Planner Na Dobry Dzień 2021 – printable

The 2021 calendar is something I never part with. My original planner is a great help for me in everyday life – family and professional. You can buy it in my store, but you can also download it for free!


Last year’s Planner for Dobry Dzień 2020 was great, but it had a few shortcomings – well, you have to achieve perfection in small steps, and made is better than perfect : )


That’s why Planner 2021 has the best of its big brother, but it has improved what bothered me a bit last year. Among others the lines are widerand on each date there is more space to enter the most important events on a given day 


You can also buy the finished product in my store in a version with and without dates, in three feminine colors: powder pink, beige and blue. The planner is glued and has a vegan leather cover. In addition, you will find a pocket for cards or receipts and three ribbons to easily jump to the desired page. You can also buy an A4 briefcase with a practical clip and a notebook with wide lines 


You can print the planner yourself or at a printing house, and then attach it to a selected binder and use it at will 


Thanks to this solution, you can still use last year’s organizer and continue keeping e.g. health cards, only attaching the current calendar to the front!


In Planner 2021, each day, as in the 2020 version, includes a place to practice gratitude, record meals and the amount of water you drink.


What do you need to print the Planner for 2021 on your own?

  • A4 sheets of paper – good quality, from a weight of 80 g / m2 upwards.
  • printer
  • guillotine or sharp scissors – remember to print the files on both sides of the paper in A4 format, and then cut in half to A5.
  • ring binder or other cover
  • punch – with the appropriate buttonholes for your file.


Choose the version of the planner that will be easiest for you to print:

Good Morning Planner 2021 – single pages – in this case, you need to be able to print immediately in A5 format – have a printer to which you can put paper of this size

Good Morning Planner 2021 – spreads  if you choose this option, you can print A4 pages on both sides and then cut with a guillotine or scissors. Note – Print a test a few pages to check that you have adjusted the rotation of the paper correctly or that you are loading it into the printer properly.


I hope that my Good Morning Planner – Calendar 2021 will serve you well throughout the year!

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