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As part of the topic “Layette for the newborn baby”I have already shown you sleeping corner our baby changing and care corner and we have one more, unique place, created especially for a new member of our family – a feeding corner.

Natural feeding was very important to me, so I decided to prepare well for it, which you can read about in a separate post. All this to increase our chances of success. I know that not for everyone – including me – what is natural must be easy.


You can see the feeding corner, which I arranged 3 years ago for me and Mikołaj here. I already knew what worked and what I wanted to say again. It certainly was comfortable armchair – the previous one worked perfectly, it is now in the living room, where I spend most of the day with the children. I wanted to have such a piece of furniture also in our bedroom, to ensure comfort during feeding in the evening or even at night, away from the hustle and bustle of the day, in our bedroom, which is upstairs. I also know that the armchair is not a piece of furniture for a few months, a comfortable one will serve me for many years, so I chose one that fits perfectly into our white and gray bedroom.


feeding corner feeding chair baby's chest feeding pillow children's roombaby feeding cushion feeding chair feeding corner changing table children's room


What else was missing? pillows. Both the decorative ones, which additionally support my back (I love to put something under the loin), and the one for feeding.


Na decorative pillows I chose what we have had at home for a long time – Mikołajkowy doggy and moon, which thanks to pastel drawings and subdued colors perfectly complemented this corner, fitting into the style of our bedroom. For full comfort, only the footstool is missing, but for this role I usually adopt a pouf from Mikołaj’s room.


breastfeeding chair breastfeeding pillow feeding corner


The feeding pillow had to be big – this armchair has quite low armrests, and it was convenient for me to have such a baby really high, so I was looking for one pillow that would provide us with comfort with its height. I thought that this one, due to its really large size, would be enough for us for a short time, but we still use it today, when our son is almost 4 months old and our adventure with it does not end at all.


poofi feeding pillowbest feeding pillowarmchair for breastfeedingbreastfeeding cornernewborn feeding chairnewborn feeding pillow


My way to wash less often? Feeding and flipping bibs! These are large and wonderfully soft, lined with a terry underneath, perfect for protecting the child’s clothing and ours.


lodger bib


I also have a rule that each feeding is a glass of water drunk – at least I try to stick to it. That’s why I put it next to the armchair low table, for which I also put away the e-book, in the hope that I will finally find time to sit in an armchair and read something. I used to put it down here yet pure lanolin, luckily I haven’t needed it for a long time.


white gray children's room dresser changing table feeding chair


Regardless of whether we are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, I think it is worth making sure that this time is as special as possible, that we would not be distracted by the telephone or TV.


Personally I love to feed contemplating the happiness that I have in my arms and around me. Of course, this is a luxury, for which during the day we usually lack time, but the evening or night time are perfect.


And how are you?


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The post featured:

Chest of drawers with changing cover – Quax
Nursing pillow – Poofi
Decorative pillows Bear and Moon – MO Home
Bib – Lodger
Feeding chair – BlackRedWhite
Coffee table – IKEA
Nursing blouse – Cool Mama


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