutton my dress on the back, throw a nice shawl and drop the dress from my shoulder, but I agree it's not the most comfortable - while Marie Zelie has very similar classic dresses with buttons on the front - here's my Aglaia: maybe you will like this model more, it comes in many colors to choose from 🙂