Decorative wall in our office

A decorative wall is something that immediately catches your eye when you enter our office. Why did we decide on this solution?


We believe that you can only make a first impression once. We decided to make it clear from the moment you enter our office that we are open to fresh perspectives, creative, inventive and unconventional.



Decorative wall

The decorative wall was obvious, we only considered its final appearance. It is located right in front of the entrance door, so we wanted the WOW effect.


We found a company It is a Polish manufacturer of decorative walls – 3D spatial panels. There are products created by excellent designers from Poland, France, Brazil and Israel – not only award winners, but also young and talented, and each of them has a very interesting story, inspiration and design. The choice of decorative walls from is wide: it can be wood, veneer, slate, laminate, concrete… Smooth panels and 3D panels. The form can also be different, from rectangles and squares to circles and hexagons. What did we choose?


Decorative wall with moss

We decided on 3D wall panel with live moss. Why? For two reasons.


decorative wall


First of all, our office is a meeting place of two worlds, mine wedding agency and interactive creative agency my husband Wojtek. The logo of Wojtek’s company – Brainbox – is a box with patterns resembling brain ganglia. The panel we chose resembles cerebral ganglia in its design. Secondly, thanks to the pattern with the addition of live chrobotka moss, we added elements of nature to our interior. This solution is very practical because the daffodil absorbs moisture from the air, so there is no need to water it.


It was hung on our decorative wall six such panels, each of them is different and unique. Thanks to the modular solution, we have a complete solution freedom in composing your own decorative wall.


decorative wall


There is a wall covered with fabric a bench and a table with industry books, which act as such a small one waiting room for our visiting customers and guests.


decorative walldecorative wall

The panels are really solid, of very good quality and easy to install – Wojtek attached them to the wall himself.


When choosing wall panels for our decorative wall, we wanted to emphasize our creativity, while providing ourselves and others with an interesting background for photos and a pleasant arrangement of our waiting room.


[photo by Aga & WOjtek]


To emphasize the character of our interior, a glass lamp with a characteristic bulb hung above our waiting room.


decorative walldecorative walldecorative wall


How do you like entering our office? We like it very much! In the next posts I will show you other rooms – all the cards have not been revealed yet 


decorative wall

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