5 ways to make your client feel special

If – like us – you run an office where customers come, you are you want them to feel at their best. Here are our 5 proven ways to make our visiting customers feel as distinguished guests as possible.

A satisfied customer is a customer who comes back to us for more services. This is a client we can during the meeting provide comfort and take care of it properly.


How do we care for our customers?


5 ways to take care of the customer, because we usually don’t remember someone’s words, but we remember how we felt around someone


1. Beverages in glass bottles

So little and so much! Certainly, the 1,5-liter water bottles placed on the table in the conference room do not look elegant, and secondly, such still, or even worse, sparkling water, after opening the bottle and standing for a long time, will lose its taste and bubbles. Your client can sense it. And you won’t open a new bottle every time.


Half-liter small plastic bottles are not very prestigious, they are more associated with conferences and trainings. What else glass bottles this capacity. They look good, the water tastes betterand you can just give the customer a clean glass and the type of water of your choice to could enjoy the fresh taste.


More and more of your customers are aware that it is harmful substances contained in plastic packaging can penetrate into beverages – believe me, when the customer refused to drink anything cold for the first time, because everything was in plastic or aluminum-lined cartons – I thought that I would fall into the ground.


In addition to water, stock up on other drinks available in glass bottles, e.g. juices, cola or cold brew.


Of course, if we have the opportunity, it is worth having both chilled and room temperature drinks in stock.



2. Coffee from the machine

Who wouldn’t feel more pampered if, when coming to a meeting, they had a choice not only between black and white coffee, but also other types of coffee? There are espresso, cappuccino and latte lovers among us. It is worth giving them such a wide choice, and will feel like in the best cafe.



Our Coffee machine De’Longhi PrimaDonna Soul apart from a wide selection of coffee drinks, it also gives us a choice the size of the coffee and her intensity.



Moreover, this the choice can be made from the phone! Thanks to this, we do not ask for the selected coffee at the door, but after taking a seat in the conference room, which is also an opportunity for the first conversation to break the ice. You can also brew e.g. two cups of espresso or black coffee at the same time, without having to stand by the express.



Such a coffee machine will also work brilliantly when each employee in your office likes a different coffee. Without changing the settings each time, the De’Longhi PrimaDonnaSoul coffee machine allows you to creating 6 user profileseach one can afford create and save coffee according to your preferences. This solution makes life easier – with one click, employees – and you! – they can brew theirs their favorite coffee, exactly the way they like it.



If you want your client to feel even more exclusive, you can invest in a higher model of the coffee machine, e.g. De’Longhi Maestoswhich gives you the opportunity to choose the type of coffee thanks to two bean containers – e.g. in one of the containers you can have regular coffee beans, and in the other – decaffeinated. You can also set the optimal one for you here coffee temperatureand a milk carafe with swivel arm allows you to prepare even two milk coffees at the same timeif you both like cappuccinos, for example.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that decaffeinated beans was created in the most natural process possible, without chemical additives – for example, in the quite popular water treatment or in the process using carbon dioxide. It is also a very interesting topic to talk about at the beginning of the meeting, which will show that you really care about your guests – many of them will even order decaffeinated coffee from freshly ground beans out of curiosity,


3. Various types of milk

Speaking of coffee, let’s not forget about milk.


It is known that not everyone drinks coffee with milk, but we should remember that many people suffer from lactose intolerance or simply does not eat animal products.


So let’s have more than that traditional milk, but also lactose-free milk and plant-based milk, such as soy or almond.



4. Healthy snacks

Guests in our office can always count on refreshments – not only something sweet, but also healthy snacks. In our stocks you will find crackers, nuts and delicacies for urgent visitors,



and we also prepare for a meeting planned in advance grapes, baguette, and 2-3 types of cheesethanks to which we are able to quickly create such a savory snack.



“If a hungry man is a bad man” – and certainly impatient, don’t do it to your client. We care about the comfort of conversation, building relationships and the satisfaction of our guests, which is why we are not afraid of prolonged meetings when we have such snacks at hand.



And when the customer asks for another coffee – the cooperation cannot be better announced!


5. Welcome

What makes our clients feel special? The fact that, whenever they are announced, we wait for them with open arms.


The arrival of customers who visit our office is each time reported to the security that is stationed at the entrance gate. Thanks to this, it is enough for the client to give his name and say where he is going, and the security guard will easily open the gate, and if necessary, he will direct you to the right place.


Our guest then has the feeling that he is there expected, expected – is a prelude to the atmosphere that we can make him feel in our office.



It is good even before the arrival of the client determine what protection measures are comfortable for him – thanks to this, we will avoid requests to put on a mask or shake a hand to a person who prefers not to give it in a pandemic situation and we will avoid embarrassment on both sides.


How do you like to be treated at meetings? Inspire us all 

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