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A conference room, the fulfillment of our common dreams – ours, i.e. people who create a company with us, and those who trusted us and dream of more frequent meetings as part of our Academy of Wedding Studiosthe same Label or our interactive agency Brainbox. A meeting place for our team, guests visiting us, but also an incredibly inspiring space where work is pure pleasure. See how we creatively arranged an integral part of our office.


A conference room in our office

Kudela family business


When creating our company, Wojtek and I dreamed about it being a warm place from the very beginning our entire team feels at home. For many years – after the stage of renting the basement, and how we have this stage behind us – our office was located in the center of Gdynia in a modern office building. Behind the glass facade of the cold-perceived windows, we tried to insulate them as much as possible. Instead of a standard carpet, we placed wood-like panels on the floors, and the walls were proudly decorated with wallpapers and stuccoes, giving this place a unique atmosphere. As a result, the visiting guests greeted us with malts right from the doorstep “how beautiful it is here, we feel as if we have moved to a completely different place, and we are still on the second floor of the office building”.


You are probably wondering why we wanted to change when we created an almost perfect place in the city center. The beginning of our reflections on this life project turned out to be the most important factor in the life of every human being, which is Time. Since we ran the company in the city center, we managed to move to the outskirts of Gdynia for the greater comfort of our family and cleaner air. Our sons were born here, here they started their adventure with education and went to the nursery and kindergarten.


Daily commute After a quick calculation, it turned out that Wojtek and I were wasting a total of about 3 hours a day, which gave us more than 15 hours a week of time that we could use to play with our sons, play and play together, walks, and other activities that bring us joy and happiness.


The necessity to own proved to be another aspect two cars, constantly rising prices for their maintenance and parking lots, and more and more often the lack of a place to park – that is, being late, as well as stress for both us and our clients.


In 2019, our first thoughts on changing the location of the office closer to our home.


Initially, we thought about buying a flat with 3 rooms – this decision seemed sufficient to me. In the end, Wojtek convinced me to a two-level, 107-meter apartment with a large terrace overlooking the sea, using a very strong argument, which was own conference room – my dream for a long time. A place I could host our clients, students, organize meetings, workshops and mini-courses, but also spend time together with our wonderful office team.


We found the perfect place to fit our dreams, not far from our house. Wrapped up place a beautiful park, greenery, nature, a view of our wonderful Polish sea. As soon as we told our employees about it, we unanimously said “yes, this is the perfect place for us”.


When in December 2019 we received our dream premises, which we wanted to change into our dream office, we immediately knew what our conference room should look like. Due to the pandemic, the arrangement of our office took a long time, but today we can proudly present the effect of our work to you.


Loft wall in the conference room

loft conference room


Following our idea of ​​an office, we wanted the conference room to be on one side bright and spacious – hence the glass wall with a loft character, but also cozy, warm and inspiring for its guests. Working and talking in such interiors are a real pleasure for us.



Stars in the sky

When building the visual concept of this room, we wanted to combine different styles and textures, as well as styles. I came up with the name of this connection myself –  stars in the skywhere the stars are designer, unique pieces that attract attention and make the background – like the sky – a perfect complement to the interior and almost as unique.


if we have truncated budget – thanks to this strategy, we can create really stylish and atmospheric interiors, combining furniture and equipment of various origins.



Table in the conference room

conference room with table and chairs


We knew there would be a standing place in our conference room the largest conference table possibleperfect with folding option – for example, for photo sessions or industry events. We wanted everyone to sit comfortably during our team meetings, but ideas for other projects started to bloom in our heads, mini trainings or workshops with my wonderful students.


It took us quite a long time to find the perfect table. We wanted a simple, non-crude form, in the shade of warm oak wood. The so-called “Network”. It is in Jysk we found a table that i liked from the very first moment. Perfect shape, size, color – and folding. Everything as I dreamed it. This EGENS modeland its dimensions after folding are 90 × 190and when unfolded 90 × 270 – ideal for 8 people.


The biggest challenge, however, was matching the chairs. This element kept me awake at night. Because it’s hard to find chairswhich will both perfectly match the interior of the room, will be comfortable, and made made of good quality materialsso that you can clean them regularly, and keep them clean the form will be light so that with a large number of them not to burden the visual perception of the whole. And on top of that – at a good price.


Digging through countless directories, online shopping sites, finally I found the right ones!




conference room chair



Upholstered chairs with armrests, perfectly matching the decor, but also the purpose of this room. Black feet perfectly matching the glass loft wall, and the strong upholstery, but soft material in an amazing shade beige they perfectly warm the whole thing.


Chairs I found Azhai at the Selsey store – still available in color gray, mustard and black.


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Comfortable seat and perfect profiling armrests and the backrest, even a long-lasting meeting will not burden the spine and will not reduce the comfort of our guests. The fabric from which the seats are made was produced with the use of technology impeding the absorption of liquidswhich makes me even more happy due to the frequent visits of children and Zuma to our office. I am not afraid of accidents with spilled drinks, which happen to all of us, not only to our little ones.


Chairs conference room




conference room lamp petit friture cherry L


True the star – the icing on the cake there is a ceiling lamp of the famous interior design French brand Petite Friture – Cherry in white size L (they come in 4 sizes that you can see here). It’s wonderful a combination of designer minimalism, with an amazing accent in the form of a shiny golden ball that emerges from under the aluminum shade – breaking the simple form like jewelry. This lamp creates an amazing atmosphere, and is a perfectly matching and very functional decoration of the entire arrangement. Thanks to the integrated LED light source, the lamp is both energy-saving and gives a wonderful, romantic light color.


Cherry lamp Its form refers to a children’s fantasy – a cone-shaped ice cream with a cherry on top – isn’t that just sweetness? It is also environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, made in France from local raw materials.


Thanks to its form, it awakens the imagination of each of our guests. Amazing artistic and inspirational element our conference room, next to which no one passes by indifferently. It attracts the attention of both adults and children visiting us in the office.


Extra lamp we put it on the chest of drawers and next to the console – in this photo you can see Markslöjd Sober table lamp.


conference room commode Markslojd sober



Console and chest of drawers

console conference room



We are close to the zero waste idea – we decided to use two elements that we had before, viz chest of drawers originating – attention! – from a children’s room of one of my sons, and consolefor which our friend was looking for a new home.


Both elements fit perfectly into the decor of the entire room. In the chest of drawers we store all the necessary office supplies during meetings, while the console is decorated with decorative accessories, candles, flowers and our favorite books that inspire us in our daily work. During meetings, we put drinks and snacks on them, so they fulfill many functions.



conference room bellamy lotta chest of drawersconference room




lamp petite friture cherry L.


They complete the whole thing decorations in a maritime atmosphere – after all, behind our windows or from the terrace you can see the sea and the Hel Peninsula. Candlestick with seashells  candlestick with seashells or ceramic coral are one of my favorite decorations. You can also play tic-tac-toe while waiting for a delicious coffee.



“Old as the world, but always up to date: “Dreams do not come true – dreams do come true”. Until now, we had no space in any office intended only for a conference room – usually it was a separate corner in my office. Such a room is the perfect place for creative ideas, meetings of the entire team, meetings with students and clients.


And on the list of such dreams we still have a lot – a terrace in the office, a vestibule, a guest room or a laundry room at home – we believe that everything is ahead of us.


Be sure to let me know how do you like us? And what workshops would you like with me 

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