Maternity dresses that I love

Maternity dresses are my favorite element of pregnancy wardrobe. Being pregnant, I spent a lot of time looking for maternity dresses in which I felt nice and at ease. The choice on the market is not so big, because let’s remember: maternity clothing is not the same only in XXL size. These are specially designed cuts that will properly emphasize this wonderful condition. Meet my favorite maternity dresses!

Luckily I was able to find several styles in which I felt good and nice. And today I have prepared for you a few similar proposals, available in stores this year, perfect for the beginning of the summer season – all suggestions I found maternity dresses here, and a year ago, in search of similar styles, I had to search the Internet and Instagram for hours.


What did I pay attention to when choosing a maternity dress?


First of all on comfort. Pregnancy is a beautiful condition, but also a bit distressing. It squeezes here, it hurts here, and these swollen legs!


Secondly, that not only will be enough for the whole pregnancybut they also served me in childbirth – in some of them I even walk almost a year after giving birth!


Stripes? Necessarily!

striped maternity dress


Although in accordance with all the rules, the horizontal lines thicken, I felt extremely well and slim in a striped dress, which also perfectly cover the sides. And those in maxi length will let you hide your swollen legs! Advantages only.


striped maternity dresses



Maxi dresses

maxi maternity dress


During pregnancy, I avoided the sun, the maxi dress both protected me from radiation and comfort, hiding my swollen legs. I didn’t know what to wear, what the weather would be like? A long dress has always been a good answer for me.


long maternity dresses



Maternity feeding dresses

maternity feeding dresses


When choosing a maternity dress, it is always worth paying attention to whether it is easy to move it away, whether it detaches or unties at the breast. If so, it will be useful for you longer, becoming comfortable after giving birth breastfeeding dress. Although there are women who leave the delivery room in pre-pregnancy jeans, I always chose light and comfortable pregnancy clothes for a few more weeks, and thanks to this function the dresses gained a second life.


maternity feeding dresses


If you want to hide your pregnancy belly a bit …

maternity dresses hiding the tummy


Dark colors, black or navy blue will work great. You won’t hide your belly by standing sideways, but when someone is looking at you from the front, they may not notice your condition. I had such a situation myself in the ninth month of pregnancy, a few days before the birth, when I was wearing a dark dress and I took a seat, and someone wanted to ask me to leave it … 


I am sure that you will get a similar effect in each of these proposals, and if you want to make the tummy appear – all you have to do is place one hand over it and the other under it, emphasizing it beautifully:


maternity dresses hiding the belly



Wedding dresses

maternity wedding dresses


Of course, we can immediately go to the wedding dress salon for a wedding dress, but if you are planning a modest wedding, especially to organize a larger celebration after the birth of a child, it is worth looking for the right dress in a regular store for a few hundred zlotys. Romantic and outdoors, or elegant in the church, always beautiful and modest, not necessarily in white. Or maybe not only on the wedding day? Such a dress will be useful for many occasions.


maternity wedding dress for wedding

maternity dress for the wedding

Na every day new dresses appear, not only pregnancy, but for every occasion, today we will certainly find some new products there.


As you can see, I went through pregnancy with Maks in dresses, and what is your favorite element of pregnancy wardrobe?

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