Mikołajki will also be my holiday! See what I have chosen for myself

gift ideas for Santa Claus

I was shocked today, when the gift bags with a Christmas motif ran out in the store, after all, it's only the end of November!

It was only then that I realized that it surprised me, because it was the first time that we were preparing so "seriously" to celebrate St. A year ago, Miki was 2 months old and he didn't even have shoes for gifts, so when he got a pulled frog for Santa Claus, it was max. This year we want to start celebrating our Santa Claus ritual for the first time in our life from a second perspective - parent's perspective. And we enjoy it immensely!

Now we create our family tradition! In the evenings of December 5 we will clean and polish shoes together, laugh and guess what Santa will bring and who will get the rod, we will put the shoes under the door so that December 6 run down the stairs in the morning and check if there was Santa and something left.

On this occasion, I have prepared a list of Santa gifts, but not for children, because I think everything has been said about them this year, but with gifts for us! (Unless you fancy a Kids Quick List, it will be for tomorrow.)

Since we are creating the tradition now, why not announce that at our house, adults also receive gifts on that day? They do not have to be expensive or very sophisticated, the point is to give yourself another opportunity in the family, in the relationship, to enjoy small pleasures, show that you think and remember, make you happy!

That is why I have prepared a list of Santa gifts, perfect for every Young Woman and Mom in two price categories, buying both online and in stationary stores, i.e. with shopping you can go crazy even on St. Nicholas' Night (Tesco 24 / 7):


idea for a gift for wife to 50 PLN


1. Christmas cushion - I think each of us loves decorations, and such a pillow will fit into any interior | H & M Home, 39,90 - 25% discount on one product + free delivery of the next online order in exchange for subscribing to the Newsletter

2. Cap with a fashionable pompom - perfect for winter walks, and available for purchase at a XNUMX/XNUMX Tesco with a clothing department | F&F Tesco, 49,00 PLN

3. Tangle Teezer brush - I recommend it because I have it, I love it and I love it, combing your hair has never been so easy! available for purchase | Agito.pl PLN 25,99

4. Mug in a sweater - perfect for work or for winter evenings with a book, it will look beautiful on photos on Facebook and Instagram | Home & You, 45,00 PLN

5. Knee Highs - I have a version with a pastel pink finish, they are wonderful! wonderfully warm when worn with dresses | KappAhl, 49,90 PLN

6. Hot water bottle - will warm us up when we feel unclear, or after hours spent on a sled, or when Children with Dad go crazy on a sled while you read a book on a bench | Home & You, 49,00 PLN

7. Upbringing without prizes and punishments - a book that I really want to read, maybe you also want? | Empik, 31,49 PLN

8. Picture frame - will allow you to create a collage of the most beautiful emotions locked in the frame of photos, ideally if Santa Claus himself completes it before handing it | IKEA, 29,99 PLN



idea for a gift for wife

1. A warm pajama top with eye patch to match - for colder days, when it comes to nice clothes around the house, I would find a place for her in my wardrobe, oh yes! F&F Tesco, 75,00 PLN

2. Muffle to the trolley - Have you ever taken a stroller for a walk and forget your gloves? Or you just didn't expect it to be so cold? Thanks to the gloves attached to the stroller, this won't happen to you anymore! I had a muff last year (unfortunately it doesn't fit on our new stroller) and it was a lovely experience! In this I have already chosen a new one - more in the post by Fr. tuning strollers for the winter | LaMillou in the store Bobomio.pl, PLN 98,70 - 5% for subscribing to the Newsletter

3. Beautiful, smart, modest - all of you! Such a gift will surely make every woman smile | M, 79,99 PLN

4. Shawl 100 × 200 cm! I have and I will not give it back! I use it as a scarf, as a pancho, as a hood, as a blanket, literally everything! You want it too! | ZARA, 99,90 PLN

5. Happy Planner - I saw and fell in love! I had the cheaper version, one without the days of the week in paperback and I didn't like it at all, but this wonder with a week view is a real treat! Therefore, forgive me that it did not fit into the budget of PLN 100, but almost no! | Madama, 109 PLN

6. Pled, which will make evenings two or three even more pleasant, and will be a wonderful background for photos of both adults and children, these tangles are very photogenic! | IKEA, 99 PLN

7. Beautyblender - I don't, but he has been following me for a long time, I dream of a perfect foundation application, which is somehow more difficult in winter | Sephora, 69 PLN


And your adults get gifts for Santa Claus Day? What would you choose for yourself? And for Dad? Maybe you need a hint, I'll get Wojtek involved!

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  • Nicholas

    For little ones, I recommend kids toys - with Christmas themes as well as with Santa Claus. Great gift 🙂

  • Dominika Litwin

    this beauty blender is for applying foundation anyway? 🙂 I didn't know that

  • 30.11.2015

    Every year I made a list of presents for myself, but this year I got so involved in the presents for my daughter that I forgot about myself. I didn't know what I would like to get. But your list gave me some ideas :-) I think I have to sit down and prepare my letter to Santa :-)