A card from the active Mom's calendar

a day in the life of a wedding consultant and active mother

The theme of the organization of the day of the active mother very often appears in the comments on my Blog, Facebook or Instagram. Today I have written for you hour after hour, and even quarter after quarter what my day looks like. You are curious, right?

5: 45 rings an alarm clock

6: I take warm slippers, put on a nice bathrobe and go to the bathroom. I start the day by weighing myself and sending the results by text message to my sister - we motivate each other. I continue to wash my hair, put a mask on it, and while holding it, brush my teeth, put on my lenses, and rinse my face. Finally, I wash the mask off my hair.

At 6:15 I sit down to paint myself, Wojtek gets up at that time and around 6:30 he brings me hot coffee and breakfast - I love you, Husband!

6: 30 again bathroom direction, drying and styling

6: 45 direction bedroom, dressing and getting ready for work, eating breakfast, packing laptop, lunch

6: 55 comes Nanny

7: 00 trip to work

7: 25 I drop Wojtek to work

7: I park 30 outside my office

7: 35 I'm in the office and I'm starting work

10: 00 lunch

12: 30 I'm finishing my work, getting ready to go home

12: 35 I'm going home

13: 00 I'm at home

13: 00-16: 30 is a time only for me and for Mikołaj. Santa is always after a nap and usually after dinner, and if not then dinner is ready and waiting to be heated. Santa can often get so involved in the fun and take care of himself that I can easily pull dinner out of the freezer, put rice / grits, make a salad / salad and a quick dinner ready. I often manage to throw a self-propelled vacuum cleaner into the bedroom or a room and clean it up by the way M unless Miki has a bad day, I accompany him at every turn.

16: 30-17: 00 Wojtek returns from work, we eat dinner / afternoon tea, play, fool around

17: 00-17: 30 I sit down to the computer to see what happened during the second part of the day, answer urgent emails and messages, plan tasks for the evening

18: 00 I go back to Mikołaj and Wojtek, we try to play more and more quietly and calmly to calm the child before bedtime

18:30 p.m. we cook a porridge with fruit for dinner, bathe the baby, prepare the milk (despite the dinner, there must be milk for the night - a ritual) and put Mikuś to sleep

19: 00 usually Santa is already sleepingand we embrace the house (cleaning toys, embracing the kitchen, small housework)

19: 30-20: 00 we sit with Wojtek to work at one desk, we discuss business and home affairs, we work, we help each other solve problems. I devote a large part of this time to the blog, write and plan posts, reply to your comments and emails. We usually work until 23: 00-24: 00, if we finish earlier we go to the living room and watch a series or make tea and talk

24: 00 try to be in bed, we read, talk ... at this time, Miki usually wakes up for the first time for the night milk, the second time around 4 ... eats the milk and falls asleep immediately. No, you can't cheat with water 😉

5:45 the alarm clock rings ...

What you see above is PLAN, and a good plan is one that is easily modified. The most common changes that occur with us are:

  • In the morning, Mikołaj wakes up with us and then we change the nappy and put on clothes. We then involve him in turns in every activity, for example, I take him to the bathroom with me, Wojtek prepares breakfast with him and, as you can guess, everything can be quite long and we run around the house by 7:XNUMX like burned
  • Wojtek goes to meetings instead of home
  • in the evenings I go to meetings
  • we go with Miki to Wojtek to work and we go for a walk to our beloved Boulevard
  • We don't get up at 6:00, just at 6:15, for example, and ... the makeup is not so dry, the hair is not dry, the bangs are badly arranged, God forbid I forget to pack my laptop charger - it happened to me once!

I wonder if this is what you expected from my day? 😉

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  • 28.10.2015

    I can see that everything is great. Keep it up! Although, as you write - there are modifications to the daily schedule with the child. I have a question about the nanny: does she make soups for Santa? What are his duties? How do you control her? I have a nanny on the wallpaper

  • Kasik

    Thank you for your answer. My pediatrician claims to be a child of this age
    (my daughter is almost 11 months) should no longer eat at night. AND
    we fought her with my husband - we tried everything and the night whining,
    waking up every hour was explained by sprouts growing up
    developmental etc. But (knock) since I gave up and started giving a small one
    milk at night sleeps peacefully and longer. Let's see what will happen.
    Thank you for interesting topics and this plan which shows how the day goes by
    Your son.

    • 28.10.2015

      Oh, I heard that he shouldn't eat at night anymore since he was so many months old, so I tried to "cheat" with water, give more diluted milk, but none of that. If he did not get the milk, he would wake up crying every 5 minutes, until he finally woke up completely. I would not like to sleep hungry ...
      I also heard that it is supposedly not just hunger but habit, but how can I be sure? It is not a huge sacrifice to me for these night feeding, so we feed 🙂
      When I tried to give him water recently, he threw it out as if he wanted to say: something you, Mother - is she crazy?

    • Kasik

      Well ... we also tried to cheat with water and diluted milk, even there were two such weeks that after feeding at 20.00 p.m. and water at 3 am, the next feeding was at 6.30 a.m. - that's why we thought it was that time ... (but it was for holidays, all day outdoors .. maybe it was such a side effect? ​​because despite several months of attempts to repeat this pattern, it was not possible). In the end, I gave up and for a few days I have been giving milk twice a night - but now I have a problem with a wet diaper because she cannot withstand these feedings until the morning, and after changing my daughter, she wakes up. Are you changing at night ???

    • 29.10.2015

      And you know that it was also the case with us? For some time it was possible to replace it with water, but it was only temporary. The child was crying, I could not imagine continuing this. We have no problems with the diaper, as it happened once or twice, I immediately changed to a larger size and the problem did not occur anymore. Scrolling unfortunately wakes up, so when I have to, because several times it happened that I fell asleep in the car and moved the sleeping to the cot, I have a bottle with a warm milk in hand, but usually it does not help and wakes up and so there is no way to sleep.

  • Poliheina

    Is that for real? I think the topics end with substantive topics and you write anything, as long as there is content ... Oh, how weak it is.

  • Kamila PeugeotCikowa

    What a precision 🙂 Oh, I'm curious how my husband will fit into the rhythm of waking up before 10 ... now he can afford it, but from December he will have a total revolution in getting up 😉

    • 28.10.2015

      Mus is the best teacher 😉 if I didn't have to get up and didn't have an alarm clock, I would probably wait around 12 ...

  • Kasik

    And how much milk does Mikus eat at night? And after porridge before bedtime? And does he get a nap before daytime? My daughter is a bit younger but I still have a feeding bottle.

    • 28.10.2015

      Miki has a ritual that every time he goes to sleep there is milk. It does not matter that he ate porridge for dinner, in 3 minutes, when I put him in the crib, there must be milk - strength of habit.
      They eat twice at night. The finished milk has about 210ml and once it eats several dozen ml and once everything. There is no rule. The only rule is that, whether day or night, what 4h must eat already.

  • Allusia Blogspot

    You know what I like the most? That any plan in your life exists… none in mine, which is why I am wasting a lot of time! I think it's time to change it 🙂

    • 28.10.2015

      I know that not everyone works well according to plan, I have to have it, otherwise I feel bad.
      For this I am an absolute owl, I could work every day until 3 am, while in the morning I am unconscious and I get up just as hard at 6 or 8. If I had not set myself to work from 7:30 and set the alarm clock, I would probably sleep until 12 ...

  • 27.10.2015

    Handling everything when you return to work is not that simple, however. However, finding time for everything without compromising any of the important things requires a lot of dedication. Until I am afraid of what it will be like. So far I stayed at home with Hania, but maybe from January I will be looking for a new job ... I would also like to be organized like you in all this 🙂

    • 27.10.2015

      Exactly, finding all this time for friends, a good book, a date or a moment of reflection is not easy, but the more I have on my mind, the better I function. During the year at home, I could not half comprehend as well as now.

  • Sissi

    I came to your blog by accident :) great :) as a lawyer, my maternity leave lasts a year :) depending where :) I am 5 months old Zuzie ... an angel who just fell asleep near me because 5 means "hello mom get up" ... I always got up at 5 ... because you had to get ready to work ... always organized ... everything in order ... .. and now I can't imagine going back to PERMANENT workplaces; /

    • 27.10.2015

      I'm glad you like it, and how are you doing in terms of maternity? For me it was a catastrophe, I couldn't function like this "all the time" or completely organize myself, sometimes until 15 p.m. I didn't have time to embrace myself, I was very confused about the priorities of what was urgent and important. And without a job, I had a problem with motivating myself to get out of bed, into which I dragged all the toys and the Child, and so we wandered around for hours 😉

    • justyna

      I'm sorry for only now, but my head is gone ;-) I can't fall asleep and I'm catching up with reading your blog ;-) I'll tell you this ... my work in the office is easy because I have a child so far ;-) but most of them work from home. In addition, my hobby is German and I teach, so the afternoons are busy ... and I am finishing my PhD in law and I also have lectures (full-time studies). I learned along with this organization of the day. ..but I permanently work in one institution where I have a full mother and I don't know how it will be when I come back ... ..

  • Malgorzata Andruszkiewicz

    Do I have a zagwostke? Lotion i.e.? Best regards

  • Justa

    Reading this post, I had the impression that I was reading about myself 🙂 My husband and I also run a business together and we have an almost 2 summer daughter. Our plan of the day looks similar and we are also working for 24 as a tiny sleep 🙂 Have a nice work because probably Mikuś has just fallen asleep ogólnie And in general she is a very nice person of you and I really like your blog !!! I kiss and hug warmly

    • 27.10.2015

      Oh yes! I saw the comment in the desktop notifications yesterday and smiled right away because I was working on a new project 😉
      Thank you for very kind words 🙂